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How To Eliminate Pain From Your Life

By on April 16, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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How To Eliminate Pain From Your Life

by Jude Fullmer,
Contributing Writer,

Have you ever heard of people that can’t feel pain and wondered what that would be like? Do you wish that you could escape the harsh reality of pain? In this article I’m going to tell you about my journey uncovering the truth of what pain really is, and how we can ALL ELIMINATE PAIN FROM OUR LIVES.

After growing up with two clubbed feet, amniotic bands on my left leg and my left three fingers, an abnormal mitral valve, and undergoing over 25 total surgeries by the time I turned 18, you could say I’m somewhat of an expert on pain. Despite these physical issues and the doctors uncertainties, I’ve always healed very quickly. Not only did I join in on the fun, but I excelled in every aspect of my life from the physical, mental, and emotional categories. I’ve played sports since I was 4 years old, and have been an avid exercise enthusiast since I was 14.

After taking a break from my healthy lifestyle to explore the low energy aspects of life, I realized that with as much fun as I was having I would much rather experience the happiness in life I used to know, thus beginning my journey back towards AWARENESS. Skip ahead to the last week or so, and I’ve been pondering a lot about our conditioned belief systems and how we can replace them – allowing our world to become more energetic and magical by living entirely in the moment – to become uninhibited by beliefs. Then, the all knowing cosmos answered my humble prayers with the most precious gift of knowledge! I stepped on a two inch nail!

I’ll avoid the cringing details of what it feels like to have a nail jam through the heel of your foot, and get to the good part. I began to think and ponder: what really is pain? I’ve had a high pain tolerance my whole life, why is that? And if everything is ultimately energy can we discover what pain is, thereby learning how to rid our lives of it? Then I connected pain with the fact that everything is energy, and BOOM! I remembered what pain actually is! We have to think of pain in terms of energy and our own flow of energy: PAIN is your PERCEIVED LOSS of ENERGY! Please allow me to explain a little further and give a few examples so you might better understand.

Imagine that everything inside the skin of your body is made for the function of energy flow. The more I thought about how the body is a physical representation of my mind, the more I realized that the hole in my foot represents a hole in my flow of energy. Kind of like how fearing something bad will happen may actually make it happen. My foot only ‘hurt’ because I was perceiving that the nail was still taking my energy: Normally, I would step on the nail, getting a hole in my foot and bruising the bone, which would take time to heal. In this ‘normal’ case, simply by believing that it takes time to heal we are diverting our energy from our foot to the nail, and limiting the speed at which we may regain it. Because if you think about it in terms of energy you realize that ‘healing’ your foot is simply overcoming your limiting beliefs (believing that the power of the nail has taken your foots ability to hold energy or function) in order to consciously regain all of your power.

I decided that I didn’t want to allow time to dictate my flow of energy, since time doesn’t actually exist. I also realized that I wasn’t actually hurt, my body was just perceiving a loss of energy to the nail. So I meditated and focused all of my conscious awareness on accepting that I let the nail take my energy by piercing my foot, but then realized that I can heal myself instantly simply by stopping giving my energy to the nail. I realized that my energy was unhindered by the nail and that I can regain all of my energy if I can let go of my past beliefs of healing and time. No, I didn’t heal instantly, but by the end of my meditation, I was able to walk on my foot again! Less than 48 hours after I stabbed a hole through my foot I was able to continue like ‘normal,’ exercising vigorously and working hard: what I love to do!

Here’s an example of emotional pain: let’s say that you become very loving and attached to an amazing companion dog. Then, when the dog passes away, you feel pain. Let’s all understand that we only feel pain because we created love for the animal in the first place, so yay for the good memories! Then you realize that it only hurts because you perceive it as a loss and if you understood that their spirit was simply ready for a new journey you would be able to fill the loss with energy of understanding. Thus eliminating the painful perception of loss and reintegrating feelings of love and happiness by knowing that your dear companion is not really gone, just transformed.

I even thought about physical illnesses. For example my mom has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s most common symptoms are widespread muscle pain or soreness, can also affect your memory, and seems to be passed down genetically. BUT, if we think about it energetically of course, we see that fibromyalgia usually occurs in people and families that seem to be more touch with energy than others. We see that it can start during adolescence, but usually onsets after you become an adult. If we understand that pain is a perceived loss of power, and calculate that reaching adulthood is just enough time to decrease your frequency through conditioning and slowly giving away your power, we make a great discovery!

Fibromyalgia is perfectly explained by a person who is energetically inclined from birth, and slowly gives away their power over time (via unresolved issues, not accepting the past, fearing for the future, etc. – like we ALL do). So that while they have enough energy flow to live, their muscles are constantly perceiving a lack of energy compared to their childhood years (aka what they know to be normal). Some people may become upset or sad upon hearing this information, which is more than understandable! It’s our job to show them that the only thing to really be sad/upset/ashamed about is the fact that so many of us are still struggling, yet so few of us are fully offering ourselves unconditionally to help create the change we want to see in this world.

As the Buddha taught, knowing what causes your suffering is most of the battle. Once you understand energy and what causes pain, you will then be able to implement these ideas into your own life in order to keep your vibration high and happy, avoid as much pain as possible, and when you do encounter pain you will be able to face and deal with it quickly with your new level of understanding. You will also be able to see where other people are lacking energetically, to understand exactly how/where they are feeling pain. After all, that’s all being a healer really boils down to.

The world is waking up, and the faster we learn to eliminate the low vibrations of pain, loss, and disconnection, the faster we will be able to replace those low vibrations with high vibrations of compassion and love. The world will only change one person at a time, and it’s always the perfect time to start with yourself!

Jude Fullmer

Image: Pixabay

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