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Our Inner Polar Shift

By on November 14, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening

Our Inner Polar Shift

by Sanna,
Contributing Writer,In5D.com

When Earth decided to slowly “fall from Grace” and descend from (what I call) Grace Consciousness, many things took place. This was not an over-night event, but a gradual process. She let herself fall, for the love of the living and for the love for her beloved Father Earth. Both the energies are now merged as one once again, as Earth is ascending into its higher incarnation now.

This fall happened a very long time ago and many things has come to pass ever sense. Then Gaia fell, in time so did the planet. Through many ups and down, Earth had several Pole shifts. Both magnetic and physical and so did all the living on the planet.

When the planet was “High-jacked” and taken over by beings with a different agenda, the planet went into a non natural state of being. As this slowly happened, the artificial ways where put in place and that shifted the natural harmony and balance of the planet, both energetically and physically.

Our matrix reality was completely flipped upside down and that was the time when we slowly entered a deep slumber into duality and separation from the natural processes of the creation and all living. But remember, this was planned and put in place from the highest of sources. We all decided to play “this game”, on some level.

When our reality was flipped upside-down, so did the planets natural poles. It has to be said, that after each Galactic year, the ages switch places/took turns from Divine Feminine to Divine Masculine and vice versa. Every time we came around the galactic plane, the energies shifted places with each other. This last Galactic year, we are coming out of now, has been the age of the Masculine – the age of Pisces. So our north pole has been Masculine and the south pole has been Feminine. We can easily see this in the world with the western Male ways of thinking and acting and the eastern ways of looking at life and belies, being more feminine throughout our resent history.

I do not want to get so deep into that, as it has been written and spoken about so much already, but I wanted to give an overall view of our past and how we fell from Grace. Now we are finding our way back to Grace – back home – again through our hearts and higher mind.

As the poles as been unbalanced and the masculine and feminine energies has been flipped upside-down, so has the energies and poles within our bodies. We all came from Gaia, our bodies is mostly made out of Gaia’s essence and elements. We have now entered a time where the poles are being turned back to its organic natural balanced positions again and that is also the case with our inner poles.

As we shift and change, we are also experiencing an inner polar shift. Our male north is now becoming the true north of the divine feminine and the south pole is going back to being divine masculine. It is a natural process, for complete harmonization and divine sacred balance of all life. This goes for all living beings and energies on Earth. It is the way it is.

I had my inner polar shift in September/October and so has many of you or are in still in that process of shifting your inner poles with the outer poles. This is also the case with our Merkaba. It is changing with it. I’m sure you feel and know deep inside, if you are experiencing that inner pole shift or not.

To easy describe it, the up-right pyramids is truly the natural shape and angle of the divine feminine and the down-right pyramid is the divine masculine. It is the poles shifting within our Merkaba (energy fields) as well.

First we healed and cleansed the uprising and returning of the divine feminine and now we are in a huge intense process of doing the same with the distorted divine masculine. That is why so many are going though this almost crazy moments and intense purgings right now. I know, I’ve been there… LOL !!! Just be aware and honor your process and listen to your own inner voice. 🙂

I worked with the divine feminine a lot earlier this year on a universal and planetary scale and now are working with the divine masculine through the collective energies and earth’s consciousness. It is very sacred and an honor, but is NOT BY FAR a piece of cake. The masculine north pole is being pulled down and back to the south pole for healing and the divine feminine from the south pole is returning to its rightful place up-north.

We will all go through this inner pole shift. We are shifting with the planet, as it return to the natural balance and back to Grace. Our planet so deserves this divine transformation. It is truly a sacred and magnificent time we are in. 🙂

As the poles yet again are being shifted on a energetic level, I do not know what will happen on a physical level. I will not even speculate as the unknown is suppose to be magical and NOT placed in fear mode. I know that I have complete trust in the Divine and I know that Gaia is ascending and that is how it’s suppose to be.

Just a little personal observation and reflection, as this energetic pole shift are happening. The ancient structures, like the pyramids, will now starts to really come alive and be activated, now that the cosmic energies can move and flow naturally through the balanced earthly poles again. The cosmic energies are feminine. Another thing is our electricity and other artificial electric grids and systems might stop working, being development with the old way, non natural and unbalanced. I’m referring to the poles of + and – in electricity and how that works. This may not be the case, but it feels logical, looking at it from a natural and universal law point of view. Well, to me anyway…

That might be a natural organic process in our development into start finding other solutions of energy and communication systems that is harmonized and naturally balanced with all living and to earth itself (that is a soul and living being). That would differently be a future to look forward to, don’t you think?! 🙂

That is my simple look on life. Changes doesn’t have to be hard and struggling. I see it as very natural and compassionate process and progress…and I feel most of us wants to have it that way too. So, our earthly collective consciousness have spoken! 😉

All is well, all in the divine circle of life… I am here for you, in love and graceful service. I hold you all dear in my heart.

From my heart to yours – much love!


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