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NOW RECRUITING: Army of Angels

By on April 29, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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by CJ ,
Contributing Writer,

Now recruiting and drafting selfless souls who wish to serve on the front lines of shedding light on truth and collectively contribution to building a foundation for a new era.

We all find ourselves incarnated on this earth, and feel it is very different from the place we call home. However, it is in fact very similar to our home. All of its concepts are similar to our own; we just seem to overlook it in all the chaos and overload we endure here. Let me start with the military. Each nation has its own military that serves to protect its people. Nations go to war when they feel another nation is doing an injustice. The United States military has different branches that each specializes in their own areas of expertise. These even trickles down to law enforcement; societies have police officers that enforce the law. When someone breaks the law, they go in front of the court to decide their punishment. Troops leave their families behind and put their lives on the line for the greater benefit and protection of their people. This is exactly what we do. Let me break it down, if you didn’t already make the connection. We are an “Army of Angels” and we are broken down into our own groups such as light workers, starseeds, healers, etc. Exactly how the military is broken down into the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and National Guard. We have left our families to enlist in a war to restore humanity. We also have a code of moral ethics to abide by, and when we break these codes we go before a divine council and receive karmic debt. We have a divine council who is much like an earthly government, which makes the rules and enforces a code of conduct, so to say. Our home dimension has seen the corruption of Earth and has sent its troops in to restore the peace. Much like the U.S went to the Middle East to take down the tyrannical government, (along with other reasons) we are here on earth to save the people from being abused by their leaders.


We have incarnated many times before, and yes, we are here to grow and learn personal lessons, but we are also all part of this “Army of Angels”. We have branches within our military and all serve our own purposes, and we are ready to fight this war to restore life on Earth. This war has not yet begun, as we are incarnating in silence, we are blending in with the human population. Once they know of our presence we must be ready for combat. This will not be easy, and may not be quick, but we must prevail and do what we came here to do. There does not have to be violence, our weapon is not guns or bombs, it is knowledge and insight. Our goal is to get them to see the light. We are shedding light on humanity, a light that is worth the fight, and will shine through the nights. The sun, the moon and the truth are three things that cannot remain hidden forever.

Much like troops go through basic training, which puts them through vigorous physical conditioning, we go through a basic training that puts us through vigorous mental conditioning. We may not run miles and do pushups, but we are put through real life situations that test our ability to handle ourselves. Some of us go through a few situations before passing this basic training. We are put through obstacles that test our mental strength and awaken and enhance our innate ability to become in touch with our spiritual selves. We all excel in different areas, we all learn to have patience, and compassion, and see from all perspectives. Some of us end up leaders, and others end up creating the core group of our army, who will go on to serve on the foregrounds of our missions. Together we create a balanced and strong Army of Angels who together can conquer any mission at hand. Some of us end up being recruiters, as we set out to find others willing and divinely able to join our group. We are in our beginning stages of uniting and creating this unique strong army, most of us have passed basic training, and as we graduate this milestone we are ready to go on to the next step, one step closer to winning this war. It is now time to take what we have learned, unite together, and spread knowledge and light. We shine so bright, our light cannot be hidden or dimmed, as we shed light on truth, and offer a sign of hope and helping hands to selflessly help the people of earth rebuild their society. We must unite together and form our individual branches within this Army to collectively assist in rebuilding this Earth. We must shine light on the truth and help create new ways for society to live and prosper together as one. Before we can put this in action we must come together and create a foundation for this new era.


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