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Positive Thinking And The Law Of Attraction

By on August 24, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening

Positive Thinking And The Law Of Attraction

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by Angel  V. Ornedo  Jr.

At Third Dimension-3D illusion frequency, there are significant relationships with Law of Attraction and Positive Thinking originating from thought.  Analyze- realize they mean the same thing leading to your potential intention.  Do good, be fair, love others, give service to others-STO and the same actions come back to you in multiples of a hundred, attracted back.   The reverse happens if you go dark if that is your wish and you get buried at the darkest pit in a 3d world in the galaxy and clinging to a flicker of light is much more difficult.  This is the Law of Attraction or Confucian Golden Rule, Do Unto Others What You Like Others Do Unto You, also Christ primary teachings inculcated thru loving thy neighbors.  For those of us at 3D, think-analyze anything you intend to do and realize your thoughts are stronger than what you think they are. 



Marcos governance and the last 50 years  for PH history specifically 80’s, the assassination at the airport tarmac of martial law opponent left leaning B. Aquino, PH economy  went to a tailspin.  Marcos declared PH bankrupt unable to service foreign exchange-FX obligations. C. Aquino, the wife, another ego centered woman, a fool, promised to pay all Marcos foreign debts when South American countries got their debts pardoned partial or full by lending western countries banks and government for the benefit of country and citizens thru the Brady bonds securitization and western rescue of themselves.  Why they will tailspin the world controlled monetary system.  Lucky are Argentina, Ecuador, Uruguay…. …  PH still pay the debts of US$30B+ interest accrued owed by Marcos regime due to self-centered ego of Aquino, deceased,  now bloated after 30 years to $70B+ primarily due to interest.  A mothballed nuclear plant, PH paid Westinghouse $500,000.00 daily for interest alone, graft ridden project.   PH has -0 GNP, negative foreign exchange and too bad, PH economy roller-coaster, economic opportunities zeroed.  Wait and see attitude prevailed.  Companies followed down and individually we started to rise and float and thought there is no other way but up. People went overseas for business opportunities and work. We worked, prospered to fail due to greed of partner, siphoned funds to buy material assets. That is my second worst business disaster, sold house and solid assets.  Dark haunted me to do what is never light, but failed as Christ Consciousness-CC, my brother-friend is stronger and full of wisdom and he guides me all throughout.  My partner, Solicitor Eduardo H. and Solicitor Domingo when I discussed these failures, have the same lines, said: “Look at the bright side, you are still a professional and clients are waiting for you and everything will be the same!”  Thereafter, Solicitor Eduardo asked me to manage a client multinational firm.  I started 3d life all over again.  At that time, 80-90’s CC failed to visit me when I needed him most but deep within me, Christ Consciousness is ever present as he was in my teenage life. I know He has other things to do at the Milky Way Galaxy and my problems are minor for Christ and I can handle them.  For a human 40 years is a lot of lost years without my higher self and CC’s direct presence. I feel their presence but manifestation of intentions came three times longer than it is NOW. Those trying years, I worked and served others in the process, normal- internalized, purpose oriented actions.


Middle 80’s, USA President snapped dictator F. Marcos, US dictator protégé, out of the country, flew him to Hawaii.  Aquino widow took the reins of presidency, freed all jailed communist-leftist to the disgust of military establishment whose many members died to jail them at the expense of PEACE. From their freedom, Insurgency is full blown run from Netherlands. The communist live a life of honey in Belgium till August 2017 Head J. Sison is sick while Priest Jalandoni  is still strong.  The rein of greed of Aquino relatives came to power till her son took over 12 years at her death made popular by her Joan of Arc image. The son ruled with anger-fear vs former president, his system of running government affairs to all citizen’s disgust but corrupt smiles for cabinet members as corruption reigned its ugly head in the pillars of treasury, budget and operating cabinets,  thru executive orders manipulating country revenues.

