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Multidimensional Time And The Solar Flash

By on March 9, 2020 in Science with 0 Comments

Multidimensional Time And The Solar Flash

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by Sean Akers,
Contributing Writer,

Multidimensional Time And The Solar Flash

Most of the leaders in the Elevated Consciousness, UFOlogy, Fifth Dimension, Secret Space Program, Spiritual, Channeling, Hypnosis, Occultic communities (did I leave one out? Sorry about that. It’s not intentional) have touched upon the topic of a grand event dubbed the “Flash.” More specifically, a grand Solar Flash. It is said that the Flash will be a grand energetic release of energy by the Sun. When it reaches Earth, those that are of a higher vibratory state will ascend to the next, higher dimension. Those that are of a low vibratory state will either bite the dust, or are moved to some other world for continued personal evolution. So what happens after the Flash? That’s supposed to be the next dimensional experience of manifesting your thoughts in real time, or moving into Space as the next Frontier after ridding ourselves of the Draconian overlords who have enslaved humanity in a false reality matrix. Let’s think about that event and walk it back some with regards to the Flash. The Flash will be the point of impact of the Sun’s energy and your physical body.


You’ll witness this to some degree from your perspective. You’ll become one with the Flash, and you’ll merge with it. What happens afterwards is what is bunching the panties of the spiritual/ufo/secret space program/channeling/regression/hypnosis/new age communities. I don’t think there’s a consensus on what might happen afterwards. But what if this isn’t really what’s going on? What if the Solar Flash is what people imagine or think is going to happen based on present-day knowledge, but it’s actually another phenomenon altogether. Confusing? Let’s use an analogy.

Let’s say you’re a caveman and you see some guy, who doesn’t look like you or members of your tribe in any way, walk up to you and hold out a smart phone with a video playing a clip of a fireplace. You, being the caveman who is not up to speed with tech, would say this Mr. Future Stranger is literally holding fire in his hand and that it’s magic. That’s what you are seeing, based on your perspective as essentially an ape as compared to Mr. Future Stranger. Now, Mr. Future Stranger, who is in the know, would say, “No no no, this is a SMART PHONE. It’s made with microchips, has an OLED display, and runs apps. I can talk to anyone in the world. I can video conference anyone in the world. I can send text messages to anyone in the world. The chips are made from silicon. Silicon is highly refined, purified sand. You know, sand. The stuff that keeps in getting into your craw?”

You would sit back and look at Mr. Future Stranger, and say in so many grunts, “ooooh ooooh, eeeee eeeee, GTFO of here. You’re full of it. Ooooo eeeeeee!”

And that’s what I think is happening with the community who are obsessed with a Solar Flash. Samvartaca Fire. Whatever it is you want to use to describe the Flash that is going to come from the Sun. I get that people are obsessed with the moving onto the next dimensional experience. I would love to be witness to it. I think I will be witness to it, but I don’t think it’s going to be catalyzed by some Solar Event. Why? Because it’s already been recorded in History as to what happens when the Sun discharges a massive amount of energy and it impacts the Earth. Think Carrington Event. Think Carrington Event, but times 1000. Like, fry you to death in a painful and agonizing experience. It’s not going to be some nice, warm milk and honey bath if all of a sudden we’re being bathed in a colossal wave of ionizing photonic radiation. It’s going to be like going through a nuclear explosion in slow motion. It ain’t going to be pretty folks. Stop romanticizing a scenario in which you think Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Allah, or whatever deity you might look up to, or no deity, maybe it’s Aliens, it doesn’t matter, stop romanticizing the scenario that a Solar Flash is going to be sublime. It’s not. It would be hell on Earth. Not just for the people that are less than or equal to 50% good (as David Wilcock mentions very often in his lectures), but hell on Earth for everyone, and every living thing.

“So what’s it going to be then, Sean?”

