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Light: The Covert Data Transmitter

By on April 14, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening
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Light: The Covert Data Transmitter

by Sean Akers,
Contributing Writer,

In The Beginning…

Come to the light. The light will show you the way. Light purifies and heals all things. Light reveals the truth, and how you think about the truth is inconsequential. The Light is the Truth.


These sounds like familiar sayings that we can all agree resonate deeply within our DNA. They sound as though they are wrought in the unending expanses of time that have preceded us through countless generations and civilizations. They feel as though they are foundational to our reality. They seems as thought they are part of the fabric of our existence. If you were raised in a religious family, or have had exposure to scripture when you were a kid, the following may be rooted in how we all initially understood our place in the Universe. That God moved over the face of the waters in total darkness. The word of God caused light to come into existence. With the introduction of light in this story, God went on to create everything that we know. The beginning of Genesis states:

1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 2 Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. 3 And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. 4 God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness.5 God called the light “day,” and the darkness he called “night.” And there was evening, and there was morning—the first day.

We need light in order to see. It helps us to navigate our reality and get through life, day to day. I recognize that some people are visually impaired, and cannot use the sense of sight, but for the majority of us that can, the following path of reason bears heavy implications about what we think we know about reality as translated from interpreting visible light.

The Eyes are the Windows of the Universe

We can see and navigate our surroundings because of our eyes. Eyes allow for light to pass through the cornea, beyond the pupil, become focused by the lens, pass through the rest of the sphere of the eye to ultimately make contact with the retina. From the retina, an electrical impulse caused by a photon of light is sent to the optical nerve where information about the world is sent to a fusion center of your brain that constructs an image of reality as you know it.

Light: The Covert Data Transmitter; Your Imagination Might Not Be Your Own

Depending on what type of cell censor a photon comes into contact determines what sort of information about the environment is carried to the brain’s fusion center. If the photon strikes a cone, the result is clear, sharp central vision with information about colors and fine details. If the photon strikes a rod, information about motion, our peripheral vision, and low-light details results.

Light: The Covert Data Transmitter; Your Imagination Might Not Be Your Own

I am inclined to think that there’s a lot of information that light delivers to the brain aside from just information about the outside world. Light that comes into your mind from the outside world has a clear and strong effect on how your brain responds to the frequency of the outside world light in the form of brainwaves.

There are many ways in which light makes it to your retinas and ultimately the optic nerve. Light frequencies might be variable if you’re sitting under a tree in the summer, and the wind is blowing. The blowing wind causes the limbs of the tree to bow and sway, and this creates a change in pulsation of the sunlight that your brain processes. You might not even experience direct sunlight, but rather reflections off of objects. The latter being how we primarily are able to see objects in reality and navigate around them. In the end, light is just information when processed within a mind.

Light Frequencies Affect Brainwaves which Affect Perception

Brainwaves can be directly altered and controlled by using specific techniques to control the frequency, intensity, and duration of light striking the retinas. The brain responds in real time to a pulse of light. If a pulse of photons strike the retinas, then the brain will respond with a measurable brainwave that is 1:1 to a pulse of light. You can take advantage of this and create an environment to enter a meditative state with the aid of flashing light devices. There are a number of such devices on the market for purchase. A couple that come to mind are the Lucia No. 3, and the Pandora Star. Both of these devices are light machines in which the brightness, flicker rate, transition between flicker rates can be controlled.

Entering a meditative state with these devices is relatively easy, because we know that meditation states occur when the brain is in the Theta range. The Theta range, when assessed in terms of brainwave activity, is between 4-8 Hz, or flickers per second. In this range is where we usually drift off to sleep, or it’s that range of the mind when you’re just starting to awake from sleep. It’s very dreamy, and relaxed. When a light machine practitioner uses the device, they lay under the machine, select a program, close their eyes, and then let the light pulses do the rest.

The experience is difficult to describe, but it can be analogous to a lucid dream, astral body projection, or an out-of-body experience. This is all facilitated just from pulses of light that are traversing the boundaries of your eyelids. Once there is a consistent pattern of light flicker reaching your retinas, then your brain immediately synchronizes to the rhythm of the light program. You’re just the person have the experience of the light program. The experiences can be so vivid and lifelike. The thoughts that races through your mind are like your imagination running wild. It’s really that easy. And to me, that’s sort of the concerning part.

