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MedBed Disclosure Coming By 3rd Week Of December!

By on November 3, 2021 in Awareness, Spiritual Awakening with 27 Comments
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MedBed Disclosure Coming By 3rd Week Of December!

by Gregg Prescott, M.S. Founder, Webmaster, & Editor,

MedBed disclosure will arrive by the “2nd or 3rd week of December” in every major city across the world according to Skye Prince’s sources. The medbeds should begin arriving in January of 2022.


The following was stated on a Facebook post by Stephanie Ark Hogarth:

Yes it is!! Regrow teeth, organs, regeneration ..etc. FREE CHOICE MUST BE RESPECTED. I AM HAPPY TO GO. All shadow aspects must still be dealt with!

This is NOT the trans humanist agenda. This is appropriate technology that was prevented from getting to us any earlier due to the belief barrier. Those of us who are ready for this assistance, will go, READY TO DO “THE DEEP WORK” also. Other healing methods such as laying on of hands, water healing technologies, …etc WILL STILL BE USED AS APPROPRIATE. Natural regeneration requires healthy participants, and A LOT OF THEM. You are healed so that you can participate in the healing of others…etc..etc…etc. This is a PURIFICATION PROCESS. An OPTIMIZATION PROCESS. NOT a vanity procedure, but a total well being process for the population.

I am told by the Galactic Federation that I will be responsible for 2 “transition” stations, like resorts, one for incoming, one for outgoing. And also told it affects the global grid , and they told me 10 years ago it required a PUBLIC global voice and I would need to be fully transparent about all of it!. I knew this was coming.

Other things are coming too. For those who exploited others, and caused intentional harm. Each group will receive what they genuinely intended for others. This new technology cannot be misused and the rich cannot jump the line. It is according to need. Many who are very traditional, full of fear and doubt, will prefer to partake of Big Pharma,surgery..etc , or age and die because that’s what THEY believe. We must honor the belief systems of each person.

I volunteer to try this technology and step into Leadership in this regard. I have already been doing this work.


MedBeds Coming By 3rd Week Of December!

In the video, Skye states that any injuries from any kind of shots will be cured.  If someone was born healthy and had a shot and came down with autism, “they will be cured”. If you lost a leg, teeth, organ, etc, “they will be regrown from scratch”.

In regard to the recent jabs, Skye stated, “The DNA will be restored.  They will be healed”.

In5D Addendum

I absolutely love the optimism but remain somewhat skeptical because we’ve all heard this talk for many years and so far, nothing has come to fruition, just like NESARA/GESARA.


In the event that this is not true, I don’t want to be that person who is perpetuating a lie. I’ve been writing and reporting on issues like this since 2009 on In5D and have seen this topic arise MANY times, only to be lied to about them.  That being said, the technology exists and it’s only a matter of time when this technology finally arrives so why not NOW?

We’ll see if this is true by the 3rd week of December.  Until then, I truly hope this happens but I remain skeptical.

In5D UPDATE January 27, 2022

In a recent audio file on Skye’s Telegram page, Skye stated that she was from Venus, stating

My consciousness, my spirit, my mind, everything comes from Venus. I was born into a human body. I was implanted into my Mom’s stomach by the Secret Space Program for this purpose.

I haven’t been through MKUltra, none of that. I haven’t been tortured, mind wiped, memory wiped, all that sort of stuff…

At one point, she admitted wanting to commit suicide.

Listen here:

Many people have questioned the release of the medbeds.  On January 26, 2022, on Skye Prince’s Telegram page, Skye stated, “Guys im just uploading the final video that I will be doing until the funds are released and centers are being built. No we do not have a timeline so dont bother asking. I have given you EVERY BIT OF INFORMATION THAT I HAVE so there is no need for a single question. If nothing happens by the 1st of February ill be moving away from med beds and healing centers to focus on my life and the direction life takes me. IF I do get any updates, I will of course forward them onto you. If my next and last video upsets you, good, instead of getting angry and abusing me, ask yourself why you feel so upset or offended.”

Many people have questioned the release of the medbeds.  On January 26, 2022 on Skye Prince's Telegram page, Skye stated, "Guys im just uploading the final video that I will be doing until the funds are released and centers are being built. No we do not have a timeline so dont bother asking.

