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Plugging The Light Matrix Into The Mainframe

By on September 26, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Plugging The Light Matrix Into The Mainframe

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by Morag,
Contributing writer,

Plugging The Light Matrix Into The Mainframe

Well done beautiful people, pow! We’re still here, we’re still fighting the good cause and we’re still walking our truth.


The assault on lightworkers, lightwarriors, starseed, healers, earth guardians and light missionaries has been relentless and profound through 2019. We have been subjected to accelerated matrix poisons in chemtrails, junk food, travel, mainstream media and advertising. We have been subjected to persistent assault from the astral by people’s attachments.

Experienced in waking hours, humans carrying too many or powerful demons are flitting in and out of consciousness, losing control to their demons. And their demons have seen us coming. Random vicious confrontations, deceit and manipulation stepped up as we break free from our chains.

Dream time light warfare and engineering of the light matrix intensified in response to dark portal activations. The corporate political patriarchy is furious, kicking off, creating chaos. Our children are subjected to sexism, racism, sexualisation and economic smack down. The world has literally lost its marbles in 2019. The patriarchy, a screeching, desperate, howling nest of evil, has been coming for all who inhabit feminine energy. If you resonate with my words, I congratulate you for still being here. Ain’t. Going. Anywhere.

Our skill sets have had a mega boost. Many of us are now operating consciously on the astral, zooms, gatherings and moon hut raves. We trust our instincts more than our earthly senses now. Energy is our language. We have held our space. We have been quietly and consistently dreamweaving our futures. We manifest timelines of peace and joy right now. We are birthing the new earth, right under their sniveling, scared, stuck up noses. We are the trailblazers leading the sleepers to redemption.

We are walking in Christ consciousness, here to rescue all who wish to leave the darkness and bathe in golden love light. We. Are. Here. Empaths are warrior lit. We gift and receive. We grow our money trees, we don’t horde. We share. We care. We are the bringers of light to a world mired in sludgy, swampy, darkness.

We are pulling ourselves out the slime, we will bring all who wish release with us. We are the Return of the Divine Feminine. We are embedding the Age of Aquarius. We are travelers, volunteers, starseed and earth guardians here to free humanity from its predators. They know we are here. They have done their absolute best to take us out this year.


2019 the Event has happened. We are still in the aftershock, though the mission, the secret only a few held close, has been completed. The children are safe. The children are out. The children are free. The ghosts are no longer fueling the machine. Pow. Light Corridor, Arcturian Command in command. Boom. The babies didn’t even stir, some of the little ones cried, we heard. We felt.

The astral shook with the earthquake of their divine release. Their tortured faces and damaged bodies are dissolved in light frequencies. Their souls liberated from the depths of evil. We did it. We did it. All those who resonate with dream state activity, who have struggled to physically move, paralysis of limbs, intensive exhaustion, matrix brain not computing.

We were there. Understand. We were there. Our higher selves and our guides aren’t some ethereal, floaty, wishy washy spiritual entourage, they are our Team. We are the Player, they are our support team whilst we’re in here.

Our higher self has been overseeing multiple timelines and states of being of ourselves as we move between dimensional realities. Our higher self is 24/7. Our team are our crew navigating us through the anchoring of light to the material plane. We have sustained assaults on all dimensional frequencies this year. We have an engineer, a psychic, ancestral support, spirit animal guides.

We have guides from a cosmic pool, who can come through and help us with specific issues or learning curves. Our skillsets have been upgraded in fourth realm vibratory fields. We know kung fu. Karmic revelation of truth this year has been intense. We are assimilating into higher realms, lightbody activation and downloads triggered to meet the acceleration of Gaia’s ascension in 2019. As the dark dropped a gear and came for us, Gaia also dropped a gear and took off.

We have been holding onto the material plane by our finger tips at times. Grounding has been so essential. Stand barefoot in the grass beautiful people. Our cosmic surfboards are our lifeboat. We work on physical flexibility and agility, third eye sharpness and vision, and core strength to stay on our surfboards through 2019, it’s not over yet.

We have held higher vibratory fields for assimilation to occur. We have maintained high frequency baselines in spite of the onslaught of fear, rage and destruction that has been the material plane vibration through 2019.

We are the containers for the rEvolution. We held space for love frequencies to anchor. Just staying upright amid tidal waves of negativity, earthquakes of dark astral portals and the assault of the patriarchy on Gaia, on the divine feminine and the divine masculine through 2019, has been an achievement.