What’s concerning about a light program that relaxes you to a point of a dream like state in which your mind creates vivid, lifelike experiences and you have thoughts that allow you to explore a strong, contemplative state? It is reasonable to say that if a light machine that runs at a programmed flicker rate of 4-8 Hz per second can produce images that technically are not in reality, but are constructed in your mind space, then our thoughts and how we are interacting with reality itself might be artificial in the sense that our imaginings might not be merely a construct of our own thoughts.

Human beings are the apex predator specie on this planet. There is no denying this. We may not have a total foothold in the aquatic regions of the world, but we can navigate to wherever we want to on any point of this planet. Why is that? Is it because of our ingenuity? Why are we so intelligent as compared to other species on Earth? I don’t think it’s because God touched our foreheads and blessed us with intuition and the ability to reason good from evil. That’s too simplistic. Think about where we have come from over the past 300 years?

Technological Advancement at the Speed of Light, at the Speed of Life

We have made extraordinary progress at a rapid pace, and that pace is accelerating. Why is it accelerating? What is driving the inspiration for man to pluck fantastic ideas from his imagination and then forge them into reality? What is driving the imagination? Is it because of our unique brain structure that an imagination such as ours is the reason for its being? Logically, I am inclined to say, no, this cannot be the sole reason for our imagination because of our human brain structure.

This is where solar radiation in the form of light, our Sun, and extra solar radiation, light from the stars, comes into play. If a meditation lamp can cause a person to have a lucid-dream like experience, or an out-of-body experience, then who’s to say that the light and the frequencies of our Sun and stars at large in our galaxy and in other galaxies are not also driving the imaginations of humankind? The imagination is such a powerful tool in the aid of constructing a tool in reality that didn’t exist before. What drives the imagination? What drives our internal thoughts? It’s LIGHT. Light is driving this because light is a primary driver of brain activity, other human senses aside.

Did you know that light can be used to transmit data? It’s called Li-Fi, also known as Light-Fidelity. It’s different from Wi-Fi in that the format of Li-Fi data transmission is light as opposed to Wi-Fi radio waves. The frequency of light is REALLY fast. Visible light spectrum operates in the TerraHertz range. It’s a frequency that is much faster, but three orders of magnitude, or 10 raised to the 3rd, a thousand times the frequency of the newest generation of human created wireless data transmission, 5G. Li-Fi frequency is at the nanoscale level. Meaning, it’s not going to damage DNA like a millimeter or microwave could as a result of exposure at certain intensities, or amplitudes. LED lights can pulse at up to 15 million times per second in order to transmit data through a Li-Fi system. That’s astounding, and the flicker would be completely unnoticeable. At present, it is reported that Li-Fi data transfer rate can reach up to 20 GB/second. I have a feeling that it can be more efficient than that with enough research. It can be faster than 5G, and it can be safer, if no one is playing The Wizard of Oz behind the scenes.

Leapfrogging 5G

There’s a lot of concern lately about 5G and it’s harmful effects on the human body and DNA. Many people are concerned that it could also be weaponized as a crowd control tool. The frequency of 5G is specified somewhere between 6 GigaHertz and 86 GigaHertz; somewhere along the millimeter wavelength. With reported speeds of up to 20 Gigabytes/second, tech enthusiasts are salivating over the potential breakthrough it could afford society. In order to make 5G work, new and numerous cell towers must be erected because the travel distance and wavelength penetration of this spectrum inhibits long transmission capabilities and is impeded by typical architectural structures. If fully 5G is fully implemented, expect to see 5G towers everywhere, 10’s of thousands of 5G satellites to be launched, and countless in-building antennas to be installed in order for the useful functionality to be made a reality. But at what cost? Our health? Our mental well being? The aesthetic nature of modern societal design alone with be blotted with ugly towers everywhere, Li-Fi can leapfrog both speed and the need for towers everywhere, theoretically.