Have you ever heard of having a “Flash” of insight? Of course you have. You’ve experienced it at one point in time I’m certain. You have this moment where something you’ve been trying to figure out for the longest time suddenly becomes understood in the blink of an eye. Often times, that Flash occurs when you’re not even working to understand the problem or discover a solution, but it occurs during an unrelated activity. It’s like a combination of all the right factors, and then the picture just suddenly comes together, and you SEE the answer in your mind. It’s a humbling experience. It can be a jaw dropping experience. That is what I’m talking about. The “Flash,” the “Big Flash,” will be the moment of realization of The Truth, but on a much larger and more grand scale. The Flash is something that will happen, in my opinion, to a collective of individuals. A VERY large collective of individuals. Some of those will likely be members of our and other communities online. Like the Q community. The Q-anon movement is an EPIC happening right now because what it essentially has done is to generate a massive amount of motivation to dig and uncover how the present reality is being controlled and governed. The anons that are doing the deep research and generating memes help to awaken others in their proximity, both in physical proximity and online. As such, there is an exponentially growing collective of people who have unplugged from the narrative of the mainstream networks and don’t follow the herd. They, you, see the false matrix being perpetrated upon the masses. They, you, see the literal evil that is before our very eyes, and they, you, know there is an actual war transpiring for total, full spectrum dominance and control of the reality domain that we all know and of which we are part.


One meme at a time, one life experience at a time, one insight at a time, and slowly it’s all coming together. Pieces of a puzzle assemble to illustrate an entirely different picture than what people think is really going on. And when we see that picture for that moment, when we have that great Flash, that’s when we have moved beyond “Boot Camp” and proceed onto the next level, the next phase, the next Chapter. People often in our communities liken Earth to a training ground of sorts. Like it’s some sort of cosmic school. Maybe they’re right, but we won’t know for certain until we move beyond the Flash. We must breach beyond that experience, together. That one experience that a massive number of us are going to share together because we will all see the Plan for what it is. We’re not going to know what that Plan really is or what it means just yet. But we will when we have that Flash moment.

When we do have that Flash moment, what is it, at its most basic essence? A Flash of insight is when you see in your mind’s eye, the answer that you have been seeking. It’s a static image, basically. It’s like seeing the image of the fully assembled puzzle. A Flash of insight is very much like a puzzle. Each puzzle piece, seemingly unrelated to another, eventually helps to illustrate the bigger picture. It’s not until it all comes together that we finally have a realization of the final Plan. Often though, as we approach the completion of the puzzle, as we are near to emerge from the Labyrinth, we start to see the Image for what it’s truly going to be. We can’t tell exactly what it’s going to be, but we can conclude accurately, which elevates anticipation of reaching the Moment.

So that Moment, that crystallized Moment in time that is a moment of insight. There was once a Moment that was apparent once before, a long, long time ago. It is my hypothesis that we, all, and I mean the entirety of the Universe, Multiverse, Multireality at large, we all were once beholden to a most marvelous Moment. It was a Flash of insight that was an amazing thing to see. And then it started to unravel. Now why would it unravel? Because everything that we know about reality proves that everything happens in CYCLES. Reality as we know it is not some infinite loop. There are cycles of Construction, and Deconstruction. Assembly, Disassembly. Growth, Withering. You get the picture.

At that one epic Moment, we all had a static vision. At some point, that static Moment went from an unmoving reckoning to a scene that dynamically began to move, shift, and change. From that point up until the near present time, things seem to have become more and more erratic. More chaotic. Reality can be a cold glass of water thrown into your face sometimes. Abrupt, shocking, and painful. The image of that one Universal Epic Flash, Moment in time, like a puzzle all put together suddenly started to move in a way that a tesseract would move. It used to be a square, and then suddenly it became multidimensional. We were part of that static puzzle, and then the Moment starts to shift like a dynamic tesseract. We’re all part of that tesseract and we felt ourselves becoming out of touch with each other. We felt disconnected. We felt at odds with each other. We were no longer one with each other. The puzzle image had broken apart. But a tesseract doesn’t just spin in chaotic ways until the end of time. Much like a Rubik’s Cube reaches a state of perfection with solid colors on each side, eventually the tesseract will come back together into a single square. And in that square, there will be a single image.

The question is, what is the image going to be? What will it show us?

The Universe thrives on novelty, so it cannot be a repeat of things past. Things can rhyme, but I strongly doubt we’re in an infinite mobius strip of repeating reality. We are progressing in a Never-ending story.


Now think about the tesseract. It looks like a mess, doesn’t it? At one point, there it was, a nice square, and then multiple dimensions emerged, and it became the tesseract. The tesseract is multidimensional. It exceeds the three dimensions of space as we know it.

There are higher dimensions of space that we cannot see. Ask a regular person on the street if there are more spatial dimensions than length, width and height, and they would say, “No.” Ask any physicist who’s balls deep into quantum mechanics, and they’ll tell you flat out that there are more than three spatial dimensions. So, if it’s possible for space to have more than three dimensions, let’s think about time.

