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Preparing For What Is To Come

By on October 5, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Preparing For What Is To Come

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by Lisa W,
Contributing Writer,

Preparing For What Is To Come

Feeling a little Alien?


Does this resonate with you?

Have you noticed how karma has been coming back immediately?

If yes, then please pay close attention, this is important.

2020 shall be an interesting year, especially if you are anything like me. I have experienced and seen, nothing but head/heartaches (in the main) in my past 50 earth years. But this has also been a training ground in preparation for what is to come.

Preparing For The PAST

Ascension: been there, done that, and at that “time” (2011-2012) even though the trans-mutation and trans-formation was very challenging at many times, the end result was wonderful and then like an idiot (what I thought some time after) I was asked by the higher council if I wanted to stay in my new form – well! Not sure what happened (could try and blame my higher self, but I wont) my knee jerk reaction was to telepathically refuse.

Now comes the aftermath. The old adage, “You don’t know what you’ve got till its gone” played out after I started to receive the repercussions for attaining such a “gift” and knowledge.


So, here’s where the statement “If you are anything like me” should hit home. Having spontaneously rejected living the Ascended life – we then become, on their radar, we are plagued by what others do not see but partake in. We are ostracized and personal history taken advantage of as misdirection; avenues to finances become elusive, existing within day to day life becomes a minefield, homelessness, and they say we’re ‘the crazy ones’ amongst a few other pleasantries.

Now, what seemed like forever but only actually worked out be roughly 8 earthly years on since my experiences of Ascension, you know the beauty of all that hysterical, sorry I mean historical experience is? “Know thy enemy”. They were so busy raising their ugly heads (instead of their hearts) that they placed themselves upon an even bigger radar..

Now, metaphorically speaking, when a snake raises it head to attack you, you lop it off, but the issue? We did not have the rights in space and time to metaphorically lop off anything, but NOW we do.

The Galactic Laws are in our solar system. 2019, being the pinnacle of transitioning for everything, the “lopping off” at an intimate personal level has been fulfilled for many by they way of Karma but for all those historical external events that raised their ‘ugly’ heads within our personal “time” and space.  2020 and beyond will be their ‘loping off’.

Preparing ForWhen You REAP WHAT YOU SOW

Pay close attention to your vibrational development. Pay close attention to karma and what this formidable force of reckoning reveals. Pay special close attention towards the Galactics. Feel their presence and if, for whatever reason, you feel is not of a positive powerful loving vibration, walk away. Ignore it and consciously remove your energetic signature.


Refraining from indulging and/or engaging your energetic signature with external events that do not hold very high vibration (as it is there for that particular space and time to experience for their reasons) will assist in sustaining and elevating yours.

We all have had our parts to play and experience, even if it seemed unfair but attaching one’s self to external lower density events will only serve to draw you into events to sabotage you. It’s challenging, believe me – I know.

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Keep raising in heart, be genuine, loving, within integrity, honest, mindful, listen to your body and form your new life with and around a meditative state of peace. Saboteurs cannot assimilate to these high vibrations/frequencies so are unable to personally get close enough in ones field, but your vibrations/frequencies has to be high.


The abundance of the old system is no match to the new one. If you allow yourself, you will inherit structures that far supersede structures of a bygone era.

For example: ‘The Superhighway of Consciousness,’ i.e Superconsciousness, is virtually inoperable at lower frequencies so unable to tolerate being within low level frequencies but its not impossible (it’s like trying to put a high voltage appliance into a low voltage output ultimately drawing too much current and having the adverse effect – burns out the appliance)

Have you found yourself experiencing very strong telepathic and/or experiential events in both conscious and/or “sleep” state?

On a grander scale, consciousness fusing with the deeper consciousness generates an expansion to such a level becoming ‘The Superconsciousness (as in alignment with galactic/solar system) that you are experiencing real “time” events (in a timeless existence) across the world and galactic planes and so forth. Whether these are close relationships or not,  you are not only hearing, seeing but feeling the vibratory signature more vividly but the “time” in which you experience these events is in the now?  All is relative – Karma, Superconscious and the alignments, though some of these experiences are not new, being in our period of “time” and space is.

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Excluding the joy’s, the sorrows of the bygone era has not been in vein. You have survived and now you should want to begin to create your living.

Keep ramping up those up body Amps – you never know, we may bump into each other on the Superconscious – so clean thoughts ?

Much Love and Light

Lisa W

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