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Inner Knowing And The Voice Of The Soul

By on August 11, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Inner Knowing And The Voice Of The Soul

by Lanaria Amberkira and Ethan Indigo Smith,
Guest writers,

Inner knowing goes beyond the daily knowledge. It’s your contact with your essence, feeling automatically, instinctively. Old, saved memories of universal truths, intuition. The inner knowing is about the deeper aspects of life.


The voice of your soul is more your conscience. Metaphorically: The voice of the good in the human spirit. Cognitive awareness of good and wrong, the angel on your shoulder. The voice of the soul is like; A lawsuit of conscience, where a continuous session is held. The voice of the soul is like eternal dualism between good and bad.

Humanity disappears in a dark swamp, where liars, psychopaths, narcissists, evil-speakers, egoists, despots, choke and poison our soul.

Everyone has his or her dark, or weaker side and in every one is good and bad. Everyone has his lack, but also their talents, their gifts. At our birth, we are pure and innocent.

Inner knowing and the soul voice are guides to adulthood. Adult means physical fully grown, both physical and mental. Intellectually, emotionally and social in balance and responsible for yourself. Because it is a process, development, falling and rising and we are all victims but also all responsible for our own lives. We are all on our way, passengers of our own life train and we pass various stations.

Choice and free will

On the way in life we make choices. Do we stay at the same track, or take a sidetrack. If the track becomes collapsed or we get lost, we can get further and further from our essence, off the straight track and get into a tunnel without light at the end. There is always the opportunity to return on your tracks when embracing love. Love is all comprehensive and heals all hearts.

However, there are people who have no conscience, in anti-social, psychopatic or narcissistic personalities, this conscience often lacks part or whole, and there are people who have no choice and no free will, because of the simple fact that those people starve from poverty.

A narcissist has a personality disorder characterized by an excessive sense of self-esteem, has a strong need for admiration, low levels of empathy and do not like to be criticized.

Living in a hasty world, people conform and consume more and survive instead of living. Turbo Capitalism and Neo-liberalism govern governments. Wealth is filled in by consumption, well-being is an empty bottle.

Raising and education should give more attention to the development of the higher consciousness, with love and truth as basic. Empathy and love should be tought in school. Teaching respect for Mother Nature and what good Mother Nature us brings. Be one with nature.

Return to innocence, to our essence

In our essence, we are as newborn children. We instinctively do what is good for us, without even having to think about it. We have unconditional confidence in our environment and in others. There is no conflict between our thoughts, our emotions and our instincts.

Nothing is perfect, good is good and at our own pace. Step by step in growth to higher consciousness, individually, as collective. Paradise is here when you see. For ourselves, for next generations and for our Earth.

A short contribution and thoughts by my friend Ethan Indigo Smith:

We are all immersed steered by institutionalization and at times the institutions that be prefer we do not practice individuation. If we practice individuation we increasingly ignore institutions, especially those with less benefit and more hindrance.

When we practice individuation we gain intuition and perhaps just heightened, or unhindered observation. The more we undergo institutionalization, the less we are individuals, the less potential for individuation and intuition there is.

“Good practice, good results. Bad practice, bad results. No practice, no results.” Taoist expression

So what is your practice? What is the direction of what you practice daily? Is it in support of someone’s institution or is it in pursuit of your individuation?


Lanaria Amberkira and Ethan Indigo Smith;

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