Light: The Covert Data Transmitter; Your Imagination Might Not Be Your Own

Isn’t the fact that visible light could be harnessed as a means to transmit wireless internet data fascinating? It’s a real thing. But that’s the also the “aha” moment. Light is what provides for us as humans to be able to go through our day-to-day activities in reality, but it can also be used to transmit data because it can be pulsed at in imperceptibly fast rate of on/off cycles.

Remember what I was saying about light machines, and how when you are sitting underneath them at a certain pulsing frequency, they can put you into a trance, and you can have an experience that is like a living, breathing experience in your head space? If that’s possible, then wouldn’t it also be possible that the Sun, the stars and perhaps even Li-Fi could influence our imagination?

Sometimes creative types are looking for their muse. They wait for their moment of inspiration, and then it comes. Creative types come in all sorts of types. It’s not just art. It can be music, money, real estate, engineering, technology, warfare, cuisine, software, architecture, law, politics. The possibilities are endless.

Everyone has a brain. Most of the time the general structures are roughly the same, and that’s why a neurosurgeon can perform brain surgery with relative competence. The catch is that while everyone might have the same general brain anatomy, everyone’s brain is uniquely wired and networked. No two brains are alike. That’s why collaboration is important because it can be the breakthrough that others need through the act of looking at the same situation from the different perspective of another person.

Information Codes from the Heavens Above, from the Stars Up High

Over the past 300 years, or more recently, over the past 75 years since the “Roswell Incident,” do we really think that we have had this massive, rapid development of technology because we’re reverse-engineered recovered crashed, alien, non-terrestrial craft, or perhaps it could be that the Sun and extra-solar, visible light radiation has been programming some of our brightest and most impactful people, since the beginning? Light has been carrying codes from the cosmos and it is my speculation that people throughout history interpret these absorbed, visible light codes in their mind as internally visible inspiration, imagination, and creativity that have caused revolutionary leaps in how we perceive life and approach and navigate challenges.

We advance and advance and advance. And now we’re advancing faster than our spirit can keep up. And we sit back and wonder, from time to time, where is this all headed? What in the mother-hell is going on? Is this headed towards an Event, a Singularity, a Quickening, a Rapture, a “Solar Flash?” What does it mean? Unfortunately, no one really knows. We can imagine this, but this might be information from civilizations that are tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of years older than ours at present. These thoughts about what is happening around the world, with the Schumann Resonance, with the increase in people who are becoming more spiritually in tune with a force that is beyond description, maybe these thoughts are not our own, but are a combination of our solar and even galactic programming of sorts, at large.

At this juncture, the heart and gut beckons to provide a compass of sorts in order to know how to navigate if these times of despair and euphoria are the true direction that we should be headed towards. When it comes down to it, we are but witnesses to our reality. Half the time are brains are on auto-pilot. So what does that mean for the future?

What if we are being programmed from the galaxy and Universe at large with instructions on improving our technology and lives in general? What if the origins of our imagination are visible light spectrum that also happens to be piggy backing information that is perceptible to the sub-conscious, not the conscious? The conscious mind is what would perceive visible light as it bounces off of physical objects in our world, allowing us safe passage to navigate reality. The sub-conscious mind absorbs the varying, imperceptible flickers of visible light, and it permutates and excretes discreet packets of de-coded information from the cosmos in the form of internally visible imagination and creativity?

Colonizing an Exo-Planet Without a Single Act of War

If that’s possible, then allow me to propose this scenario: If the above is true, then we will never expect to see or be visited by aliens on this Earth in a way that is surprising or causes panic. Why would an alien civilization need to invade a planet when it can let light program a species into developing, in time, into a race of entities that will eventually reach a plateau of compatibility with its surrounding galactic neighbors? An external, non-terrestrial alien species could colonize a planet without firing a shot or imposition of mass panic through uncloaking of their existence on Earth because all they have to do it wait long enough for the pulsed information from our Sun and other star systems to unfold in the minds of humans. Once a technological level of progress is reached, it is then that contact can be made because a level of consciousness has been attained that is both sophisticated, technologically advanced, and spiritually mindful. It is reasonable to say that with time comes wisdom, and with wisdom comes the ability to navigate peaceful pathways to inter-planetary and extra-solar system conscious being contact.