Someone asked my during Date Night with Ali and Gregg Prescott, that I said the medbeds would be here by the middle of January.  I corrected that person by saying (paraphrasing), “I never said that, Skye did.” I even talked about my own skepticism after seeing so many events come and go in this community.

In a video called, “Medbed Timing” (this is her next to last video mentioned above) released on January 14, 2022, Skye stated, “Don’t hang around for medbeds, the miracle cure that’s going to save your life. Don’t wait for the savior. Look after yourself now. Take an active approach to your own health, instead of waiting for something or someone else to do it for you.”

In the above video, Skye appears to be very defensive as she’s probably tired of people asking her why the dates have come and gone.

The following day, Skye released another video stating, “If you’re going to come from emotion and aggression and abuse and all of the other emotions, don’t bother.  Before you react to any bit of information, not just mine but anyone’s, stop and ask yourself, “Why am I reacting?” What is it in me that I believe that makes me feel this way?””

Perhaps it’s when someone give you false hope and then backtracks on what he or she has said?

Many of you may not remember Blossom Goodchild’s October 14th, 2008 channeled message of a mass visitation by the Federation of Light, promising “the arrival of visible ships”.  People in our genre became very excited about it until October 14th came and went without the event ever happening.

A website claiming to be “Galactic Federation of Light” posted the following message in early October of 2014:

 A website claiming to be "Galactic Federation of Light" posted the following message in October of 2014:

The event never happened.

In Blossom’s defense, she released a video two days later on her YouTube channel that apologized for the misinformation:

SaLuSa Channeler Mike Quinsey rode on Goodchild’s coattails by confirming the same mass event. The following day, he stated on his website, “Dear Ones a high point has been achieved through the ongoing expectation of the arrival of the Forces of Light, and that is so important to the final outcome of First Contact. Having been presented with a firm announcement connected with the “Sighting” rather than a mere possibility; it has confronted many souls who were not ready for such an enormous event. The result has been a shock to their system, over and above the normal reaction to the many sightings that have been taking place with ever increasing regularity. With all of the confusion and chaos already making people tense and worried, yet another matter of mind wrenching capability has created a degree of tension that was not envisaged. In the interests of those people, the sighting has been curtailed for a short time until a more receptive response is registered.”

We’ve seen this type of false hope narrative pushed with NESARA and now, GESARA and yet, people criticize me for telling them the truth when it comes to us being lied to. I’m not the “Disney” parent.  I’m the parent who loves you enough to tell you the truth.

The bottom line is to use your own discernment when listening to fantastical stories such as medbeds, predicted mass ufo sightings, NESARA, etc …  We’ve ALL been misled at some point in our spiritual journeys.  Admitting it is the hard part as some people will cling onto the lie (groupthink) because the truth makes them look uneducated or that their discernment was off.  At some point in time, this has happened to ALL of us and it’s okay to let it go.

My discernment tells me that world events are culminating as the truth vibration continues to rise and shine the light on all of those who are corrupt. Everything that has controlled humanity, including money, government, and religion, will continue to collapse. It’s finally time for humanity to move beyond these forms of control in  order to finally become a Type 1 Civilization.

What is your discernment telling you?

UPDATE February 6, 2022

Here is the latest video from Skye stating that she will no longer be talking about MedBeds unless something major arises, adding, “and for the reason for that is I have to get on with my life. Until something else happens, there’s no other information to give. I’ve given it all. So, I’m just on repeat, day in, day out, and my family suffered because we pretty much put our life on hold to make sure everybody has the information they need to move forward when the funds are released.”

I’m wondering, “What funds might these be….  the fictitious NESARA/GESARA?”

I find it kind of funny that she was given this information by the “Galactic Federation” but they can’t assist her in building these beds or provide them for her.

The announcement of medbeds came curiously after Skye created a GoFundMe page for her homelessness that raised over $14,000. She gained lover 17,000 followers on Telegram who she can now sell her life coaching sessions to. Perhaps talking about Medbeds was simply a ploy to raise money to survive? If so, then it wasn’t right to mislead people but on the humanity side, can anyone really blame her?

I’d be willing to bet the “Galactic Federation” doesn’t use money….

Sending you all infinite LOVE and Light!


