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Live OUTSIDE The Box

By on February 27, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening


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by Adeana M. Slater,
Contributing Writer,

I remember what soul awakening felt like and the process itself seemed to go on forever. Even though it felt painfully slow so often, it was only because I was waiting for the outside world to reflect what was going on with me internally. The changes were happening from within me on a constant basis. However, the outside world never seemed to manifest my deepest desires or biggest wishes. I know now it was because I was hoping for someone or something outside of myself in my current reality, to swoop me off my feet and take me away into this fantasy world that I created for myself and wished for.


Unfortunately, any individuals that were deemed my knight in shining armor or the “higher powers that be” that didn’t manifest my desired reality, perhaps fell away from their role or forgot about me altogether?! We can call this the victim role, and I know I played this card well in my own soul evolution, as most of us will do the same. It is a part of this process to recognize, heal, and release. As we heal, we continue this trend or idea that someone else is responsible for our outcome or happiness. It feels safe to put the responsibility on someone else’s shoulders rather than face our own reflection in the mirror.

No one else can claim to be YOU. Therefore they cannot truthfully judge you. Try as they might, you know better and differently of yourself. Only concern yourself with you and do not pay attention to others that send you negative energy. No one else is responsible for your beliefs, feelings, reactions, or outcome. It is ALL YOU ALL the time. Allow that to sink in. Live your life for YOU and your best interest with every step in this life that you take. No one else is living your life. You are. This means you choose to appreciate others advice but your ultimate decision is your own. Always.

When In5d asked me to speak at a Seattle,WA Conference in March ‘2017 about one of my articles, “Detach and Free Yourself,” I had this very vision and speech prepared although I was unable to make the conference. I will summarize spiritual awakening and this Ascension process much like stepping outside initially but choosing to LIVE OUTSIDE of the Box. This is the same as exiting the “Matrix.” The Matrix or the Box that all of us have lived in this is the illusionary world passed down from generation to generation and contains mass amounts of spoon-fed ideas, societal norms, and expectations with EVERY and ALL subjects dealing with life situations and circumstances.

When you go through spiritual awakening, envision an arm or leg sticking out of this box of “comfort.” You are for sure testing the waters in this aspect as one arm or leg chooses to poke outside of societal norms. This box. The one you have chosen to live within and give energy to is beginning to naturally break down as the Ascension process continues. You are no longer safe here as time and energy continues? Why? Because this energy of light also brings with it the gift of awareness. Boxes, confinement, rules, and these societal norms you define yourself with, is an illusion and falling away fast from not only your consciousness but your reality.

You have little choice but to adapt to this new energy. Soul evolution or awakening is like this stepping out and choosing to live outside the BOX of confinement. Again…. pretty soon more limbs, legs/arms are sticking out and not only testing the waters but braving these newly profound steps of evolution. When your head emerges this is a metaphor of your consciousness and how it has risen and will only continue to do so. When you reach for the ladder to completely climb out of this box in entirety, you are soul evolved. Congratulations to those dear souls who have made it thus far. This journey has never been traveled before. Glory be to those brave souls blazing the trail. Kudos to you. Now…

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Grab that same ladder you used to climb outside of your own box. Use it to help and assist others out of their box this same way. You can only help guide others but truly it is their responsibility, free-will, and choice of action to find their OWN WAY out of the darkness!! You can be one of the Lighthouses to help show them one way out of their own stormy sea of life… but there are other lighthouses too and they just have to find which one resonates with them the most…


Yes. It does seem chaotic doesn’t it?? Of course it will be once the masks of illusion” comes off and you are shocked to see life as it TRULY is and not what has been
spoon-fed to you all of your life and possibly other lives prior lived. What have you allowed to happen? How have you been most easily manipulated? Why?

You are shocked to see life as it TRULY is and not what has been spoon-fed to you all of your life and possibly other lives prior lived. What have you allowed to happen? How have you been most easily manipulated? Why?

This is the pathway to freedom. Freedom for you to SEE, FEEL, THINK, DO, REACT, LOVE as you wish to do so without restrictions, expectations, or judgments. Of course absolute freedom will take a very long time until we fully get there… but we are well on our way and this is the heart-felt intentions that the ground-crew/forerunners have set for this Ascension Process.

Go with the flow. Allow. Heal. Learn. Rise above. Love. Forgive. Be at Peace. Seek joy in every moment. See the beauty in all things. ❤️

~Adeana M. Slater

by Adeana M. Slater,
Contributing Writer,

Image: Pixabay

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