Time is an emergent property that came into existence after the Big Bang. Prior the Big Bang, time didn’t exist, and this is the reason why we cannot hypothesize with any degree of certainty what happened before the Big Bang. I mean, we can guess about what happened, if anything, before the Big Bang, but it’s entirely speculative. How is it that we define time? Time is relative. Meaning, perception of time is dependent upon the point of view of the observer. Presently, we define time as the number oscillations of super cooled cesium atoms within a lattice of laser beams. We use this to define a second. Now, this measurement of vibrating atoms is only relative to us if we use the experience of a person on a rotating Earth that is travelling around our Sun every approximate 365 days. This level of precision to define a second allows scientists to retroactively predict events to within one second of accuracy after the Big Bang. That’s amazing. Using this method, we have a linear dimension of time. A dimension of time that is only relative to a person on Earth. We use this singular dimension of time and apply it to all living creatures on Earth.

I think though that this singular, linear dimension of time is only part of the picture. I have recently had my own personal insights about time, and how time with only one dimension is like thinking there is only one dimension of space. We know there are in fact three dimensions of space. Why is it that we have not been able to conceive of more than one dimension of time? Why haven’t we evolved beyond this way of looking at time? Why hasn’t our thinking evolved to describe time in three dimensions? This would be the next evolutionary step in how we can control reality by harnessing time as a multidimensional force that it is to accomplish much more. To essentially, travel through time faster than one normally could. How do we move beyond this linear way of thinking, and move into multidimensional ways of thinking about time? Let’s start first with the present day thinking about time and build upwards.

Time is a unique aspect to the self-aware being. It only exists experimentally by virtue of being an entity that has senses through with we can detect changes in fluctuations of different energetic states. The experience of one dimensional time as it relates to you, or me, is that we are born, we grow and mature to our apex point as a human, and then we slowly degenerate in bodily integrity until we expire and die. In this experience of time, we play a role in our shared experience. This is our life journey, or destiny, to travel a pathway that eventually will come to a halt. It’s like a singular line of time. It’s you. It’s you playing your role that you were meant to play from your perspective. That is a dimension of time. Periodically we might deviate from this singular pathway into other temporary roles, but generally speaking we don’t veer off the path that much. In fact, we routinely return to the role that we are meant to play out in time. It wavers and oscillates, but it’s not a large deviation. It doesn’t transcend the dimension of time that you were born into.

adding another dimension

another dimension

So, what would adding another dimension of time look like? Let’s say that the X-axis of time, a singular pathway of time, is that with which you are familiar. You play a role in that dimension of time. Let’s pretend that in this unidimension of time that you play the role of a police officer. If we added another dimension of time, say a Z-axis, it would still be you. You would be you, but you would be in another role in another parallel universe. Let’s say that right next to your role as a police officer, there is a version of you in parallel that is you but plays the role of President of the United States of America (POTUS). Pretty amazing huh? In this parallel, unseen, unexperienced, unnoticed Universe, you are also the POTUS. You are side by side with your mirror self on your life journey, but you don’t interact with each other. This is an example of where people a decision in this Universe, and the result is that the act of the decision splits the Universe. The choice that you did not make is made in the other parallel Universe. This would be an example of a Multiverse, Multiple Universes, theory. If you could see two dimensions of time you would see that you, as your own unique person, is actually a wave of being and existence, as compared to a line of being and existence moving through three dimensions of space. Would it be possible for you to jump from one timeline to another? I think that might be possible, but it would be extremely difficult to pull off.

life routine

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a life routine? Have you ever contemplated picking up a new hobby, or ever thought about changing careers? It’s really hard to do, isn’t it? It takes a massive amount of energy to make a permanent transition to another role, another experience of life because you are so firmly entrenched in your present life path. Most people are not able to do this, but I would say that it’s possible, if there is enough will and energy to do so. I would say those that are able to do this are more the exception or outlier to the norm.

Usually you do not think of yourself in playing other roles aside from what you might engage in as a hobby or a side job. People are very much disorganized, discordant, asynchronous versions of potential. You are generally only aware of your own existence, in this one pathway of time, in which there is only one arrow of time, pointed in one direction. If you can step outside of time and space altogether, you would be able to see that you could play many, nay, nearly all infinite roles of being. You could be a plumber, you could play a banker, you could play a barista at Starbucks, you could be chef, you could be a homeless person living under a bridge, you could be a soldier. There are many options in which you could play a role, but for the most part, you get one role to play in this life a majority of the time. So how do we reconcile that while we only get one dimension of time in which to play a role, that we have access to another dimensions of time to play other roles at the same time? We do this by utilizing the synchronization of thought.


