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Luke Perry – Uranus Transit Brings Sudden Change And Chaos

By on March 9, 2019 in Astrology
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Luke Perry - Uranus Transit Brings Sudden Change And Chaos

by Tara Greene,

Uranus the planet as a cause of stroke. The actor Luke Perry died of a stroke. A client told me she had a stroke in her 30’s during a Uranus transit. The transits of the Planets have been used to diagnose health issues for thousands of years.


Originally, astrologers were also astronomers and physicians. Uranus is a Transpersonal planet which moves slowly, taking 84 years to make one complete cycle. It’s nature is electric.

Uranus governs the sign of Aquarius in modern Astrology. The symbol of Aquarius is two electric currents one on top of the other horizontally, often mistaken for water. Uranus is known for bringing sudden change and chaos. It’s best to know and understand in advance how these planets may affect you.

Uranus has just entered Taurus March 6 for the next 7 years.

I am not a doctor. The advice given is not to be used as a substitute for recognized medical diagnosis.

Tara Greene

Background image: Pixabay

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