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Gregg Prescott, M.S.Gregg Prescott, M.S. is the founder and editor of In5D and Zentasia.  He co-owns In5D Club with his beautiful wife, Ali. You can find every episode of “The BIGGER Picture with Gregg Prescott” on Bitchute while all of his In5D Radio shows are on the In5D Youtube channel. He is a visionary, author, a transformational speaker, and promotes spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric conferences in the United States through In5dEvents.  Please like and follow In5D on Gab,  In5D TelegramIn5D Bitchute, Instagram, TikTok, Rumble, Twitter, and  In5D on Facebook!/

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There Are 27 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Joana says:

    I would love to be a part of the Med Beds.Please contact me.Thank you

  2. Mary-Lee Scott says:

    I have been reading about Med Beds for several months now and loved both videos. My excitement for the Med Beds is not for me but for all those who desperately need them. I’ve been spreading the word to my friends and family about this suppressed technology that is about to be revealed but I can tell they don’t believe me.
    I am one of the fortunate ones who has been blessed with good health all my life. However, my husband and many of my friends need the Med Beds to live a more peaceful and enjoyable life. I, personally, want to be involved with working with the Med Beds or Healing Centers. I am a retired RN working as a caregiver now but this technology is calling me to be involved. Please contact me.

  3. Julie Huff says:

    I’m right there with you. I would happily volunteer. Years ago I was diagnosed with a pheochromocytoma. For 8 months prior to surgery So they gave me a lot of different drugs to put the tumor in stasis, so they could eradicate it. I believe this is where my health issues began and started spiraling. Please feel free to contact me.

  4. BrightIdea says:

    On the Quantum Shift show of November 9th (at 73:00 minutes) Sam Mugzzi states “there are a lot of clinics and hospitals that are empty right now, and the med beds are being put in place.”

    Kent Dunn then says it will be “after the spring solstice of 2022, which is May 21st”

    I think he possibly means the the Vernal Equinox on March 21st, or the Spring Equinox on March 20th, or the Summer Solstice on June 21st. He’s a bit confused with his dates.

    In any case, it appears the wait may be a bit longer.

    Listen to the November 9th show (.MP3 audio) here:

    Note: I take everything Kent Dunn says with a grain of salt, as he stated the following on the Gary Larrabee show back on December 29, 2016 – “February of 2017. This is when the spaceships are gonna start coming out of Antarctica. This is when the Healing Ships are gonna be coming. They’re
    gonna take the most sick first, and they’re gonna heal them. They can scan you within 3 minutes, and they can have you healed within 8 minutes. Completely healed, sent back to the age that you wanna be. This is due to happen in February of 2017. Y’all get ready.”

  5. BrightIdea says:

    She’s having doubts already about the timeline and backpedaling. She might have misunderstood the communication from the Alliance. Might take longer if the rollout in January is for staff to be trained, not for actual patients.
    Skye’s latest video:

  6. Sam says:

    The idea that Med Beds exist is highly resonant. The idea that someone will be able to manifest Med Beds on this planet in December capable complete restoration of the body is not. The idea of being taken up on a ship and given a genuine Med Bed treatment is my wish.

  7. Diane Ferguson says:

    Imagine a world where there is no more sickness where the food is nutritious and the water is pure where everyone has enough to eat,where our children are no longer abused and hurt,no reason to go to war becouse we all love and respect each other. Dont know about you but thats a world that i want to live in. Love and light to you all may you all live a happy healthy life.

  8. Anne Aletrari says:

    I have had breast cancer and had part of my breast removed, I also have a pituitary gland tumour in my brain, I am 65 years old and wish to use a med bed so I can live long enough to see my Grand Children grow up. My youngest Grand daughter aged 11 has severe allergies and scratches her skin until she bleeds, we have tried everything and nothing works, she was okay prior to getting her baby Jabs and since then she has been getting worse.
    God Bless.

  9. Anne Aletrari says:

    My 45 44 year old daughter has Myotonia Congenita a very rare genetic disorder, there is no cure for this, it makes her muscles spasm and joints ache she is in constant pain, she was told that she will get worse as she gets older… She also has rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and skin tissue disease…. she is a mother of 2 young children and please if she can be on your list would gratly appreciate it. God Bless.

  10. Karl D. Lee says:

    I am an ex-Marine with stage 4 lung cancer. By drinking “John Ellis” water, I hope to live long enough to get to a Celestial Chamber. Any help in getting to one (such as sign up details near Rogers, MN for this upcoming release in December) will be greatly appreciated!

