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Placing Healthy Boundaries Or Complete Removal In Any Relationship

By on February 5, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Placing Healthy Boundaries Or Complete Removal In Any Relationship

by Adeana M. Slater,
Contributing Writer,

It is important for you to first drop any and all labels of your current relationship or situation. If you can release the labels that you have placed on it, you will automatically loosen the grip that you have that surrounds your expectation or attachment. These attachments or expectations don’t have to be yours specifically, but most likely society-based or hereditarily engrained.

This doesn’t necessarily apply to a love situation. It can be friends, family, or co-workers. Most of us are unsure when it’s time to either temporarily or permanently remove ourselves from those we hold dear to our heart, as the relationship has become toxic or no longer healthy for us to nurture or reside in. It will be tailored to your own specific situation, desire, and truth. Each relationship may be different as well. For instance, you may have more patience with one soul connection over another. It will always be your choice and reasoning. There is no right or wrong answer.

You are encouraged to feel your own inner truth with complete discernment and intuition. You have ALL of the answers within yourself if you are willing to feel what your heart is guiding you to do versus the ego-analytical mind. If you can learn to trust yourself, you will begin to feel your way and come to an understanding in any relationship, based on experience and reason. The more practice you have, the easier it will become for you.

It truly makes a difference in who you choose to interact with. Others can either make a positive or negative impact on your life. Try to see the positive even from what you would deem as a less-favorable or less-desired relationship of any kind. Most likely there are hidden lessons or periods of growth offered in these specific interactions, however unfavorable they may seem on the surface. Most likely, they have come into your life to trigger your soul into a cleansing or healing. We should always give thanks and gratitude to the souls who enter our life however temporary or permanent they become, since they all aid in our spiritual growth in one form or another.

You don’t, however, want to give your personal power away to someone who is going to be disrespectful, unkind, or unsupportive to you repeatedly. After several episodes of mistreatment by this person, you need to re-evaluate your situation. At this point forward, it’s best to communicate with them personally and face to face about how you feel. If they acknowledge your upset and continue to hurt you and mistreat you, you can choose to speak to them about it again, or simply walk away and remove yourself entirely. Only you will know as to what degree they violated you and what understanding or agreement your personal communication with them, has brought you.

Communication is key to the success of all relationships no matter the label or dynamic. Regular, clear, honest, open, face-to-face communication is absolutely necessary in order to build the strong foundation of any partnership. Without it, even the most lasting will begin to crumble and peel away. The new paradigm demands this and anything else will fall away with the old templates of yesteryear. ❤️

~Adeana M. Slater

About the author: Adeana M. Slater is an Empath and Lightworker who enjoys to write spiritual and inspirational articles in her free time. She is a single mother of four children and full time Registered Nurse.

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