Positive thinking is the only thing possible in down negative corrupt economy and revolting population. On Cory Aquino government, six coups of various anti-government forces of military origin on the new non-performing government happened.  In luck, she destroyed anti-government forces and avoided a civil war.  War is never a cure, love and peace are the only solution.   France flagging liberty-fraternity informed PH thru Main Stream Media-MSM that they are willing to take our president to France as she is a new Joan of Arc after these coups. “Kamag-anak Inc.”-relatives and cabinet members got corrupt and the start of the dark came.  All materially oriented Spanish and mestizos-politicians joined her boat and got rich at the expense of the country and people with no electric power, brown out every day.  Generators are sold privately and power plants unknown by a mestizo group.

A new group, the Filipino-Chinese taipans made substantial investments in real estate and industries when there is blood in the streets, a very good opportunity to scour cheap choices of land and industries for sale by running local and foreign investors.


We including myself are back for more difficult servitude  to the rich  creating industrial estates, land conversion uses from agriculture to commercial, residential and industrial uses, mining and export of ore that lure investors and create livelihood for all but ransacked Earth-Gaia and bled the planet of her living liquid named as oil, gas and her skin degraded of shale oil and dark sand and the plants and trees cut.  

CC’s doctrine is providing livelihood to make people think and analyze as food in their stomach can make them think.  Right or wrong for nature, environment degradation industries are key to growth of a developing nation, an illusionary set up. PH lost 6 years under Cory Aquino and 6 years under her son, Pinoy, 12 years of non-performance and no infrastructure similar to the lost 20 years of martial law. A Dutch firm was awarded by International Court of Justice-WBP $800 Million for dishonoring contract.  Diversion of energy funds…. all under investigation by Justice department. Spiritual concepts differ of course as abundance follows all humans who are spiritual, fair and righteous, whose kindness is beyond reproach and provide STO.  Creation of abundance is different in the spiritual world.   Human concepts come on organizing foundations to save taxes for the rich for the very, very rich and get popular thru main stream media.  On the religious side, imagine a poor man giving his last $10c to the coffers of the church instead of buying a piece of bread. We are 95% Christians and we emphasize giving to others unknowing that you have to love yourself first and family before you can serve and share it with others. That is must and credo for any human.


Filipinos are positive thinkers, a happy bunch of people and we survived crisis after crisis of uncontrollable unlucky events, election of bad leaders, similar to USA war leaders of the Dark Group-DG13, the controlling elite of the dark who create wars for DG13.  Monetary and foreign currency control made Asian financial crisis happen from 1997 -1999.  1998 is hardest for Southeast Asian countries.  Another trial and experience in the mind and thought of the Supreme Creator, Source Energy-SE.  SE gave ASIANS a real jolt of hard work and dirt road experience. Thailand and Vietnam provided all imagined tax incentives for car manufacturers and they came in droves driving Thailand economy up and galloped while Vietnam took the manufacturing fold nearly overtaking PH who was number 2 in Asia on economic development, next to Japan after the world war II. USA developed a former enemy AXIS Japan and left out PH with mediocre assistance.  Left leaning Red China and Vietnam turned better providers for their people than the democrat nations.  China is leading the pack assisting PH.

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PH has to recover and thru positive thinking of her people, intense visualization of what we all should be doing daily, made things happen. Intention, visualization and actions made economic things manifested, happen, the law of attraction.  Good things Asians planned, work and visualized multiplied by more than thousand citizens happened led by taipans, Chinese and Spanish mestizos. This is true for most people of Southeast Asia and things are looking bright after 2010 till this day, NOW, a new light of day flowering around the far eastern countries with PH leading the pack.


Conceptualization, visualization, planning  and execution- action are done, easy when things are good on going up economies, but during meltdown, doldrums, crisis after crisis at PH, intention-visualization-action have to be doubled up to make you a successful performer.  I did that in three major real estate decisions but had to be financed by daring taipans. We did that when there is blood in the streets and chaos rule the land.  But with the faith on Source, the law of attraction really worked coupled with fantastic dose of positive thinking.  Norman Vincent Peale can’t be more helpful with his books.

