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How To Communicate With Our Pets And Honor Their Soul Purpose

By on March 11, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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How To Communicate With Our Pets And Honor Their Soul Purpose

by Jessie Klassen,
Guest writer,

Everyone on this Earth is here for a reason.

Everyone here has a purpose, as does everything in Nature. A gift or a contribution to share with the rest of the world. This could not be more true than for our pets.

As we share our lives with them, it is important for us to recognize and honour their specific soul purpose and longing for being here.

What is it that they would like to share with the world? What is their gift, their contribution? What is it that makes them truly happy?

Like us, it is whatever comes naturally to them.

Simply paying attention to their personality is often enough to give us a pretty clear impression of what their soul purpose is. But we can also tune into their energy as well as communicate directly with our pets.

I’ll use my dog, Sidda, as an example. Sidda is a blue heeler/german shepherd cross who has been in my life for almost 12 years now. She is a sweet, gentle soul who has seen me through my most intense periods of growth, and I know that it was not by accident that she and I were connected.

Through marriage, babies, divorce, moving, another marriage, parenting, self-discovery, awareness, etc. etc…she certainly has had her paws full!

Together we have experienced moments of pure joy and happiness, as well as moments of profound grief and frustration. Sidda is what would be known as a nurturer, or a healer. No matter who she is around, her calming energy gives comfort. My barn cats regularly come to Sidda for her love and attention, have their wounds licked, or simply just to sleep beside her. Sidda has also become like a mother to my 3 year old Great Pyranese, Chubs. Chubs often has runny eyes and Sidda licks them clean for him several times a day.

But although Sidda is incredibly loving to everyone upon my farm and within my family, her loyalties are to me. Where I go, she goes. When I have communicated with her, she has told me that she is here to take care of me. She has also expressed concern for my wellbeing after she is no longer here. I now make an extra effort to thank her for all of her unconditional love and care that she has given me over the years. And even though she can not accompany me as often as she would like to due to her age, I still let her know that she is doing a wonderful job taking care of me. And I try to spend special alone time with her when I can, as I know how important it is for the both of us.

My other dog, Chubs, is what would be known as a protector, or a guardian. He takes great pride in patrolling the perimeters of my farm and can often be found in the cattle pens, keeping a watchful eye on my cows. This brings me great comfort as there is a Wolf who has been making regular visits to my farm these days. Not to mention the comfort of knowing he’s keeping an eye on my yard from the human intruders as well, the kind who would like to borrow things and not return them!
He also takes his role as protector of my children very seriously. Every weekday morning he escorts my 2 oldest kids to the end of our lane and waits with them until the school bus arrives.

When I have communicated with Chubs, he has let me know how much he likes to run ahead of my truck as I drive over to the cattle pens to check my cows, so I always try to let him lead the way. And he also let me know how much he enjoys when my husband returns home on the weekends, which is easy to understand as my husband gives him lots of attention and belly rubs. They seem to have a special “manly” bond.

We all want to contribute and we all need a purpose. Recognizing and appreciating that in our pets can establish an even deeper bond and level of understanding. Some may be here to comfort others, for protection, to nurture, or to be playful and lighten the mood of those around them, or for a combination of all of these.

Here is an exercise that you can try either in the presence of your pet or not, it really doesn’t matter. That is the beauty of animal communication. They are telepathic so a connection is easy to make.

From a relaxed state, after inhaling and exhaling a few deep breaths, feel your love for your pet in your heart. Spend a few moments in this awareness. Picture them in your mind. If you are with your pet, you can place a hand upon them, but you want both you and your pet to be relaxed.

Now grow this feeling of love and appreciation. Feel this love expand out from you until you are surrounded in this beautiful feeling. You can imagine it as a specific colour too if you like, such as pink or green.

Now imagine your pet. Imagine their energy, their light, surrounding them.

Wait a moment and then imagine your energies merging and blending together in a bubble, or being joined together by a cord.

Ask them if you could ask a question, or if there is anything that they would like you to know. You do not have to speak out loud, as they are telepathic and will hear you loud and clear. It is probable that their answer will be in the form of pictures, much like a movie, as that is often how they communicate. But you may hear their words as well.

For me, Sidda communicates with her voice, which is lovely and sweet like she is. And for Chubs, he communicates with pictures. He simply shows me what he is thinking, and it is easy for me to understand him that way.

This place of love and understanding is a beautiful space to tell them how much you appreciate them. Show your pet with pictures all of the things that they do that you love and appreciate about them.

If you have just recently adopted this pet, it would be nice to let them know that this will be their forever home and that they can relax. Sometimes animals also become frustrated because they are unsure of what we want from them, so perhaps letting them know that you want them to be happy would be a comfort to them as well.

I also like to sometimes rest my forehead upon their forehead. I feel a strong, calming connection with my dogs during this time.

