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Manifest and Receive Anything

By on March 13, 2020 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Manifest and Receive Anything

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by Mitch Gannon,
Contributing Writer,

The energetic components with faith are innumerable. By holding the emotion and mentality of faith you can and will tune to one of the highest frequencies of the universe.


Manifest and Receive Anything

Have faith that what you have asked for in prayer or meditation has been received, answered, and will be delivered when the Divine timing is right. The perfect moment of manifestation will happen when Higher Intelligence/God/Source/The Universe knows best.

You can allow and surrender into the faith that your prayers have been answered which creates and taps into the frequency of it already being completed, thus re-framing your entire mental programming. Through these means, you drop our resistance and what you have asked for can arrive quicker and faster.

The frequency of faith is powerful. By believing and having faith is how spontaneous healings and shifts can occur. You can line up with what we have prayed and asked for immediately. Upon doing this, instant or at least faster manifestations can occur.

You don’t have to obsess or overthink in order to bring upon this aligned, centered, and surrendered state. It is always available to you counter to what you are thinking and believing if what you are thinking and believing is misaligned. Just surrender. Allow. Have faith and know that what you have asked and prayed for has been acknowledged and received with a willingness, and willingness is key, for reality to change.

You may have to give up long held stories, beliefs, thoughts, and identification. In order for you to be free of your “stuff” and receive what we have asked for, we must be willing to let go, dissolve, and relinquish that which keeps you in the same place.

If you ask for better health or a health issue to be healed having and aligning with the emotions and frequency of faith will lead this healing to occur but we have to let go of the resistance surrounding your identification with this illness or malady you have. Are you willing to let go of the illness? What would you lose by this illness or disease no longer being in existence? Who would you be or not be if this disease were to not be there anymore?


Asking these questions can help you understand the resistant nature from fully receiving what you’ve asked for. You think you want better health, improved relationships, more financial abundance, etc., but are you willing to leave the old self behind that is not a vibrational match to these things? This is the core key issue behind reality not changing based on what we’ve asked for.

Would a healthy person get sympathy for their illness anymore? What would a person who has more money complain about any longer? What would someone who wants a healthy relationship have to heal, acknowledge, and let go of inside themselves to allow themselves to be loved by someone else? Who and what does the asked and prayed for version feel, think, and believe like? Sometimes the fear of what and who you would have to become in order to really receive what you’ve asked for seems daunting.

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Of course, I want more money, you may say. I asked for an improvement in my finances, but nothing has come. Why? That is where a willingness to remove, heal, and dissolve the blocks and resistance inside that the self is identified with whether consciously or unconsciously. You must admit and be honest with yourself. Sometimes a person does not want to truly give up an identity for it would mean actual change and that is scary to the ego mind.

Start small, be compassionate with yourself, and inquire within to bring about change. The act of healing and growth can take time. Having and keeping faith can get you on the path for empowerment and miraculous things will happen.

To learn more about faith, asking and receiving, blocks and resistance, and manifesting schedule a spiritual session with me where we can delve into, clear, and heal these blocks including many other intuitive and spiritually guiding modalities for living a happy and joyous life.

BIO: Mitch is a natural born intuitive, healer, and spiritual teacher who has been helping clients for over 10 years. Visit his website at: to find out more. He uses a wide variety of energetic and healing tools to help clients break free from unhealthy patterns, wake up to a friendly and positive universe and reality, and gain clarity on the confusion and stress surrounding them.

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