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How To Protect Yourself When Assisting Someone In Their Healing Process

By on July 25, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening

How To Protect Yourself When Assisting Someone In Their Healing Process

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By Reverend Sharon E. Thompson,
Contributing Writer,,


Whether you consider yourself a Healer or not, are a Reiki Practitioner/specialist, Energy Shifter or you practice laying on of hands as means of sharing Light from Divine Source or you are just curious about what happens in the process of shifting energy, you may want to read this article.

The question of the day is; ‘Were does the negative energy go when it is being released from the body during the healing process?

The answer is: it will go anywhere you send it.  This is known in Reiki, Qi Chong, Prana and Massage Therapy modalities. Holding crystals in your hands when doing the work with which you have been blessed to do, instead of laying your hands directly on the individual, making this a part of whatever ritual you may follow when assisting the healing process of another, is highly recommended and I am sure that I am talking to the choir on that fact.

The reason for this is that, as the negative energy seeks to escape, it should be given clear space to exit.  If you have ever had the experience of feeling energy coming from someone that you may be working on, I hope that you would have sent that energy into the Light or at least into the earth, so that it may precede on its own journey.  As we experience the process of Ascension, there shall be many shifts in the frequency of energies that we may perceive. Those of us that may be on the frontline, are in the position to observe that which is unseen to the third dimensional construct, and so we assist by laying hands, clearing space and giving readings for those who are beginning to awaken and may need guideposts to help them   find their way.

This ‘inspiration’ to work with crystals or wands as they have been called are assist  Reiki energy work.  Feeling  the energy of my client coming into my hands,  as an empath, sent the energy into the Light, which was what was needed, however Selenite Wands, wrapped in copper, seemed to work just fine.  How to make such tools in this dimension?

If it is your desire to have such a spiritual tool for assisting in the work that you have been called to do, then make them and claim your authority as an infinite being.



1.  Ask Spirit for guidance with much gratitude for your intention on how to select only that quartz, gemstone, crystals and Vogel crystals, that call to you.

2. Copper and or silver are the conduits that seem to expedite the vibrations of the frequency of the energy for healing.

3. Please, research the properties of the elements you may wish to use for the connection to the Light within you, for I am a messenger, one of many.

4. Always end with gratitude for that which you have begun

When you have prepared this tool of Spiritual essence, be sure to focus your intention as always for the highest good of yourself and those who you may assist in their healing process for we are all healers, some more alert to this fact than others.   Whether you are cutting the cords that bind or clearing entities and attachments that no longer serve the purpose of Light for humanity, weld the brilliance of your Light with confidence, for you are remembering who you are, magnificent, immortal beings of the Light.  As it is above, so it is below.

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Always direct the pains away from you, into the ground, not back to the person and not towards yourself.  In the Islands and in cultures that have been designated ‘Indigenous’, it is not uncommon for the release of the energies to be directed towards a body of water, even a small vessel of water will suffice.

In this lifetime, some call me Reverend Sharon E. Thompson, or as my  Reiki teacher used to refer to me as ‘that one’.    I am 7th generation intuitive and  have just enough authority over myself to complete this article before I head back into my Crystal Cave and padlock the door.  Credentials, such as they are, a Retired Chaplain of  Unity Churches, an ordained Interfaith Minister, a Certified Traditional Usui Reiki Master/ Instructor, Initiate of Kundalini and Kriya Yoga, as well as a Certified Recovery Support Specialist in the State of Florida, and Founder/CEO of the Universal Institute of Energy Healing with a Masters in Psychology as well as Religion  and a Doctorate in Divinity, all make very nice wallpaper for the naked eye, however I write this for the spirit of the Energy that we all share when we are assisting others in their healing process.

Any questions you may have on the details of making wands for yourself, email me at or listen in on my YouTube Channel, ‘YOUAREAHEALER’ Monday and Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm

OM Shanti, Shanti, Namast’e, I Am, We are

Rev. Sharon E. Thompson,  Ret. Chaplain of  Unity Churches, Certified Energy Shifter, Certified Traditional Usui, Reiki Master/ Instructor, Initiate of Kundlini and Kriya Yoga, Certified Recovery Support Specialist, FCB License Provider #5096A, Founder of the Universal Institute of Energy.

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