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Moving Beyond Outdated Beliefs

By on December 30, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening

Moving Beyond Outdated Beliefs

by Adeana M. Slater,
Contributing writer,

I will tell you that in my last article to you, I was not aiming at or intending to bash religion specifically. I also know and have witnessed the beauty of togetherness and the desire to help others and perhaps those less deserving. I also believe that the power of prayer and intention is effective when it is in alignment with the individual’s/or group’s pathway or specific outcome. Prayer is much like positive energy that you send out into the Universe. It does and will make a difference in someone’s outcome or experience. It is not negated at all. It is encouraged and perhaps ALL organizations, religions, and communities have this capability to unselfishly serve others.

But do they?

That’s where you will see the most difference made and few of them have “advertised” this agenda and their actions may be a loud message stating otherwise.

Your eyebrows should raise when you are fighting for a similar cause, desiring the same outcomes, and proclaiming to be of the same force or entity of Light that is of the same God in the highest. Yet, does it even feel odd to you that you are placed in competition or opposition to one another? You are all seeming to worship the same deities and form the same conclusions about history that has been “written and foretold.”

Does it even raise questions that you are all just fighting amongst each other to be more right than the other? What or how can you best serve your community or those around you if you are so busy within yourself to be more right or better than another being or group of individuals who are most likely struggling in life, similarly to you?

I’ve chosen to use religion as an example but these divisions are purposely in your face for you to fight amongst one another rather than see the common place or energy that you can firmly stand on and will build from as a collective. I’ve talked about this before and it warrants bringing up again. Because these purposeful divisions are every where you turn with: politics, religion, sports, medicine, technology, society, education, business, and the list is endless. Why?? Because you are ALL too busy fighting amongst one another and proving yourselves to be more right than those you are in “competition with,” that you tend to fail to SEE the value or Truth that you hold within yourself.

It is a magnificent distraction to you. Is it not?!? It shouldn’t take a Rocket Scientist to see beyond this falsehood. You can be what you deem as this “average Joe or Mary.” What do you know and what can you possibly do about it?? And guess what, it doesn’t matter what you do or how you live. Your belongings don’t matter. What you make in annual income doesn’t matter. Assets don’t matter. Is it amazing to you that looks don’t matter either? OR how you dress or how much you weigh…all of these values are meaningless in the New Earth.

What matters most is in your heart. You are of Pure Love and Light that no one can dim or take away from you. You carry your own bright torch and you carry it proudly, as you should. Please continue to do so. Where we are headed in energy as a collective and as a whole, is the emphasis in soul healing, heart beauty, and growth. We are moving away from the superficial ideations of needing to look a certain way or to be of fashion. And Yes, you do matter very much “as a matter of fact.” 😉

Go ahead and spend your money to impress others with outward factors, but if you are a “hot mess” within and not internally healed from your past pains or lifetimes, it will no longer matter what you do on the outside to cover this up. It will be transparent. The difference will be if you are soul healed within yourself and if you have chosen this pathway for yourself, no one else who is not soul healed will be satisfactory or emotionally fulfilling to you.

Again, this may seem harsh but we are being pushed into this energy of Like VS Like attraction. This is not to rehash old belief systems or ways of interacting. The difference is this energy doesn’t allow you to retract your energy or decision once it’s been made to move forward. We can’t go backwards once we choose to heal ourselves and move onward. Hence, we may move from those souls dear to our hearts as we evolve and they don’t choose to, it’s their choice and there is no fault in that.

But you chose to move away from them in energy and beliefs. You no longer resonated with them, and this is not wrong. This also does not mean you failed in anything particular. But maybe you can agree to disagree after all. It’s no longer an attraction to you… They aren’t. The job isn’t. The location isn’t. That behavior isn’t. That expectation Isn’t… do you see?? You have since moved forward from all of these old energy beliefs as they are healed, transmuted, and released as you go.

Good for YOU!! You are stepping into your own power now. Rightly so and perhaps overdue.

Watch out!! You have the ability to move any and all obstacles in your way!!

And guess what?? This is nothing new to you but as you relearn all of these gifts that are your birthright, we know you will make monumental shifts both within and outside of yourself.  These mountains of change WILL move and shift. They cannot stand still when you have demanded this shift and movement forward. So they will either move with your evolution or crumble before your eyes. The difference is what is best for you or not. What’s best for the Collective or not.

All options are weighed heavily and those deciding to serve the highest good of ALL will move forward by personal choice. As for the illusions? They will fall effortlessly and most definitely without warning. It is a “tower moment” for most and for sure. The old must crumble and the new emerges out of no where.

Imagine that. 😍

Love to you ALL. ❤️


About the AuthorAdeana M. Slater is an Empathic Lightworker who enjoys writing Spiritual and Inspirational messages to encourage the Collective towards Self-Love, Soul-Empowerment, and Higher Consciousness.

Image: Pixabay

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