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Large Grey Aliens Require Full Disclosure By 2016

By on June 23, 2016 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Large Grey Aliens Require Full Disclosure By 2016

via UfoInternationalProject,

Apparently, a former treaty was made with the Large Grey Aliens which requires FULL disclosure by 2016.


In an article titled “Secret Space War VIII: Alien Quantum Computing and the End of Secrecy?” on the Veterans Today website the author Dr. James Preston refers to a treaty that may have been created between the large Grey alien race and the Secret Shadow Government (SSG). The article describes several alleged treaties between several different alien races and various nations here on earth.

This alleged treaty states that the SSG must provide Complete Disclosure soon or the large alien Greys will allegedly make massive public displays of themselves and their anti-gravity crafts (AGCs) and disclose everything themselves directly to the American people, including the temporary use of the major mass media.

It has been claimed that a certain prior treaty with the large alien Greys requires complete disclosure of alien presence and technology by a certain date or these aliens will supposedly make large public landings in every major city of the world, guaranteeing a systematic but rapidly developing complete end to secrecy and especially the deep black and beyond black programs previously protected by immediate assassinations.

This article also suggests there is a split between the older members and the younger ones who want complete disclosure to be attained in logical steps done in a manner preventing public panic or out of control business changes from occurring too rapidly.

Large Grey Aliens Require Full Disclosure By 2016


Stories such as this can sometimes be pretty tough to swallow, especially to any potential non believers out there or people who are possibly 50/50 on the whole UFO matter, however, it appears very clear nowadays that ‘something’ is going on and that we are all being built up to something BIG what with the amount of clear UFO sightings being seen by many across the world!

Perhaps, just perhaps, the Aliens want to be seen and they are actually after Disclosure themselves and no longer want to be hidden away from the human race….and angry at us for not keeping our word.

Image: Pixabay

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