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Implants And Triggering: How They Did It

By on May 8, 2018 in Awareness
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by Angel V. Ornedo Jr.,
Contributing Writer,


Implants are done to human cells by dark forces thru brain manipulation, cell intervention, surgery, cloning and the last 1000 years via hypnosis and brainwashing. Archeologist/anthropologist found the evidence and records at present day Southern Iraq, Turkey, Iran and Syria known as Mesopotamia bounded by the Tigris Euphrates rivers. They decoded and deciphered picture writings-hieroglyphs on clay stone tablets and in archives of ancient libraries in Egypt and Iraq. Anunnaki King Anu, Enki and Ninhursag, (known as Trinity-Creators), ordered Enlil and Enki to create human miners and slaves from perfect humans they called hominids to diminish our perfection. From a bursting Nova-sun thrown-out Nibiru planetary system was caught by our Solar gravitational system with 3,400 years of elliptical orbit. They came to mine gold to save their dying planet wasted by poisons, chemicals and fossil fuel just as Earth is situated today with punched ozone layers. Kingship is practiced for control of created humans, called Gods, a ‘Nibiru planet’ practice of governance on Earth for an easy comfortable life practiced to our days!.


Cloning operations are perfected in Africa near mine sites, carbon dated 100,000 to 450,000 years. Picture cuneiform writings showed nine surrogate women from the Anunnaki made hosts, surrogate mothers of cloned babies from humans and Anunnaki ‘seed’, who gave birth in ten months, (humans evolved to nine), implanted with combined genes all subjected to fear, anger, anguish and early programmed death. The original 600 slave astronauts of another colonized planet turned miner-slaves made a strike againstforced labor. King Anu acted on their petitions and ordered cloning of human beings. They work on animals and perfected on humans over long periods of experimentation. Clones with animal heads, humans with four feet, horse-lion bodies are exemplified as initial results, recorded in stone tablets and finally on humans and Anunnaki seeds. Humans cloned turned beautiful women slaves with fear and anger in their brains are forced to sex slavery and mating with astronauts for reproduction as slaves. Their off-springs are Africans, Greek, old Roman and Slavonic breeds of humanity what you hear as demi-Gods in mythology but are reality and truth. At Philippines, Pacific Islands, Dec. 10, 2017, we unveiled a comfort woman statue at Roxas Blvd.- Manila to show the world of war atrocities and sex slavery.

Science fiction stories, NO, NO, unaltered readings from clay stone picture writings of ancient civilizations documented by archeologists, anthropologist, Sitchin, hundreds of video presentations on unexplained birth, levitation, creation and futuristic technologies. Writings on stones are difficult to fake like papyrus and animal skins which are reproduced, copied, wasted and faked by the religious occult for further control of humans. Greed of the Roman Empire made it worst by ruler Constantine on 325AD and succeeding empires thru fabricated religions and creation stories in ‘Genesis’ of talking gods creating humans.


Hypnosis and, brainwashing are current dark minion technologies, perfected by religious organizations. In recent wars, Russia and Germany, USA and witches used-copied this system for warfare or for control of humans sacrificed for their New World Order says Dr. Stanley Montieth on You Tube….. Elite group of Germany exploited hypnosis and brainwashing of children born of women from the best military genes of the German army who are trained assassins during the last Wars, now on trial by war tribunals. Dr. Georgi Stankov, MD researcher-author of Universal Law said that the best thing is learn from others, open your minds and digest information that will serve the highest good of Earth and humanity. We request awakened humans to send your golden pillar light to Southern Luzon, PH, Pacific Islands and help create an energized part of the planet thru your light, as we have lighted Europe and America.


Words like death, control, dictate, ‘mandando’ are common trigger words and I am a victim of these exploits in 1984, an unwilling witness like the ISIS terrorists today. My trigger words are activated-actuated by a religious occult ceremony in Brunei on the conversion of my Christian business partner (not me) to another occult sect from spoken words, rhythm, hypnotic songs and music which I do not understand, all in colorfully dressed ceremonies. This resulted in trigger of anger in 1985. The pattern comes after trigger when a person have a sudden surge of adrenalin making the human strong-commanded to perform destructive feats. There is an intervening moment that you are still in control but a repeat of trigger word makes you inutile, a willing pawn where you” hear” yourself talking. Yes, my mobile body-shell I hear talks, uncontrollable. I had nine triggering points in 32 years that started in 1985 after that occult ceremony where the hypnotic spells activated cellular implant on myself, a record of 3.5 outburst and bad talk. I conquered it by running away. I eliminate the implant with plasma light energy.


All That Is provides Conscious Light-God oriented, pervading perfected light overflowing Earth to heal and cleanse all sentient beings. Implants of fear and anger are eradicated, out of Gaia as God is anchoring immunity grid and conscious light in the planet. Some humans have been cleansed thru a process called light body processes, LBP.

Christ Consciousness solution is dust your feet off and ran far away. I did this. Trust the Source that eliminates fear. “By holding the energy of fear one empowers reality to create difficult circumstances. Release all fear-based concern as this is your key to lifting into an expanded consciousness and therefore into a more abundant reality. This allows then for the Creation to bring to you its own understanding of perfection. For this, you must Trust.” Elohim/Thompson

Our patience and trust are tried with implants of fear-anger. Source supports our evolution and came to assist us NOW! Human acts for the highest good will prevail with conscious Light pervading the planet. As we ascend to ‘in 5D’ as light bodies, implants, hypnotism and brainwash are healed and cleansed.

Love and light,

ANGEL V ORNEDO JR. , 11.21.17

About the author: ANGEL shares acts of love, light and unity consciousness. With capitalists, created livelihood in Industrial Estates in South East Asia-Middle East. Link with him at or connect at Barnes and Noble, Xlibris and ‘Knowing the Infinite Creator.

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