And yet here we are not just withstanding the assaults, upgrading. Yeah. We’ve been upgrading, people. Inversion. We played them at their own game. They sell everything evil as good and everything good as evil. We sold them empaths as weak, lightworkers as vulnerable, divine feminine as victim…guess what…we’re the baaaaaad guys.

We’re the warriors. We’re the ones that will sneak up in the dead of night and clear every last one of those demons outta their host. Light portal illumination. Gone. Bye bye.

The light will love you. And the person rests, sleeps, feels a lot better. And then hits Repeat. And hello, the attachments are back, the possessions continue. Junk food entities nest. Big pharma fleas burrow. Alcohol demons rub their hands in delight. A new victim, a new avatar, a new host. And we light workers, we start again, we clear again. And so it will go on until the machine is broken and the astral is clear.

When all this is over beautiful people, this chaos on the astral, the dark portals to drain us, Cern, then our real work will begin. Clearing the material plane of all that is negative, malignant and cancerous. For now we hold our light in place and trust our teams, our guides, they see the bigger picture. We dreamweave.

Momentum after containment. The process is not stalling, we are plugging into the mainframe, it takes time. We are containers for love on Gaia. We do our most intensive clearing just before we Shift. Hills, tunnels, terror and TrutH. Portland, pizza and pedophilia. Epstein. Youtube truthers, naughty beaver. The truth, as ugly and horrific as it is, is bubbling just beneath the surface.

It’s kind of like we’re trying to exist on top of a boiling pot of murky soup, our surfboards are lit, we are surrounded by a force field of light, but it’s mental out there. The energetic field around Gaia and humanity has hit maxed out madness, really. We’re doing well just to maintain the routines and responsibilities we have. Mindfulness is essential to staying cool, calm and collected on Gaia at this time. The swamp is reaching boiling point. We’re in a pressure cooker.

Take control of your energy field, your mind body soul well-being beautiful people. Release valves are nature, healing therapies, tribal love, solitude, meditation, self care, dreamweaving, laughter and happiness.

Dimensional fluctuation has become dimensional maelstrom. Multiple realities are operating at once on the material plane. The fourth realm is a great ocean between the density of the third and the lightness of being of the fifth. Anything is possible here. We can sustain the hell dimensions of the lower third realm and handle the ethereal angelic realms of the fifth and higher.

In meditation we can reach the 11th dimension if we choose. We can physically walk into the hell dimensions on the material plane or we can enter the hell realms of the astral, force field of light and invisibility cloak on!

The darker dimensions are populated by hollowed out souls. People whose lives have become vehicles for their demons. Light warriors see the shadows everywhere. The demons are not really hiding anymore. The fluctuations in frequency planes are simultaneously subtle and profound. We can adjust the dial, turn it up, the fifth dimension people are peaceful, quiet, nature speaks in a clamor of beauty and abundance. We can dial down into the lower realms and see hosts and demons.

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Sleepers populate the fourth realm, lost, stuck in repetitive memory cycles. Waiting at stations for commute trains that never appear. Hamsters in wheels, mice in mazes, memory loops barely stretching beyond a couple of linear weeks. The onslaught of fear and chaos from the matrix, which they are still plugged into, has temporarily taken them out the game.

Sleepers are sleeping a lot (woke folk not so much), their higher selves trying to install upgrades, realign them to higher vibrations, drop them out of the never-ending mind control programs they are soaking up every waking minute.

The mainstream media and all its evil little subsidiaries, are walking a tightrope between sabotage of The Awakening and ongoing programming of evil algorithms. They aim to drag humanities collective consciousness back down into the third realms. The 1984 matrix program runs now only in infrastructure and memory manifestation. It doesn’t really exist anymore.

Sleepers drawn down into the seductive comfort zones of 1984 matrix, will find it has morphed into a much darker and scarier place. Addiction is the core processor here. Astral entities feeding off matrix toxins. The devil’s playground is a place of satanic worship. The 1984 program was gritty, grimy, grim, punctuated with package holidays, plasma screens and posh cars.

Status symbols to define a hierarchical, consumerist society. It doesn’t exist. the truth now for the 3d matrix is its a space of dire homelessness, war and destruction. The mega wealthy live here, high up in tacky castles, tucked away, avoiding the physical murky, junky, dirty spaces of their material plane.

Karmically, their energetic landscape is just the same as the worst of the projects, slums and landfills they’ve created. Their heart chakras are black with fear. Their lives are paranoid, traumatic, hateful. They maintain their ivory towers through black magic rituals involving bloods sacrifice, spirit cooking. To dance with their demons they sell their souls. Never be fooled by glitter, glamour and glitz, these people’s lives are truly horrific. They are terrified. It’s all smoke and mirrors. See through the shine and the bruises aren’t hard to find.

