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PeriMenopause and Menopause – Ascension Symptoms?

By on October 4, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening

PeriMenopause and Menopause - Ascension Symptoms?

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by Angelina Stojic,
Contributing Writer,

Are you between the ages of 40 – 55 yrs?  Are you currently experiencing menopausal symptoms? Did you know that menopause had a preview called perimenopause?  Call me ignorant, uneducated or whatever you wish, but it was definitely news to me.


Now why I am writing this blog is for several reasons.  Living a spiritually aware life, this change in my physical system has come at a time of great change in our world.  Funnily enough I have connected with a few friends going through the same experience, never a coincidence, which led me to delve into it a little more.  I did not know that perimenopause existed and it is the precursor to the main event.  I feel that one of the reasons I didn’t know much about this subject is because I had to do some research and understand it further so I could connect to the reasons and to share with you, as I have done with all past physical experiences.  I also received some very clear channelled information that made complete sense as where we are in our world at this time.

In general, menopause or anything to do with a woman’s cycle has always been perceived as yuck! There is never any positive media, information or ideas that help women embrace and celebrate the changes their body is going through. The female form has always been a place where negative judgement was a natural response.  One that I was quite happy to place on my own body.

The collective consciousness surrounding menopause is and always has been negative.

When you think of menopause what are the ideas or words that come to mind?  How did your mum explain or experience it? Most of us, without realising it, hold the idea that it is something bad, when in reality it is a beautiful change and letting go of an old way of being, opening up to a new way of creativeness.

As I started to notice some of the signs of change, I was led to a book that I own called A- Z of Natural Therapies by Judy Jacka, and she explained it like this.

Anthroposophical medicine says that at this time in her life, a woman has etheric energies which are freed from their connection with the ovaries and which can be used to acquire and develop wisdom as an aid to creative service.  The transfer of energy from the sacral chakra to that of the throat. At menopause, this is a naturally occurring activity and provided the woman has developed creative activities earlier in life, the energies will flow naturally through the throat centre into the environment”


Now I don’t know about you, but when I read this, it felt absolutely beautiful. To me it made complete sense. And also made more sense why women get more clear and vocal about who they are at this time of life.

My mum had a pretty hard time with menopause.  I was quite young and unaware at the time I believe she was experiencing it, but I know that she would speak of it badly not accepting that it was happening or part of her change.  Her reasons were her reasons, and having no creative outlet or positive emotions relating to who she was, she left my dad and started a different life.  I feel she probably related it to losing her youth, missing out on life, feeling old.  But in general they were not positive, or accepting feelings in this change.

Speaking to several other friends, I asked them what their mother’s experience had been like through “the change”.  Each of them all said similar things.  No real acceptance and negative emotions.

As a spiritual being, I always ask for guidance and clarity as my body goes through different experiences. It was shared with me that at this time in our world there is much change occurring in our physical realities.  One of the things that is happening is the balance of the divine feminine and masculine energies upon the earth. The suppression of the divine feminine is clearing, and has been for some time. One of the changes that needs to occur is within the thought process and understanding about the female physical form embracing all our processes with love.

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Those experiencing forms of perimenopause and menopause are right at the junction here and now changing the collective, clearing out the old ways of thinking, for the whole.

We have chosen to be here at this time to assist with this process.

It is a process of renewal. A process of returning to the State of the Natural Law, meaning that all things natural are beautiful.  If you, as the ambassador of change, can open your heart to new ways of feeling about perimenopause, menopause or anything to do with the beautiful feminine form, allow yourself to love them all.  Find ways to help your body through it with love, not hate.

With gratitude to our mothers who also chose to bring us through, experience their lives in their way to allow us to be here for the change.

I did not say it was going to be easy, for we still have one foot in the old way and have gently placed one in the new, so we are straddling two current thought forms.

I want to say to you, know that you are safe and protected.  That we are always supported and loved by those we cannot see.  I know at times this may be difficult, so I ask you to trust, have faith that you are a beautiful woman placed on our earth to progress and evolve her beauty.  You have chosen to be here to lift her spirit, to love her wholly and shine the light for each woman on Mother Earth and to embrace all things feminine.

It has taken a long time to love my body.  Confidence on the outside but great judgement inside. As each day dawns I love the magnificence of the creation we are.  The beautiful creators of the human race.  The creators of love.

May you open your love to your body, your feminine, now and forever for the service of all.

In light love wisdom and truth.

Angelina xx

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