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Navigating Through The Ascension Process

By on November 13, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening

Navigating Through The Ascension Process

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by Adeana M. Slater,
Contributing writer,

It has been brought to your attention more often than not, of this energy increase. Multiple players of this ground-crew game of chess are strategically placed around the globe to even the score. To “even” the score means you are to create complete balance both within and outside of yourself. Who are you playing against? I will honestly tell you it is yourself. I will say it is the lower self you are transitioning from and the higher self that you will become.


The reason why you are strategically placed around the globe is to ensure that all Lightworkers are spread out in the utmost need and demand. It has been talked about before and brought up to jar your memory that ?ENERGY? itself is absolutely everything. It is WHO we are, WHAT we are, and reacts/responds with and to itself to generate more of the same. Any progress you make is energetically sent out as a wave to positivity impact your direct neighbor or those of whom you interact daily with.

So now that you have the gist of what is happening, let me delve into it more in depth. As this chess player, your lower self is playing your higher self, and you decide to make changes based on the moves made not only from the past but you carry with you the memory from these experiences that either served to move you forward or backwards. These are the old wounds you need to heal within yourself.

This healing has also been talked about in other articles but to reiterate Truth, no one is forced to heal. It is a choice in order to move forward in your soul expansion, awareness, and evolution. You choose to move forward or back. All the while, you are learning important lessons and soul growing as you play this game of life. Of chess as the game that is chosen to use as a metaphor.

Most souls in this Ascension process are learning how to best navigate through this experience. They are choosing to shed their ego dominance and listening to their heart and intuitive guidance more and more as time goes on. This is a good thing. And as you choose to heal yourselves and become ONE with your higher selves, you will find that your game of chess has come to a stalemate.

Why? Because you will reach these evolutionary periods where you perfectly align yourself on your soul path and purpose. So there is nothing else to do but to enjoy yourselves and all that life has to offer. The minute you misalign yourself, you will come to instantly know it in your heart. As you will feel like you are battling yourself once again.

No, you are not battling yourself but you will feel like you are. Pretty soon you will recognize this energy within yourself and actively shift this intention with your thoughts and awareness. This is already known within your soul. None of this is new information. But it is again reiterated to jar your memory and to bring you back to your own soul knowing and healing if that’s what you choose to do.


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The hope here is that you do willingly choose to heal yourself from past soul pain, trauma, feelings, emotions, fear, setbacks, or blocks. If your soul chooses to do it without your conscious awareness, know that’s why you have been dealing with hardships and trauma. It is to learn and grow. You can also ask for yourself to be healed within your soul, out loud consciously.

Please ask God or Source energy to cleanse you from old energy, feelings, situations, patterns, cycles, or thought-forms that needs to go. Realize with that permission you may attract what you deem as hardships or unpleasant experiences. This is to not only help heal you, but to give you a push forward in your consciousness as well so that you don’t desire or allow these types of experiences or circumstances to exist in your future expression of time. Remember that giving your permission to heal is the same permission you need to ask for out loud for help, guidance, or inspiration from your angels and guides for assistance.

So the question with this battle of chess with yourself is, who wins??

Well YOU of course!! There is no difference whatsoever in who you are and who you decide to be. Isn’t it amazing that you are one and the same? You are becoming the higher form of yourself as we speak. That’s where we are going and you are further along in this game of chess than anticipated.

You are a winner!!

Good for you!!


About the AuthorAdeana M. Slater is an Empathic Lightworker who enjoys writing Spiritual and Inspirational messages to encourage the Collective towards Self-Love, Soul-Empowerment, and Higher Consciousness.

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