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The Only Real Thing In This World Of Illusions

By on October 18, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening

The Only Real Thing In This World Of Illusions

by Anne,
Contributing Writer,In5D.com

LOVE is the only real thing in this world of illusions. It is the ultimate healer that transcends ALL time, space and circumstances. Love is infinite, eternal and priceless in its pure essence. It is the key to balance, harmony and enlightenment.

LOVE doesn’t care what you look like, how many degrees you have, or your bank balance. Nor does it care what race, religion, sexual orientation, reputation or perceived status you have. These are ego and separatism.

Love is honest, compassionate, and un-conditional.

Delectable, deliciously satisfying SOUL FOOD!

Like forgiveness love starts with oneself then emanates out from there.

We are ALL deserving of being forgiving.

We are All worthy of being forgiven.

Forgiving how-ever doesn’t mean tolerating duplicity.

Know your own intrinsic innate value and worth.

Forgiveness is freedom. Freedom is power.

LOVE is accessed from and through the heart- space. We enter our heart-space when we love and feel loved. Only by doing inner work of transmuting, forgiving and releasing can we take up permanent residence here. The same formula for getting to and STAYING in 5d.

See, hear, feel, and speak from your heart-space as much as possible.

Monitor and filter your thoughts.

Loving thoughts, turn to loving words

That then become loving actions…

Be an ever-filling honey pot of natural, organic, sweet, healing, golden goodness Plenty to share as sharing is caring. Abundance for ALL!

Be a bright beautiful beacon of love.

A pulsating powerhouse of positive change that we want to see in our world.

Let’s stand TOGETHER, as ONE, in LOVE to project and inspire hope and healing to ALL, for ALL.

Trust, believe, KNOW our dreams are synchronising and manifesting with-in perfect divine timing. We all have the love and support of the whole entire cosmos with-in/with us. For the highest greatest good of all.

The power is NOW!



Arohanui Anne.

(“Big love” in maori)

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