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Connection With Our True Authentic Self

By on July 25, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening

Connection With Our True Authentic Self

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by Deane Thomas,
Contributing Writer,

Writing this feels more like a diary note than anything else, but it has to be written, as I see my fingers take a life of their own. With this type of sensation one has to literally go with the flow and just feel it all. The art of being in the moment, the ability to shut down all external distractions and literally connect with the inner truth. Connection with our true authentic self.


Many become afraid when this happens, but, it is the wonders of being completely detached, that sets us into a completely different level of consciousness. Pure energy of love, and positivity, with a focus on the very larger picture. Sometimes I wonder why have I been given this ability or insight, in many cases some of the imagery I see is not pleasant, but there is always light. In everything there is an experience to decipher, or is there?

When we stand in our truth there is no fear, and whenever we sense fear, we shall go within and seek an answer, based on love. We effectively filter and process everything that is going on in our lives, and with no distractions it is a pure connection. The Super Charged BS filter!! This is something that has always been present, but more so when the energy vibration is high. This is something of a benchmark to know the path ahead. Like a snow plow through meters of snow, being awake we can plow through piles of crap and low energy.

With this in mind, and having been entrusted with the “secrets” of Tesla (in more ways than one), it heightens my senses even further. Senses that I have never felt before, almost electrical in a way; to begin to explain them would take another whole entry, so we shall let that go for the moment. Believe me when I first encountered the name of Tesla, it was not at school. Ever since that connection my soul has taken over as auto pilot. One aspect that had to dissolve, was my whole thought process and persona. I can only assume the persona I am today is the purest version for the time being, and will continually evolve as this life path progresses.

In any event, I feel compelled to share some truth of my journey. This has been an inner debate what and how to write this, especially with all the “low vibrations” that have to be overcome. So, it all began two weeks ago with a message from the organizer of an event I was due to speak. This event was located in Moscow, and came with a whole array of whistles and bells. What was even more interesting, how the opportunity found me. The introduction came via a trusted person, who I have complete faith, it was this that allowed me to trust the other person.

My sense were always alert when dealing with the organizer, a very high bull shit factor, with a 9 on the scale of intensity. Having automatically installed faith, I believed that all was OK, and then, the messages with no information, the requests for more time to prepare, and finally, can you help me with your contacts in Moscow? Of course, this was also pumped up to placing me as a major player in the proceedings, it matched the mission and purpose of the original connection. I asked colleagues and friends could they help, which of course they did.

Then something strange happened. I began to probe for more information, after all I was asking friends I trust to help a goal and mission. Then after many probing questions, and the demonstration of sociopathic behavior, the whole thing began to collapse. It was clear that I had been misled, lied to and what’s more, it felt like an attempt to sabotage my work with Tesla. In addition, the organizer began to reflect so many things; he began to spin the whole scenario on to me. In addition when he was asked to provide proof of who was invited and will attend, he then decided to “postpone” the whole event.


At that time, I had already initiated a series of events, by asking several people for assistance in organizing our own event. Something inside is pushing this issue like a mantra; one that cannot be ignored. I was blessed to be sent a contact person in Moscow, who has really worked magic with such short notice, and with a world cup event also. In addition, the money we had for Moscow had been taken by another organizer, so this was a big ask with little or no money. This was not the priority for a new connection I made in Moscow. Together we have worked through the possibilities, challenges, created a name, and managed to secure premises, and a list of speakers.

Yes we have to tailor the event for a specific purpose, so what shall it be…then I began to pondering on Tesla’s way of being. His presence and thoughts. He left us with a claim that he already owns the future! I read the history of Nikola Tesla in May 1888, when he first read his patents to the Institute of Engineers in USA. I spoke about Tomislav Tesla’s work to the Institute of Engineers Zagreb conference in May 2018. I am not sure what happened following the presentation in USA, but I can see according to records Tesla and Westinghouse made a contract in July 1888. It seems I will be presenting Tesla’s new technology in Moscow in July 2018.

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One can say that these are a series of coincidences, in that case so has the last 4 years of my life. In any event, it does not deter from my own life path. I am following my heart and soul, on a mission of sharing information, a way of life, and more importantly, love. These are the driving factors to everything that I ever do – and it does “hurt” when something or someone throws a curve ball. The important aspect is to ponder a while and ask, how do we turn this into a positive?!


Seek inside the answer, and it will appear – for we are now connected fully with our guidance systems. In doing this, over the past few days, as more energy has been put into the new creation, the old is dissolving even further. Funny, I have not heard from the organizer since a whole series of threats and intimidation on Friday afternoon. But, nothing is ever as simple as it seems. Late on Friday, I was informed by the Russian Embassy that they will now take an additional 7 days to process my visa application. Meaning I would have to teleport myself to Moscow to be at my own event!

Yes there are ways in which to deliver a conference, but there is nothing more important than physical presence. In receiving this message, I did not falter on the planning, in fact the work is going on right now. What I did do, was consider the reasons for this decision, at such an inopportune moment, a potential to cancel my own event. This note is one way that I can see is dissolving the low vibrations around the old event, and potential to seed the new.

On the surface it appears the old event has to be fully dissolved, to ensure the new event succeeds, so this morning we took the decision to move the new event to another day. This immediately allows more planning and communication with others. In addition it also gives me a chance to inform those that need to know of my mission to Moscow, and to explain my experience leading to this strange sequence of events.

Truth comes in many shapes and sizes. This lesson also demonstrates that we have to be constantly aware of our surroundings, and those we interact with. There are plenty of sheep in lambs clothing, and no matter how sure we feel, the intuition will always highlight what needs to be addresses. It further complicates my position because of the silly political sage in UK (I hold a UK Passport) and now, Croatia beating Russia in World Cup last night!

Maintaining composure whilst nourishing our soul is crucial. There will always be issues and obstacles to overcome on our journey, it is how we manage it that is key. Like our own personal awakening, things in the physical reality also have to be dissolved. Those things that are not representative of the new consciousness will collapse, as the new takes a firm place on Gaia. I am me, and am so happy to be really living and loving who I am. Overcoming these little challenges is a love, because it has been done before. I still have no idea, neither do I want to, know the outcome or wherever this may take me. There are many scenarios that would make the strongest weak at the knees, but where there is love and purpose, it will prevail. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to share this with you, and trust, which you too become inspired to persevere. Follow your heart, it will lead you to the most wonderful state of being.

I trust that everything will work out well and our mission to Moscow proceeds as is meant to be!

Until the next time, sending you lots of love and positive energy!


About The Author: Deane stepped away from corporate responsibility, relocated to another country, and began his own spiritual journey, and life as a solo father. He is continually healing and growing spiritually, and now dedicates his time to helping, healing and teaching others. His inquisitiveness into historical events and places, as well as witnessing them in the present time has led him to truly appreciate all that life has to offer. Deane has a deep fascination with indigenous cultures and their way of life, how they function and more importantly, live without religions. Always challenging and questioning societies forced indoctrination and expectations of man, he has become a philosopher and writer, something he has been in previous incarnations. To understand who we are today, we need to get to grips of who we have been – through unraveling the truth within, we can create a new template for the way we live our lives – in truth! Deane is a published author, his book “Love Outside The Box” is available at good online bookstores! 

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