If you are having behavioural issues with your pet, be sure not to picture what you are not happy with, as this will confuse them. Instead, focus on their good behaviour or on what you woud like to see. For example, do not picture them relieving themselves on your carpet. Picture them relieving themselves outside, or if you have a cat, in a litterbox.

If communication doesn’t happen easily at first, don’t worry. Using our intuition is like a muscle that needs to be worked and practiced. Patience is important here as this is a form of communication that animals often don’t expect us to use. They will likely be a little surprised and caught off guard by you the first time.

Try not to overthink the process, and with most answers from our intuition, the first one is usually the correct one. Feel with your heart and use your imagination.

Sometimes just the intent that you would like to talk with your pet is enough to have their message come through, and this even works for pets who have already passed on. Not long ago I had a dog named Hobo. (I had found him abandoned on the side of the road as a pup) Several years ago he developed a lump on his side and a few days later he went missing. I knew in my heart that he had found a peaceful place to leave this world, but I couldn’t find him anywhere. So one night before bed, I stated in my mind, “Hobo, I love you and miss you, and I would like to say goodbye to you.” That night I had a dream of him. He walked up to me in the dream, wagging his tail, looking happy and healthy. I pet him and hugged him and then loaded him up in the back of my truck so that he could have a ride with his face in the breeze, which was something he always loved to do. I was so grateful for that dream as it gave me peace. And not long after that, I did find Hobo. He was laying peacefully beneath an oak tree in my pasture. I buried him beneath that oak tree.

He and Sidda had been very close, as I had got them only a couple of months apart. Sidda has also let me know how she still misses him. It’s interesting though, because Chubs in many ways is very similiar to Hobo and has in a sense taken over the same responsibilities here on my farm.

I came back to my family farm almost 8 years ago, and moved into an empty house on my grandparents’ yard. I enjoyed living close to my grandparents for a couple of years before health problems forced them both to move into care homes. My grandpa always had dogs throughout his entire life, and they were always incredibly loyal to him. He always talked to them and showed them lots of love. When he had to leave the farm due to his advanced Alzheimer’s, I was heartbroken. But so was his loyal dog, Trixer. She became very depressed and wouldn’t leave her house. My heart ached for her. I went over to her house and sat with her one evening. And as my tears disappeared into her thick, black coat, I told her how I understood how she missed my grandpa, and how I missed him too. But I assured her that when she was ready, I would be there for her and that I loved her, and that she would be welcome over on the other side of the yard at my house, because I could use her help there.

After a few days, I was starting to give up hope that Trixer would ever come around. She had never let anyone pet her but my grandpa, and I began to worry that she would just stay hiding out, waiting for his return that would not come. But then she surprised me. One day she walked over to my house, wagging her tail, and came up to me. I cried tears of joy at the life that was once again in her eyes. I pet her and made sure to tell my other dogs, Sidda and Hobo, that this was Trixer’s home now too.

Trixer became as loyal to me as she had been to my grandpa. It felt like we were grieving for him together, and healing together as well. We were giving one another hope.

Trixer only lived for another 6 months, but it was a special time that I will never forget. She walked with me faithfully, wherever I went, and followed my ATV across the pastures as I checked my cattle. She seemed to become like a pup again that summer. But one cool morning, late in the fall, she was not outside my front door. I found her in her old dog house, over by my grandpa’s. She looked tired, and I knew that she would pass soon. I could feel that her heart was playing out. The next day, I found her sleeping near my garden. She let me know that she wanted to move on so that she could be there for my grandpa when his time come. I stayed with her as much as I could, and that evening she passed on while in my arms. As I held her body, I noticed that she had chosen the only point in the whole yard where you can see both my gandpa’s house, and mine. She was wanting to look out for both of us, even as she passed.

My grandpa passed within the year.

I buried Trixer beneath an oak tree that overlooks my garden, and I will often take a break from my work there and sit in the shade of the oak, thinking of Trixer and the wonderful gifts that she gave me.

There is no wrong way to communicate with your pet, so don’t be afraid to experiment or tweak things until you find what feels right for you. And don’t be surprised if you start to receive their messages even when you are not trying. Once the pathways are opened, communication can flow.

Your pet is with you for a reason. You have chose one another.
So have fun and enjoy honoring your pet and their beautiful purpose here and their shared journey with you!

How do you communicate with your pet? I would love to hear your experiences.

You can contact me via my website or

love and warmest blessings,

Jessie KlassenAbout the author: Jessie Klassen is a farmer, author, and mother of 3 sensitive children. An empath herself from a long line of nature lovers, Jessie has been inspired to help others reconnect with the magic of nature and the magic of their own inner nature child. Her children’s book “The Sapling” will be released in the summer of 2017. Honoring the lessons of the trees, a portion of proceeds will be donated to the TreeSisters and the Nature Conservancy of Canada for reforestation and the protection of our earth.

Image: Pixabay

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