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Merging The Dream Into Reality

By on October 10, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening

by Gabriel F. Duran,
Contributing Writer,

The level of consciousness that we have achieved has surpassed many of our Steller families’ expectations. The process of integration has been successful in untold ways. So, now we begin another process of “experience” through this newly expanded awareness. This expansion of consciousness brings together aspects of our reality that we have traditionally kept segregated.

As typically we have been taught to dismiss our sojourns at night, as merely recuperative periods of rest for the mind and the body and, as a result of this mind-set, or view. We “tune-out” our conscious aspects of self that we utilize throughout the day. Thus, we “go to sleep”.


However, this has changed, rather significantly now for those that are desirous of achieving a meld with the Higher Self and the many other aspects of our own multidimensional Self. The ability to “bring down the walls” of conscious segregation that typically take place as we sleep, has been enabled, greatly.

In other words, we are better able to “tune into” these other aspects of conscious awareness, with our “normal” daily consciousness, presuming we have truly worked out the false fears that we have as these levels of awareness are very creative and manifest extremely quickly. When compared to our creations when we are “awake” throughout the day, these creations that we manifest throughout the day, take much longer to transpire or manifest in physicality. Whereas, when we are active at night, we ALL greatly “loosen” the typical constraints of the “mass consensus” reality.

When we interact at this level, our beliefs manifest very quickly and we are not “restricted” by the consensus reality. So, we create various possible excursions of experience in various “parallel” realities, at this level of awareness, and the “you” that “wakes up” in the morning. Experiences you own, created, and chosen expression of possible realities to experience; for that day. This is why many individuals will “restrict” their own selves from being “conscious” of these actions that we each, individually, accomplish at night.

If one has not gotten past the illusions of fear, then it would be pointless to allow them to tune into these constructs as this would create more psychological damage than good. The consciousness that is not ready for this may fracture or come to fear itself. For at these levels of consciousness, we truly loosen all constraints, allowing us to create great scenarios.

And, believe it or not, these various “scenarios” do carry on their own version of expression. There are versions of each of us that are going through entirely different scenarios of creational circumstances. It is merely our own individuated consciousness at this level of dimension, that we perceive as us, that only experiences our own singular “linear” version of expression.

Every time, we have each had a choice in life to either go left or right. What most never realize is that from the Soul’s perspective, we did/do both. We never constricted our choices. Instead, we brought about experience of ALL choices that were/are ours. All versions of choice/possibility, play out, though we each individually perceive, but “our” own singular version.


This is why we are being shown, now.,, that we may “change” to a version of “parallel” reality, that is more to our “liking”. We are already in expression in all of these parallel realties, so the “key” is learning how to navigate to the ones we truly want to experience/express.

Perhaps we would have preferred the version where we did proceed down the path of being a musician, rather than an accountant, just as a hypothetical example, though we can’t deviate that drastically, yet. Beginning to use our conscious creations to harness this inherent trait of ours, must begin. As with anything else, we must begin to use these inherent abilities, naturally, for in creation, it has always been; “use it or loose it”.

Thus, it is at the Soul level that these creations occur. For the Soul has access to all of our parallel realities, here and now. And the more we can involve our daily conscious awareness in the process, in tandem with the Soul. The more our realities will conform to our desired forms of expression, easily and with much less “time” between conception and manifestation. Working consciously in conjunction and in harmony with/through our own Soul.

Our own Stellar and Cosmic families have made us aware that, when they were at our level of consciousness expansion, was when they “merged” the “separate” realities, of the “dream state” and the “waking state”. They ALL realized that the “dream state” was truer to the “real” nature of reality, than the “waking state”.

It is like we have it in reverse, until we achieve a certain level of awareness/consciousness. When we “wake up” and start the day, we have entered the “deepest” and densest level of reality. Thus, this “illusory” state of density, is not our inherent state of being, though it functions great for schooling “volatile” levels of consciousness. Teaching these how their thoughts manifest all of their experience, thus showing them, they are truly creators, at all times.

From the air we breathe, to the weather we experience, it is our thoughts that bring these about. Even, before, mother nature, for “mother nature” knows we are in a school so she only intervenes, when she has to, though many would find this difficult to recognize. We create the tornados, hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, fires and so forth.

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Conscious “mass consensus” or “mass consciousness” level agreements are made at the level we perceive of, as sleep. We each either agree to “partake” in, or find “alternate” paths of experience, when the “mass consensus” decides upon an event that brings forth great change. And so, ALL disasters are experienced by those that are willing to go through the expression of change that occurs, by experiencing such an event. None should judge anyone concerning their individual choices expressed, to either partake of such an event, or not.

These highly creative levels of awareness are now more available to be experienced by those that are beyond the illusions of fear and for those that are desirous of expanding into our chosen roles as cocreators. For now, we may open ourselves to an even grander expression of partaking in creating the creation. We have been given more control over our reality, than we have had for quite a while. I believe, not since the days of Atlantis? On a “mass consciousness” and individual level, we have loosened the constraints, we have held.

Though these attributes I speak of have been around, always, very few attain a level of awareness about these, or begin to foray into these aspects of self. So, I am merely pointing out that there are those that are ready for this expansion as many have done much “inner” work, towards clearing their own inner self, which allows one to gain access to these levels of conscious awareness.

We may now blur the lines of segregation that typically occurred between our awareness throughout the day, and our awareness throughout the night. Though most of us still require sleep, we may instill more lucidity in these states, now, more easily, which allows us to, consciously, utilize these highly creative states to viscerally create and achieve our chosen manifestations of versions of parallel reality experiences more easily. That will also manifest more quickly.

Let us instill faith and grace to this process. Knowing that we have been given greater expansive creative abilities, choosing to express these “newly” “re-membered” gifts through wisdom, instilling compassion and love Divine in all of our creations and knowing that we have passed the point of needing our “training wheels”.

And know that loving “eyes” are always upon us to assist us and instill confidence and strength in us concerning this process, from our Guides to our various Cosmic and Stellar families to the Ascended and Angelic Hosts. We are given much support knowing that we have taken a significant step forward in our creative abilities.

Remember, life is but a dream and when we merge that dream with our daily reality, we have accomplished much as we have begun to utilize our ascended attributes, once more, learning/remembering our Higher Gifts and harnessing these, as our own, innate attributes that they are.

Let us merge our “outer”, daily reality with our “inner” dream, nightly reality, for this is the step that greatly changes our realities, as a whole and individually as we each come into our own, so to speak. With our “true” ascended creative abilities and attributes, we completely drop the “need” for many “institutions” that are currently outdated and are truly “hindering”, progress.

As the hierarchies give way… Once and for All.

Making true… Once and for All.

The statement… Power to the People! Once and for All!

For the All is the One. And the One is the All.

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran &

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