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Interacting With Beings From Other Dimensions

By on May 24, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening

by Yelena Shapovalova,
Contributing Writer,

You have achieved such a blessed perception of reality. You are aware of beings of higher realms, earth, and the galactics, who are assisting your fulfillment of soul purpose. Your pure calling to cultivate bonds with spirit world of high frequencies feels so magnetic and heart expanding. Yet there could be moments of resistance. Well, it takes effort. You know how much investment of energy it could take. Hours of meditation, discerning at times not so clear messages, and attempts of channeling your guides which at first may seem a failure. On top of that, you might have experienced some unpleasant encounters with spirit beings operating on low frequencies. These experiences may evoke states of frustration and doubt in you.

Below are some common thoughts that might appear in your mind.


Okay, I know about the existence of spirit world, and still, I am just an ordinary human. Isn’t it odd and too much beyond my life issues to deal with spirit?

You are a human in a narrow perspective. In a broader sense, you are spirit manifested in the form of a human being in this particular lifetime. Likewise, everything around you in both physical and non-physical form is spirit. Everything you see, feel, sense, hear, think, dream, and remember. Your neighbors, your lovely pets, your phone, that beautiful tree outside, your angels and guides, planets and stars, the air you breath – all these are various manifestations of spirit. It’s not odd to communicate with spirit. It could be odd not to do it. It’s totally natural to talk to your spirit guide as well as to a friend or a flower or a planet providing that interactions with those forms of spirit should be carried out on different frequencies.

Am I safe in my daily interactions with spirit world?

As soon as you’ve chosen love in favor of fear, you are safe. Each inner sensation, feeling, or thought relates to either fear or love. Fear is low vibrational. Offense, guilt, complain, judgment, resistance, spending much time recollecting the past, ego behavior – these are some forms of fear. As to love, which is high vibrational, its general manifestations are compassion, partnership, sharing, acceptance, forgiveness, letting go, and surrendering to whatever kind of situation you are facing.

You may have gone through intense challenges on your way to choosing love. You might have experienced lots of low vibrational states in high concentrations. And finally, little by little you are getting free from fear. You are able and willing to discern fear, such as a thought based on inflamed ego, and release it. You are grounded, because when you release and let go, you can only stay in the present moment perceiving your body and current circumstances.

The more you choose love, the more you are raising vibrations. When you are raising vibrations and staying grounded, you are attracting mostly the spirit beings of higher realms, of love and light, and you are safe in collaborations with them. In case you are facing a low vibrational being, you are recognizing fear instantaneously and you just don’t deal with this being, you let it go because you are on different frequencies as you are operating through love.

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How can I trust those beings are real and not just fantasies created by my mind?

Interactions with beings of other dimensions during your waking state are most likely happening when you have switched to meditative state. This doesn’t necessarily happen during your meditation practice in a quiet place. You might sense, feel, or see the close presence of your guides while walking in a park or even in a crowded city center. In this state, you are focused and centered, more specifically you are focused on emptiness. You are clearly perceiving everything around as a whole. Your mind is not active, it is resting. Those images you are viewing are not a product of your mind creation, those are energies which are perceived by you through the filter of your mind.

Actually“to trust or not to trust” is not the point. Unconditional trust is going to gently become a natural aspect in your collaborations with higher intelligence. And it’s going to be a magnificent collaboration in your journey of fulfilling your soul purpose in abundance and love!


Yelena Shapovalova

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