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Let’s use an analogy of a computer chip. Let’s say that you, as a single person, are a single transistor on a computer chip. You can process information in a linear fashion, much like your life. It might take a very large number of cycles in order to process a set of instructions. Let’s say that in recognizing this, and stepping outside of the “chip” construct, we decide that more information could be processed if we utilized another version of ourselves to process the same set instructions at the same time, in parallel. So instead of a single transistor on the computer chip, we decide to build a computer chip with 1,000 transistors. Wow, now we’re getting somewhere. That computer chip could process the set of instructions in less overall cycles because we have 1,000 transistors, or you playing 1,000 roles, at the same time. It only works because each transistor, or version of you, have a unified purpose and goal in mind. You are a unified construct, processing the information together in parallel time together. Rather than being discordant and out of sync, you are a team with each version of yourself. This is because each version of you is on board with each version of yourself to achieve a common goal. Which in this analogy, is to process instructions.

Let me back up a little bit to further clarify and add a foundation of reality to this mind-experience of multidimensional time. There isn’t going to be literal, multiple copies of yourself that you’ll see in reality. That doesn’t happen. What does happen though is that there are copies of you as other human beings that share your reality. So when multiple versions of you work together towards a common goal, then miraculous events can transpire much faster than previously thought. By synchronizing the multidimensional aspect of time and implementing it into reality via a mechanism that works, great things can be achieved. You can fast forward time. When a set of instructions is processed, new Flashes can occur that didn’t previously exist in our reality. We take advantage of the multidimensional aspect of time by harnessing the power of thought and the imagination. Thought and imagination transcend all dimensions of space and time. They’re ethereal, and are the fabric of our reality, just waiting to be harnessed and catalyzed. We have limitless potential because, at the end of the day, there are limitless ideas.

We can harness the multidimensional aspect of time by synchronizing a plurality of roles into a unified, focused mechanism. Again, when we do this, we evolve from a one dimensional line of thinking, consciousness, power, kinetic action that has actual impact in our experiential existence to a two dimensional WAVE of thinking, consciousness, power, kinetic action that now has an exponential impact in our experiential existence. For a moment, let’s take this illustration of concordant time and apply this to the tesseract. The tesseract’s multiple dimensions, in their state of complete disorder and chaos, or at least at surface level, is analogous to our shared perspectives. Your own perspective is like a dimension of the tesseract. Most of our perspectives, World Wide, are discordant with each other. Very dissonant with each other. If we were to take all of these perspectives as a dimension of the tesseract, the tesseract would look like a damn porcupine, pointers just sticking out all over the place. The world as we know it, when looking at it right now in the year 2020, seems completely upside down as compared to just thirty years ago, and everything feels WRONG. However, there is something that’s happening that should give you comfort. There is a harmonization that is occurring. People of a certain mind set are recognizing the patterns of inversions and perverted reality, and this AWARENESS, this GREAT AWAKENING to this state of affairs, has become the gravity pulling us together. It is becoming the glue that binds. It is the set of instructions that is helping us to synchronize our actions. It is pulling a multitude of tesseract dimensions together into harmony and there is a growing body of concordant timelines that are coalescing together that is becoming a force with which to be reckoned.

posts and information

Have you ever looked at the posts and information from the Q community? There is a STRONG, SPIRITUAL nature to all of it. There is a spiritual, ethereal war above us right now, and it’s bleeding into our reality. We are part of this war and are affected by it whether you want to participate or not. Whether you believe it or not. It’s REAL. It transcends religions. It’s about Good vs. Evil. Two diametrically opposing forces in a battle for supremacy. Supremacy IS the endgame of EVIL. This much is for certain.

“Holy ***, Sean. Please get back to the third dimension of time!”

Tangent noted, sorry about that, but it’s relative.

