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Negative Entities Plus Q & The Dead Cat Bounce

By on August 2, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening

by Nicole Frolick,
Guest Writer, In5D.com

While in meditation this morning I was given some guidance on what to share with you today. The guidance came through as a saying used a few times in the Qanon posts.

Despite following Q since the very beginning, I have never been guided to speak of it until now. It was interesting as the saying came through in relation to negative entities.

Over the weekend I had an experience in the middle of the night with some negative energy/entities trying to use my mirror as a portal into my room. I had sensed this might be coming as my friend who was visiting and I had been doing a lot of healing work with loved ones.

Luckily, my friend picked up on it in her sleep, woke up, and instantly closed the portal down then sealing it shut.

Going to sleep these days hasn’t felt restful to many of you, including myself, and there is a very important reason why. In today’s video I will explain why so many of us are exhausted despite getting sleep and how it relates to negative entities and the message to reference Q at this time.

Remember to call in protection in the evening before bed as our work on the astral plane is just as important as our work down here. Ask for protection of your physical, mental, emotional, etheric and astral bodies as you declare your sovereignty to the Universe. Our intention holds more power than we are lead to believe.

Love and expansion to you all,


About the author: Nicole Frolick is an inspirational speaker and the author of Inflexible Me: Expanding Past the Inflexible Barriers of the Body, Mind, and Soul. She has an unconventional spiritual podcast called Enlighten Up, available in iTunes. Utilizing her Four Fundamentals of Flexibility, Nicole shares with her audiences the importance of flexibility in accessing the greatest potential of individuals and companies. She coaches those who desires to live life on their terms after hitting a ceiling on their perceived potential and wanting to break through it. If you’re looking to expand past your own blocks, you can email her at info@inflexibleme.com for more information. To learn more please visit http://inflexibleme.com/

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