Healing work through 2019 has been off the scale. To break it down, we have assimilated lightbody upgrades enabling us to anchor our higher vibratory fields to the material plane. We have sustained relentless assault from the matrix and the astral, the impact on our daily lives has forced us to realign to higher spaces.

Decluttering our lives, cutting cords of negativity, prioritizing self care, it all unearths the parasites and predators. Too many of us have had to accept harsh truths about those who have claimed to love us. We have seen through the veils this year. The last secrets are being unearthed. Self care is the hardest thing to do in the matrix. Everything dictates we should ignore our health, deny our souls, objectify our bodies. Realignment for many of us has forced us to face the patriarchy in our lives head on.

We have been stealthy, strong and stubborn in our refusal to lower our vibrations to those who seek to drain us. The stationing direct of Saturn has announced the end game of karmic clearing in 2019. We will reap what we have sown, as a collective and as individuals. We will walk the path of our baseline frequency as we move closer to the stellar activities prophesied for 2020.

We are plugging the light matrix into the mainframe. Engineering work continues on higher planes, we are involved in this during dream state. Warriors continue to fight the archon astral darkness. Their fuel has gone. Their deity has gone. Their hold on humanity has gone. Unfortunately they aren’t, gone. We will be clearing them for sometime. Continue to seek divine balance between dreamstate work and mindfulness on the material plane. We are here to live, to breathe, to be human.

We are here to live our own little cycles of karma out. We are here with a mission to raise the vibrations on Gaia. It was never going to be easy. The balancing out of all this crazy energy is that we are seeing above the fourth. We are visualizing and manifesting our dreams. We have been dreamweaving throughout 2019.

Reaching deep into our souls for our truths, what will make us happy? We have been aligning, meditating, visualizing, pintersting, mood boarding, sharing and nourishing our passions. Who we do we want to be in the new earth? Each time we touch those places of dream manifestation, we achieve our goals, we attain higher vibratory fields. Soon things will stabilize. Soon we will be living the fruits of all our hard work this year.

We are manifestors in the fourth realm. If we allow ourselves to be drawn down into lower frequencies, we will fuel them. It’s a fine balance between karmic clearing, allowing space for reflection, taking back ownership of our lives and staying in high vibes. When we allow time to clear, to cry, to grow and to evolve, insights come. Lower dimensional realms will materialize when we enter heavier spaces for release. We ascend quickly following the release of heavy emotions, grief, pain, trauma, abandonment, rejection, neglect and betrayal.

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We Shift to higher perspectives. Vanquishing fear from our lives to create space for upgrades to embed. The reality we exist in will fluctuate as we karmically clear. Always have spider senses on. Do karmic clearing in quiet safe spaces. Limit interactions and exposure to crowds during these times of intensive growth.

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Don’t lose sight of the end goal, beautiful people. What do you want? What do you dream of? Fill in the spaces, color it in, give it detail, fabrics, realness. We can create our hearts desire in the fourth realm. Gaia’s ascending, no matter what else goes on, whether we, humanity, are with her or not. To ride her winds of awakening, we stay agile on our surfboards.

Our heads, our crown and third eye chakras fully operational in the higher realms, dreamweaving our timelines, they take shape, form, materialize and solidify. Our core strong and centered, our sacral flowing in functionality with our physical lives. Our roots cleared from ancestral and past life traumas. We are the antennae, we are the tuning forks.

We set our vibratory field, hold it, contain it, manage it and stoke it and we will continue to riiiiiiiise with Gaia. We broke through a huge 1111 membrane this year, a shift of momentous proportions, and we’re building, creating, visualizing and making our futures happen. Chains are being pulled round our necks, yet still our wings unfurl. We are reaching for the stars, and ain’t nobody gonna stop us. Believe friends, believe in yourself, in your truth, in your happiness and your light and all will fall into divine alignment.

In light and love beautiful people.


Image: Pixabay

About the author: I am a dedicated café conspirator, lightworker, metaphysical explorer, teacher, writer and earth mother. Born and bred in Glasgow, Scotland, I spent time traveling in Australia and Europe before moving to East London. After 15 years as an English teacher and head of year in comprehensive secondary schools I left teaching to become a stay at home mum. I retrained as a meditation teacher and reiki energy healer, using crystals and starseed tarot cards for healing and channeling.

Between night feeds and school runs I have been writing and blogging about life, the universe and everything. You can find me on Facebook, wordpress and youtube at awakening5dhealing. Much love and light beautiful people.

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