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New Earth News – New Earth – YOUR Creative Choice!

By on February 24, 2018 in New Earth News


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by Zoe Davenport,
Contributing Writer,

We have come upon a moment in history, a turning of the tides, a reflection of self as all mirrors lead to the light that was within us all along. We are learning as a co-creative species that there is indeed more to this matter than the density once taught to us in outdated text books at schools. We have begun to understand the dualistic nature of reality, the fabric of space time and the bending of light forms at will to create what feels more abundant, joyful and loving.


Yet there is still alignment to fear, struggles, abandonment, jealousy, judgment, hate, anger, greed, envy, frustrations, resentment, attachments, neediness, expectations and STORY.

The break away is the simplistic answers that spirit continues to download in a multiple of different tones, messages, languages and activations.

The answers are no more complex than needing to understand a children’s book for five year old, yet we seek to complicate and over analyze the solutions by focusing on the problems.

We cannot solve old paradigm problems by dealing in old paradigm solutions – for they are not solutions at all they are waves of encodement designed to go round the karmic loop and get caught up in the ideals the answers need to be more complex than what they truly are.

The New Earth that you so feel to be true in your hearts, your being the essence of who you are is HERE. It’s ready NOW and it takes these key simple, easy pathways to align to the shift of focus long enough to feel the different energies occurring within your holographic experience.

Take your perception away from the dense carbon based being that your old self is ascending away from – in this moment take a breath and allow yourself to FEEL light, FEEL love, FEEL joyful, FEEL abundant. It does not matter if your mind/ego is telling you to “think” otherwise just for a moment tap into that creative part of yourself. The child that used to play all day long and imagine all sorts of wonderful things. You could imagine you were a pop star, a artist, a chef. What other games did you play when you were younger for no other reason other than to play and experience what it FEELS like to create, play, dance, skip and sing?


So for this moment – Use your imagination and imagine yourself in your New Earth – what are the things you would be doing?, what conversations would you be choosing to have? what elements would you add in to feel joyful in this moment of your created reality?………….

Our biggest block is we continue to imagine using outdated creations that are still running in simulation – AKA our outer world, we perceive the lack and scarcity that is already here as a marker of what we could call in and create – old problems = old solutions = still old problems.

To shift your awareness, your focus to what is NOT here but align to that feeling you know to be so true in your heart – I feel it is there for you or you would not have found articles like this one designed to activate that piece.

New Paradigm – Our New Earth is created on solutions – and stepping into the energy of receiving to allow the aligned pieces to come into motion and fruition.

It’s a beautiful game of letting go, creating space, forgiveness, surrendering, imagination, trust, creativity, alignment, knowing, planting seeds, allowing growth, allowing the experience, allowing the journey ton unfold, letting go of control, patience and then holding the space to truly receive.

It starts with you right HERE right NOW in this moment – what are you choosing to focus on?, what are you choosing to think about? and what choices are you making based on lack/fear or instead what solutions are you focusing on by aligning to your creative zone of genius? – your play, your adventurer, your knowing and most importantly to your heart?.

  • Every day you can wake up and set your intentions
  • Every day you can wake up and tune into your heart
  • Every day you can align to love through feeling
  • Every day you can ground and connect to Gaia
  • Every day you can call Source to yourself
  • Every day you can let go of thoughts which do not serve
  • Every day you can make ethical consumer choices
  • Every day you can make ethical banking choices
  • Every day you can align to the truth you always have a choice
  • Every day you can take a moment to pause, breathe and align back to your heart
  • Every day you can allow the mystery of the journey to unfold without control
  • Every day you can send love to a stranger
  • Every day you can be the person you came here to be – in THIS moment NOW by opening your heart
  • Every day you can align to New Earth – to feel your connection to all that you aspired to create in your holographic reality that manifested into physical form.

That place you seek is HERE – as you continue to shift your perspective you shift your reality, you give out what you want to receive. There is no more waiting for this shift it’s HERE NOW. This is your grounding, the start, middle and end for it always comes back to the heart and piece by piece watch your entire universe shift in resonance to the expanded love that you share so freely through joy.

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Every day align to the thought, sensations of what it would FEEL like to step into the energy of joy, abundance and love simply by shifting your focus from the old paradigm problems to the solutions of your New creative Earth.

It’s all HERE ready for you and these steps, breathe by breathe things will shift for you, you will make quantum jumps into the unlimited potentials of your ascending crystalline light form.

Play, it’s all here for you.

All my love

Zoe Davenport
“Ascension through the Heart”

About the author: Zoe Davenport is a New Paradigm thought leader & Consultant, she supports those ready to make quantum shifts in their reality to be part of the solutions, the game changers, ready to make BIG impacts through their messages, business and human experiences. Her work is harmonized and balanced through divine light code activations and alignment to her higher self in ceremony Shey-Eh-Bah.  Her ridiculous manifestation goal is to awaken the hearts of a billion people for to imagine the most expanded potential to reach even 10% of that is amazement in itself. She travels the world working with the crystalline grid, opening and activating portals and clearing the lost souls of major Earth disasters for them to ascend to the light.

Image: Pixabay

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