Despite 50 years of terrible tragedies PH citizens dream and visualize and day to day live happy lives. We dream that things will be better than before despite economic crisis that slaughter the economy. Call this attitude positive thinking and law of attraction. Despite all odds we laugh and smile at tragedies. “It is more fun in the Philippines” says an European tourist during a major hurricane and typhoon that ruined all transport facilities for tourists and he was riding on top of a motorized trike, tri-pod passing floods.  Economists, overseas critics and rating agencies said we grow 6.5- 7% GNP for 3 years, strongest in Asia. Of course we are poor in spiritual values despite being 95% Christians, specifically on the point required of DISCIPLINE and pagan and poor beliefs of ancestors taught by conquerors.  They are transferred to the new generation of changing beliefs aggravated potential desirable position of growth. They remain stagnant in their lives. The USA Christian protestants who dropped pagan beliefs are better believers on all counts but their leaders are still controlled by dark group families- DG13, the cabal who promote wars and chaos for control thru government, religion and monetary controls.

During difficult times it can be very hard to keep a positive mindset. But we must remember that the very act of focusing on positive thoughts will only make those thoughts grow larger and more powerful – until they ultimately manifests in your life in the exact way you picture your intentions.   If you can make this way of thinking into a habit, then you will be able to manifest and create your own reality, what you want.  Intention, visualization and action make your desires happen.  Dreams turn to reality.


In a more and deeper spiritual sense, full alignment of the 7 chakras  are the key to the mastery of manifestation including the absorption of pure white light that Christ Consciousness brought to us  from Central Sun-photon ether belt thru Sol,  our  sun.  Positive thinking and law of attraction really matter of course. Each of these chakras have their purposes but you must first have a mastery of Root, Abdominal and Solar Plexus Chakras as we are on 3d.  .  You learned  the connection of the spiritual heart and the mind is the key to opening your crown chakra for all of us to absorb the pure white light from the Central Sun and photon belt  intense energies…. brought by Christ Consciousness-CC and Higher Beings-HBs.

We further know that there is a gateway from the spiritual heart to the throat, the spokesman, an intervening connection mode of the 7 chakras, imagined or not it is the key or gateway to our mind and the higher self to make us realize what these inner light and wisdom are. Master and activate your pineal glands as they are keys to the crown chakra and your higher self.  These are wisdom and knowledge for all of us.  We have to align heart and mind for us to see light. As you absorb pure white light, you get higher insights and understanding of what you read, what you desired from your intuition and higher self and grasp the messages of spiritual guides.  You attain deeper wisdom unknown before to what you know and understand.   A priest and a ‘born again’ had hyena laugh as I talk of Fifth dimension- 5D heaven-unity consciousness.  I just walk away never to see them again and was cautioned by CC of people we talk with, told to dust my feet off.  In fact I should not talk with anyone on these wisdom says my higher self, but I do despite ostracism, for any single act of kindness is automatically multiplied by the law of attraction and the law of nature a thousand times, no talk required but prayers of love and light  for all is mandatory.

Imagine a habit that allows you to design your own reality and create your own success story by “attracting” experiences you want in your life. Cause and effect. Think positive and attract similar acts, the law of nature unfolding for all of us to realize and adhere to 3d  is governed by cause and effect, the law of attraction, the law of  nature  but you can manifest your dreams with positive thinking,  Law of Attraction and  knowledge and wisdom you have acquired from several innate sources.   Source of All That Is, CC and the Higher Beings made it happen for me and provided bread, livelihood for family and people despite odds, illusion on what Angels call a penal colony for humans clinging on the flicker of light.

With loving  little daily act of kindness to others, you are ready to be raised to a much higher vibrational  frequency, that is in 5D, a beautiful place of collective consciousness with an option to retain your individuality.

Love and light,


About the author: Angel shares love, light and unity consciousness.  A corporate man providing livelihood to our fellow men all his life NOW  focused on sharing the thoughts of Source, All That Is thru Christ. Link at Visit, for Angel’s book  ‘Knowing the Infinite Creator’.

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