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Let Go Of What You Didn’t Realize You Were Hanging On To

By on August 23, 2016 in Spiritual Awakening
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Let Go Of What You Didn't Realize You Were Hanging On To

by Anastacia,
Blue Beyond

This information came through to be shared, as a message from a ‘guide’ of ‘sorts’:


Let go of all you did not know or were not aware of, that you are hanging onto Subconsciously and bring it up into the Conscious.

‘Things’/Situations we have prayed and focused on with good intent, yet somewhere in this there is now a letting go totally of all of those inner fears that were niggling…while in the human consciousness we are carrying on in faith and trust.

Do you understand what I am telling you here? To let go of even yourself trusting yourself.

This is the greatest act or step one can take in the human being here and now.

This is Divine and total trust even more than ever before.

Yes we have done this in the past, this is in a new way here and now as you are in the in-between gulf of a ‘final’ trusting and letting let your wings come out and support yourself as you fly over the ravine to the other side

To what? To the Divine in full and total faith and trust in a new way never been experienced before.

No one is that clear that they don’t have niggles at times in the human being. That is being real to do so and admit to this, yet you don’t need to, as I know….and I know that you know too.

Anastacia says:

May this resonate for those souls that are ready for this…as this ‘information’ is coming from a whole ‘other’ level ;-). Call it a ‘testing’ if you will, to see how many souls do resonate where this energy space of this post is ‘coming’ from. As it is not the ‘usual’ way that I share information on the Blue Beyond…and I have enjoyed doing so ;-).

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty… Peace, Joy and Freedom

About the author: Multi Dimensional Ancient Earth Master – First Wave Trailblazer Way/Seer-Rainbow Bridge in linking our Soul to our Spirit – through our Emotions of the Divine. All Anastacia shares is from experiencing energies herself, feeling the energies through her two souls (human and spirit) as they come to our planet. From 20years of personal experience in linking her soul to her spirit, through her emotions this lifetime and past lives – back to Source in service to Humanity and Gaia Guiding/Teaching Humanity. From the Ancient Ones, Shaman, Blue Ray Elder, Pleadean, Lemurian, Atlantean, Arcturian, Lyran.

Email if you feel you would like a one-on-one personal healing of the Divine, or if you have any questions.

Please feel free to share this post and others in their entirety

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