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The Importance Of Acknowledging The Energetic Shift That Came With The Solstice

By on June 27, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening

The Importance Of Acknowledging The Energetic Shift That Came With The Solstice

by Jessie Klassen,
Contributing Writer,

As we pass through and beyond the time of Solstice, it is becoming easier to feel the energetic shift that happened during this special time, as well as make sense of the lessons that came with it.

Prior to the Solstice, and I apologize in advance for this, but for lack of better word, there was a real “yuckiness” to the energy that we were feeling.

The deepest, darkest wounds are clearing from Mother Earth and the entire collective. We are like snakes shedding our dead skins, and this “skin shedding” consisted of and triggered feelings of anxiety, fear, worry, dread, hopelessness, despair, and depression. Physically, within my family, we were experiencing cold and flu like symptoms, aches, pains, cramps, nightmares, restlessness, and even sleepwalking.

And just like a snakes’ eyes look cloudy when they are shedding their skin, our vision was also cloudy at this time.

I literally felt like I was in a fog and could not see where I was going, should be going, and where I even wanted to be going. I was caught in this longing for what was and wanting nothing to change, as well as a fear of what was coming. This, of course, was the very “human” part of myself that only knows what it has experienced, not my Higher Self who knows all of the possibilities and potential.

All I wanted to do was hide out beneath the covers in my bed and wait for it all to pass.

And it all did pass.

As soon as the day of the Solstice arrived, there was a very tangible shift within the energy. We had pushed through and the energy had cleared. Our skin had been shed. Our eyes had cleared and we could now see from a new, higher perspective.

The symptoms within my family vanished almost immediately. We were bright and smiling again.

I keep getting the message that we are to embrace changes and opportunities if we are to fully open ourselves to all of the gifts, beauty, and miracles that Life wants to give to us.

We are living from our hearts and learning to live from non-duality. In oneness and unity with all that is. And this takes work on our heart centres. I know that it certainly did for me.

About 2 weeks prior to the Solstice, I could sense my ancestors very close to me. I could feel their love and support pouring through me, and it felt like my heart centre was being cracked wide open. It was a beautiful, overwhelming, painful, intense release of emotion. I wept a flood of tears from deep within myself, for myself, and for everyone else that had come before me, and was here now.

I realize now that my ancestors were helping me to open my heart centre because it is of utmost importance at this time in accepting our own growth into our highest expression of ourselves. All I could do at this time was keep saying “I love myself” as an inner mantra as I moved through my days, plugging one foot in front of the other. I even did some mirror work at this time because I could feel that I needed it. Simply look into your own eyes and say “I love you.” It may feel a little ridiculous at first, or even hard to do, but it does shift the energy and is immensely powerful.

We cannot keep up walls to protect ourselves any longer, because we are only hurting ourselves. At one time, we were hurt, or judged, and this causes the walls to go up. But we need to accept these aspects of ourselves, these shadows, these fears, and open up again, because that is who we really are.

We are integrating and bridging our darkness and our light. There is no separation between them anymore. And this all comes with acceptance of ourselves, no matter who we are and where we are in Life. No matter what has happened, or what wounds we have received or given.

We must remember, whatever we have done, in this lifetime or others, was simply based on our knowing and awareness at that time. And the same goes for everyone else. When we know better, we do better. We can no longer shun or banish these dark parts of who we are, because we are not whole without them, and not our true, beautiful selves. They bring depth to our light and make our colours more vibrant.

From this acknowledgement, we better know ourselves, and we step into our power. Not to control or over power anyone else, but to learn who we really are and liberate ourselves in this knowing.

To honour ourselves and how far our Soul has journeyed, and the growth and the learning that we have experienced.

My mother and I were discussing this while bike riding the evening following the Solstice. We reflected upon all the choices that we have made that brought us to where we are, and how the choices that were made were what seemed best at that time. Looking back, perhaps we would want to change things to avoid some of the pain. But we also wouldn’t be where we are now.

We both agreed that this higher awareness and perspective is a relatively new feeling. For lifetimes, as a collective, we’ve basically been struggling to surivive. Living in fear, or under the control of others. But now, information and help is so accessible, which makes understanding so tangible. New ideas, thoughts, and beliefs are now accepted without persecution.

It can be frustrating or discouraging at times because it feels like we are constantly in a state of clearing, but this really is the purpose of this lifetime. We are no longer outrunning ourselves. We are here to face everything about ourselves and accept it. And when we do this, we find that the clearing will still happen, but will happen with much more grace and ease.

And the truth is, when we do this, it is our own Divinity and power that we are accepting. We really are more beautiful than we thought we were.

So please, take a moment, go within yourself, and acknowledge how far you’ve come.

Place your hand on your heart to bring your focus away from your mind and thinking, and into your body and your emotions. Just sit and breathe comfortably for a while. Words may come to you when you do this, or a silent knowing that everything is okay. You are okay. Words that came to me spontaneously were,

“I accept the truth of myself”

“I accept that I am wilder and more beautiful than I thought I was”

“I embrace the changes that are coming. I trust Life and the miracles that Life longs to show me”

“I am Nature, and Nature is me”

“I am the Universe, and the Universe is me”

“I am expressing my Soul’s purpose on the path of least resistance”

Allow whatever feels right and comforting for your Soul to flow through you. These are simply words that felt healing to me. This is a time of embracing change, and this means that we must surrender without resistance. It is resistance that causes pain.

We are moving forward more powerful because we have been healing ourselves. We are simply integrating all aspects of ourselves; who we are, who we were, have been, and will ever be.

We are able to acknowledge our “dark” without the fear of being consumed by it. We can look at it with sympathy and compassion, because that was simply our level of awareness at the time.

In this “coming home” to ourselves, we are remembering the power of the love that dwells within the heart and Soul of each and every one of us. In this, we realize that we have always been perfect. It is just our awareness and acceptance of ourselves that we have been missing.

I hope that you have found this helpful. I would love to hear from you and your experiences. I can be contacted via my website While there, feel free to sign up for my free weekly letter where I share advice, lessons, and wisdoms on how to connect with Mother Earth.

love and blessings,


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