So, the third dimension of time. What’s the next step? So far, we have the X-axis of time, which is you and your general role in life. You can deviate some, but most likely you are going to serve in the main role of life that you have arrived at up to this point if you’re pretty much entrenched. You have the Z-axis of time, which is all the possible roles that you could play in the Multiverse of yourself. Technically, you could play pretty much any role you wanted as the person of who you physically are right now. Most likely you’ll never cross over to any other dimension of time because the effort and energy to change your reality and role is too high. The threshold is too much for most people. It happens, but it’s the exception, not the norm. You, as a singular person travelling through the X-axis of time process instructions in the general role that you play. You can process more than one set of instructions in your lifetime. This is represented by the waviness of your pathway in your linear path on the X-axis. You have hobbies, you do other things aside from your main life role, whatever that might be. The amount of power, to catalyze any level of great impact in our shared reality is limited. Just like a computer chip with one transistor is limited in the amount of information it can process. However, when you take advantage of the Z-axis of time, which is human consciousness potential across many roles in this present construct of reality, and infuse a broad swath of roles with a unified goal of information processing and effort, you increase the level of impact that an idea can have EXPONENTIALLY. This unified, harmonious ballet of working together has the potential of becoming a force that demands attention. It can transcend from a single rivulet, to a MOMENTOUS WAVE. A WAVE of Consciousness Transformation. Next is the Y-axis of time.

Let’s take the X-axis of time, and statically place your point of perspective along your life path. We’ve already defined the Z-axis, which is like parallel versions of yourself in differing roles across the Multiverse. The only direction left now is up and down, which is the Y-axis. What could possibly be used to describe a third dimension of time? Let’s introduce the concept of consciousness and/or senses from different types of life forms and matter altogether. Above and below you could represent things you wouldn’t imagine, generally speaking, as have any sense of consciousness at all, but by using technology, you could push upward and downward into different levels of life and matter in order to accomplish this fact. Let’s cover some examples of this. The Internet of Things (IoT) being a great example. Essentially, the IoT places sensors, activators and other actionable hardware/software into a plethora of places previously home to things that had essentially one function. Think of smart refrigerators, smart ovens, Nest temperature control devices, Amazon Echo and other iterations, Google’s version of such devices, drone insects, chipped animals with beacons, smart viruses, smart bacteria, smart food, smart pills, drones in general, satellites, smart walls, smart furniture, motion detection, temperature detectors, energy use detectors, climate gas detectors.


What I’m getting at, is essentially co-opting the non-conscious aspects of what makes up our ordinary architecture and even going so far as piggy backing other animal and insect consciousness and using it to our advantage. We use it to extend our awareness, our ability to sense what happens in the environment where we are not physically, and even perhaps interact with the environment where we are not physically. This is possible to a degree now but will radically change in the next ten to twenty years. It’s not WHETHER that technology is put to Good or Evil purposes, but what’s going to happen in the end that we’re all on edge about. THAT is the electricity in the Zeitgeist.

So, let’s summarize all of this up now in terms of multidimensional time. If we have a coordinated effort of people who work together, we have a wave of influence, right? When we add the Y-axis of time, we now have a WALL of influence and power. If you have a group of X- and Z-axis people working together but now all, say a minority, and they are also leveraging the Y-axis dimension of time, then you can construct a monolith of power and influence. Some might even say that you could construct a pyramid of power. Let’s go one further, let’s say that there is a very small number of people that control this entire mechanism, and that they exert their influence from the top down. Now you have one of the most iconic images of all time, the All-Seeing Eye on top of the Pyramid of the Illuminati. Now how could this small group of people have so much control over others? They do so through their psychopathic/ sociopathic use of fear and violence over others. Simple as that. Most people just want to be safe, right? But most are also willing to do that which is easiest to obtain safety. It’s almost like a built-in default mechanism in nature, the conservation of energy. The psychopaths in power know this Natural Law feature and use it to their advantage. The think they can take control of everything. What they don’t know, or don’t seem to come to grips with is that there is also a built-in survival mechanism in nature that will overthrow an arresting nature in order to preserve life. Life always finds a way. The Universe and Multiverse are inherently built to harbor life. Your reading of this is proof of that.

