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Michael Eagle – A New Culture In Education

By on October 3, 2018 in Awareness
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This information isn’t just for our children. It’s practical advice for ANYONE who is seeking their true, divine, life path.


Michael Eagle is a new voice in the current revolution in education. Having taught for nearly 20 years in US public schools and academia including the University of Texas, New York University, and Stony Brook University, Michael has left what he describes as the “exhausted” traditional system to design and develop innovative educational products that combine accessible technology with a new approach to personal interaction for all ages.


He believes that by allowing and guiding people to discover their true passion, they will naturally learn through experience and creation and find a meaningful purpose that serves themselves and the world.

“I believe the single greatest issue in the world the today is a fundamentally flawed system of education. Our daily news feeds are filled with absolute madness, and I feel much of this is rooted in not what, but how we are educating ourselves. ”

For speaking engagements, consultation, education, music and more:

UCLA, June 2018: Though loved and cited in this presentation, this was NOT a TED event:)

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