It is for this reason that I think that some people believe that they are or are part of a genetic connection related to Pleiadians, Sirians, or Lumerians. If I’ve left out a certain culture or race, it’s not my fault, I just don’t know all of the different types extra-solar civilizations. Their minds are in a way specifically tuning information from the cosmos much how a radio can tune into a certain radio stations when the dial is tuned to the correct station or frequency.

It’s all very exciting, and should be a reason why we should be cautious with all of the new information that is flooding our Earth. We’re experiencing information overload. How do we know what is real and truthful as compared to what is fake and false? Again, at an individual level, you need to trust your gut and your heart, and look at all there is and then make a decision when it comes to what you think is real and truthful. And even then, be ready to give your mind’s grasp on what you think is true at a moment’s notice. Time has proven over and over again that just when we think we know what is going on, we learn we are just scratching the surface of what we thought we were once masters.

The Experience of Life at the Speed of Light, and Beyond Light Speed

So this is the life we live. We exist. Right now we’re utilizing technology that allows for near instant, global communication in a plethora of formats; in summation, the internet. We’re advancing in a multitude of modalities as described above, such as: music, money, real estate, engineering, technology, warfare, cuisine, software, architecture, law, politics. All of these advancements are occurring through divine inspiration that are visible light reflections of our ancestors from their achievements in their off world civilizations from the stars above. This is all going to coalesce at some point into a Singularity, an Event; some point where the rate of technological advancement becomes so fast and pronounced that the ability to predict what happens next cannot be determined because new advancements make the present outdated. Predictions, hypotheses, reasoning break down. We all simply become a witness until a new order solidifies.

This happens at the speed of light.

But what is the perspective of someone going beyond the speed of light? This is my speculation in closing of this thought experiment.

Everything above occurs because we always based our subjective reality on the idea that the speed of light cannot be eclipsed, the speed of light cannot be surpassed. Based on this constant, we are born, we grow up, we are inspired in our own ways, we contribute to society in our own ways, and then perhaps we might also experience death.

What happens if we go beyond light speed?

What if the Singularity or Event transpires, and we are catapulted beyond light speed; and for that matter, to where? What would the experience look like? I stand firmly by the argument that consciousness is eternal. It is not a frequency product of the brain. Consciousness is a frequency that tunes into a brain when both are compatible with each other. Again, think frequency transmission, and dialing into a radio station. The music you hear from the radio isn’t because there are people in the radio. The music you hear from the radio is a kinetic transmission source (your consciousness) that is compatible with the selected frequency picked up by a radio antenna (your brain). You, in this experience, are your eternal consciousness that is nested inside a body that allows you to manipulate reality in the ways that your body permits. This is different than how your brain, which is custom hardware for this experience, picks up and interprets signals from reality. This is the key point.

I suspect that as we move beyond light speed, as we move beyond the Event, beyond the Singularity, we start to see time and events transpire in “reverse.” I don’t know if I would say that it’s like playing a record backward where lyrics are unintelligible. I would say it’s like the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Innocence returns, and things perhaps become more youthful. Perhaps there’s a nice point of equilibrium in which a speed can be attained to reach a point of desired youthfulness, and then halted. Just as an aside, Jellyfish have this ability. Immortal genes. They have the ability to reverse their age, their chronological state of age, and regress to a form of youthfulness.

Perhaps where we arrive is still Earth, or it’s another star system. Maybe it’s home to people who do not identify as Earthlings, but came to this planet in order to be beacons to help with this planet’s evolution. It’s Ascension that is compatible with others in a Milky Way Galactic Neighborhood.

All without firing a shot. Huh. Who would have thought that?


About the author: Sean Akers is a just a dude and an armchair philosopher. He is the author of Thought Experiments for Ascending Spirits – Volume 1, available on Amazon as both an e-book and in softcover format. If you wish to contact him, please send an e-mail to | His written materials and additional shared resources of inspiration can be found at

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