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quantum healers



So, where does this leave us? Reader, you are in the middle of one of the most EPIC times in History. Like I said earlier, we are in the middle of a REAL war that is of a Spiritual and Physical Nature for the control of existence itself. We are a manifestation of the opposing force to that which is EVIL and degenerate, and the utility of multidimensional time is being leveraged right now to its fullest hilt, on BOTH sides! Now is a helluva time to be alive my fellow brothers and sisters. Both sides are working overtime against each other. Both sides are using three-dimensional time to their fullest advantage in order to win the war for your mind! On the side of Evil, you have the likes of George Soros, Hillary Clinton, the Bush family, Barrack Hussein Obama, the Rothschild family, and many others. They use their influence of domination through charities, monetary control, majority corporate control of commerce and obvious hi-jacking of Main Stream Media and Social Media. Shadow banning is real. The digital equivalent of Book Burning is real. They have foot soldiers on the ground through the use of CAIR, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Ku Klux Klan and others. Some of those groups may look like they belong on opposite sides of the battlefield, but rest assured they’re controlled opposition by the same puppeteer hands. They push forced medications upon the populace because they know that resistance is scant. They propagate perversion and degradation the family unit. They push transgenderism and homosexuality upon children of a most acute impressionable age. Children who have not even reached puberty! There’s nothing wrong with being gay if that’s who you are. It doesn’t affect me or anyone else personally. I do have a BIG PROBLEM though with the outward display of sexuality in public and the obvious grooming of children through television and movie propaganda to become normalized to sexual innuendo. It’s a silent attempt at the normalization of pedophilia. Most people that I have talked and listened to who are gay and are also spiritually awake think what is occurring in the mainstream is abhorrent. They know it’s wrong to sexualize children.


On the other hand, you have Spiritual Communities at large. Most are seeking the next dimensional change of Consciousness in general. You have those groups, you have ET groups, you have the Secret Space Program/Blue Chicken groups (ht CG), you have the Q-anon groups. You have this massive collective of people who are slowly coming together under the same umbrella with a common goal: Freedom and the pursuit of the TRUTH without being harassed. They have the compulsion and conviction to find out what reality is all about and what our DESTINY is! All these things align together whether we know it or not. And eventually they’re going to align, unite and polarize to form the true Resistance against Evil and the defense of what is Good. Defining what is Evil and what is Good is not an exercise in relativity. We KNOW what is Good and what is Evil. It’s visceral and doesn’t require thinking. Anyone that tries to manipulate you into thinking that something you know is Evil is actually Good because it’s their orientation is trying to take advantage of your good will and natural inclination towards Freedom. With Freedom comes the requirement to remain Vigilant to the Protection of Good.

Eventually, these dimensions of the tesseract are going to come folding down. We are going to naturally align with what we think is right, and then there will come a point in which everything folds together. It’s at that point in which THE FLASH is going to occur. THAT’S the point in which we will have this sudden moment of insight collectively, WORLD WIDE. That’s the moment of TRUTH, the changing of the Old Guard for the New Guard. And maybe it will appear to be some sort of Flash that comes from our Sun. Maybe that’s why people talk about the Solar Flash so much. But I think it will be that collective moment of realization that we have this massive Flash of profound insight into the Truth of our Reality, and it will take us over for a brief moment in time.

It is that moment when we as groups have an impact in our reality. Our rivulet of effort becomes a WAVE of Power because there are so many people working together towards the same goal, which is the arrest and containment of the people whose goal is absolute dominance over all mankind, full spectrum. That wave is the actualization of two-dimensional time. Then that wave becomes a TSUNAMI and eventually a WALL of power and force as we capitalize on the very tools built with malicious intent to enslave humanity. That is enacting the power of the third dimension of time. That is where the tesseract is nearly in harmony with itself, and at which point the picture of this grand puzzle will reveal itself to us all. We will all be witness to final image, of the final meaning. There will be no question as to what it is. It will be prima facie; truth upon the first impression, without doubt. NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING. NOTHING.

While the various communities wear many different names and labels, while the causes of our groups differ at their core yet overlap and touch upon the fringes, while the inspiration that compels us to dig DEEPER into the mysteries of our passionate pursuits may appear disparate on the surface, the unifying truth is that once we meet that critical threshold a MOMENTOUS FLASH will shock the very root of consciousness of every man, woman and child. Multidimensional time will collapse. The tesseract’s multiple dimensions, though by its nature in a state of apparent disorganization a majority of the time, will appear collapsed, flat and still. The picture will be clear. The portal of the next dimensional chapter in humanity’s story will be open and we will walk through it to our destiny that awaits, because WHERE WE GO ONE, WE GO ALL!

About the authorSean Akers is a just a dude and an armchair philosopher. He is the author of Thought Experiments for Ascending Spirits – Volume 1, available on Amazon as both an e-book and in softcover format. If you wish to contact him, please send an e-mail to | His written materials and additional shared resources of inspiration can be found at

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