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March 20, 2019 – Full Supermoon In Libra

By on March 15, 2019 in Astrology
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March 20, 2019 - Full Supermoon In Libra

by Candace WhiteLight,
Contributing Writer,

This year, in 2019, the full moon supermoon comes less than 4 hours after the arrival of the March 20th equinox, making this the closest coincidence of the March equinox and full moon since March 20, 2000.


The Full moon on March 20, 2019, falls at 0º Libra decan 1. The full moon is aligned with fixed star Markeb in the sails of the constellation of Argos the ship.

The closest aspect to the full moon is a quincunx to Uranus. tarot card is the 2 of swords and the healing crystal will be Mookaite

The tarot card is the 2 of swords and the healing crystal will be Mookaite.

The Sun enters ARIES at 6pm EST.

The Full Moon on the 20th occurs in the sign of Libra in the first degree–another critical degree–bringing sudden awareness of relationship imbalances and flaws in dramatic, pressing ways.

In the first degree of Libra (the Sun is at the Aries point/spring equinox), epiphanies or culminations occurring now have special significance, leading to new beginnings and fresh starts.

This is also called an opposition with Libra exactly opposing Aries, but with our Super Moon and other good aspects will make it the triad of big Yin energy that will make good things come to those that wait.

~Candace WhiteLight

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