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Humanity Sits On The Proverbial Fence

By on January 29, 2020 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Humanity Sits On The Proverbial Fence

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by Pia Orleane, Ph.D. & Cullen Baird Smith, 
Contributing Writers,

Humanity Sits On The Proverbial Fence

2020 finds humanity at the pinnacle of duality. We are sitting very precariously on a proverbial fence, where we can either fall backwards into a chaotic abyss of human mistakes and stupidity, or lean forward with new vision into positive change through using spiritual thinking (centered in our hearts) to make practical and realistic changes and move into a new world.


The last few years have provided humanity with a critical look at what is wrong with the world. Deep explorations by inspirational detectives in New Dawn Magazine have consistently revealed treachery against humanity and the planet herself. An incredibly small number of financially affluent controllers are manipulating our politics, our finances, our weather, and even our public opinion through “fake” news and distorted perceptions of what is actually occurring in the world.

If we continue to listen and believe that all that is wrong is someone else’s fault or that there is nothing that we can do to make a difference, 2020 will find us falling from the fence into a continued spiral of loss, beginning with further losses of our personal freedom, deepening the loss of our spiritual connections to Nature, the Universe, and each other, and ultimately the loss of all life on the planet. One of the most dangerous and insidious actions taken by the silent minority is the intentional “dumbing down” of human intelligence by making available the all -too-easy use of Artificial Intelligence.

If we continue to blindly use AI to help us choose what we want to purchase (Google and Amazon), connect us with others (Smart Phones, emails, Facebook, and WhatsApp), and use Internet searches as our main source of gathering information, we are willingly giving up our right to investigate and make wise choices for ourselves¬–choices we are capable of making through connecting to our intuition, rather than relying upon outside data to lead us to what the controllers want us to choose.

But 2020 need not see us falling to the wrong side of the fence. We see evidence of a global birth of new, conscious thinking progressively sweeping across the planet. We see it in people’s beginning to ask the right questions, speak out for the truth (even at the risk of imprisonment for becoming whistle blowers), and standing in the streets proclaiming that they will not cooperate with the radical wrong that is occurring through poor governmental choices all around them.

The MeToo Movement actually caused some change in the old paradigm’s portrayal of women as sex objects when America’s Victoria Secrets Annual Show of “sexy” lingerie was recently cancelled. We had a major victory over cruelty to animals when the largest meat purveyor in the world (McDonald’s) began serving Beyond Meat Vegan burgers. The water used to wash away blood in meat production is the largest cause of waste and pollution on this planet, not to mention the brutality involved.

And the immense response to the International Appeal to stop 5G on Earth and in Space shows that consciousness is rising, as people speak out and take action to stop the heinous crimes against life that have been silently changing our planet while we have practiced mindless ignorance, apathetic acceptance, and refusal to change–real marks of an unaware society.


But to continue the momentum of positive change and make a lasting difference, to actually make a leap towards a new world, we have to open our eyes even wider, make more spiritual choices in how we protest the actions against us, and commit to thinking of what is best for the planet and the highest good of all continually, not just occasionally when something is brought to our attention.

Decisions, individual and collective, need to lead us to practical and conscious, spiritual actions (such as refusing to use the “toys” we have been provided to make our lives “easier,” or refusing to support companies that are not dedicated to a global program of positive change. If people returned to old fashioned communication styles, rather than our current constant use of cell phones and internet, what would happen to the motivating greed factor that runs big companies like Testra, Verizon, Huawei, and Vodafone?

Are large fines levied against corporate giants like Monsanto for intentionally spraying toxic chemicals such as Glyphosate or Pennicap-M making a difference in their actions, or do we need to insist on a stronger incentive to stop their greed-based actions that are poisoning our food and our world?

Agenda 2030 and certain “Green” programs are cleverly disguised programs that are not in the best interest of life. Using politically correct wording like “sustainable” and “eradicating poverty at all levels” does not mean those who are implementing these programs are thinking of the highest good for all. One way to eradicate poverty at all levels is to drastically reduce the human population. Are the people who read these political slogans considering that? We have to ask who is behind each program, and what is their ultimate agenda!

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In the current environment, it is very difficult to sort out who is saying the right thing because they are actually acting from their hearts (a necessity for positive change) from those who are saying the right thing because they wish to achieve their own agenda. Or passionately saying the right thing because they have been lied to by others (think Greta Thunberg.) We need to learn to use critical thinking, our hearts, and our intuition when evaluating anything that is presented to us as “progress.” (Please see our article on Consciousness in this issue).

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It is impossible from the view of the fence to analyze what humanity will choose in 2020. We, as a species, could go either way, depending upon every choice we make individually and collectively. What we do see is that 2020 is a year of tremendous and unprecedented changes and choices, followed by opportunities or consequences. Quite simply, either we change and evolve, or we die. Soon. We also see an increased presence of interstellar help that is gathering around to watch, to support us, and to help us make the right choices before it is too late.

Pia Orleane, Ph.D. & Cullen Baird Smith | Website  | YouTube

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