  11. Lori says:

    I have been struggling with severe daily migraines for 40 years; it’s now compounded with fibromyalgia, anxiety and acute heartburn. Things were done to me for 44 years of my life and have been working on my own healing for the past 10 year since leaving behind those circumstances. I also have Aspergers, and while I choose to embrace it as a gift rather than a hindrance or disorder, being able to finally live life without pain, without trauma and the reliving of trauma every time I have a painful episode from the things listed above is all I’ve been praying for, the key pray focusing on having permanent teeth again, if only to finally close the door (once and for all) on one of the most painful abuse experiences I’ve lived through. Not having teeth is a constant reminder of abuse I have worked (and still do work) on healing. I don’t know if there’s a list I can sign up for, but pray and request that using the medbeds will be granted to me. I love helping others but understand, the best way to heal others and live life fully is be healed and to be living life to my fullest, so it comes full circles with countless blessings for all. Please add my name to a list if there is one(?) or email me… I am looking forward to good news. Thank you for this blessing. We need to heal and this is a great way to get us all there. God bless

  12. Janna Brown says:

    I would love to use these beds! I have lots of things that need to be fix! After you do the Vets and people that need help right away! I can’t wait for this to happen! Thank God❤️

  13. Lisa Bartlett says:

    I am a type 1 diabetic. They claim there is no cure. I have hope with the med beds.

  14. Piqui the Gouldian perfection says:

    How about elderly or injured animals? I would actually go to the first visit with my bird and he will have the priority. I’ve kept saying I need a med bed for him. I also want to heal animals, with their permission of course, this little one changed me.

  15. Lisa Ward says:

    I would love to be a part of this. Please contact me. Helping humanity ❤

  16. S says:

    If the source is the galactic federation of light then this is total BS, Galactic federation of light is a Total psyop.

    • Dorothy Buchanan says:

      You shouldn’t be so negative. Do you have proof of your statement or is that just your opinion? If it’s the latter, I truly wish all you negative people would do research, for there has been extensive research and hands-on in reference to the medbeds.

      • Lori says:

        those who spout off opinions that are typically fear-based as facts, don’t do the foot work (research) because most have become complacent and prefer others do the work for them. I dare say too, narcissism and apathy tends to run rampant in those type minds. Not saying this is the case with “S” but I have noticed from others with toxic negative energy that the more we respond to them, the less we get through; some people must learn the hard way, must experience the pain of life for themselves, reaching their precipices before they dare attempt to move out of their comfort zones to make new changes by trying something new.

        God bless you Dorothy. I agree completely

  17. I have been waiting for many years for the opportunity to be able to have access to the medbeds! I have inoperable conditions that only the medbed would be able to deal with. Please send me information as to how to get in line to have access to the medbed technology. What a Blessing to humanity!

  18. Tina Cohen says:

    I am in healthcare and would like information on working with healing mentally, emotionally and physically using med beds. Do you have a contact where I might get more information.

  19. Daniel W Yuhasz says:

    Covered by insurance? how available is this really, I live in central Wisconsin.

  20. Jose jesus says:

    Excelente mensaje y con mucha esperanza para muchas personas que se sienten necesitadas.
    Es algo muy importante para toda la humanidad, gracias a los seres de luz, Nuestros Hermanos, quienes nos han estado ayudando y siguen a nuestro lado.

  21. Leann Carlson says:

    Can anyone tell me how to sign up for the medbeds or where I can go once they are made public? Can I volunteer to be a beta tester subject to show people they are real and safe to use?

  22. Monica Lopez says:

    We are co creators and whatever we pay attention we create, I been praying for Med Beds and this is exiting, I been talking about Med Beds with my family so we can attract them collectively, every human and animal on this planet needs healing, thank you!

  23. Udo says:

    You speak of the principle of need, this is not a divine principle, because God has no need, God has no requirement.
    So don’t let beings lead you on a wrong track. There is also no Galactic Federation these are fairy tales from the dark side.
    One wants to seduce the people and tells about regeneration chambers or med-beds and other high technologies to lead the people allegedly into the freedom what ends however in the total enslavement!

    • Anonymous says:

      Now this sounds more realistic.

    • Kim Millard says:

      I would love to be a part of the Med Beds
      I am 61 and suffer from asthma and my knees hurt so bad I can only walk up and down one stair at a time. I have been waiting for the Med Bed to come. Now how do you get to get in one ? Are they going to cost lots of money to do ?
      Thank you for all the information

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