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Riding The Waves Of The Eclipse Roller Coaster

By on July 18, 2018 in Astrology

by Kim Semetis,
Contributing Writer,In5D.com

The Eclipse Season is Upon Us

This can already be felt by those that are sensitive to energy and consciously ascending, actually this can be felt by all but they are not yet aware of what is transpiring.

The partial Solar Eclipse was on last Friday 7-13. This is assisting us to move through our stored emotions at an exponential rate. This is a blessing as it is a time to free ourselves of our old stories and as we do we free ourselves from emotional attachment to our old stories. When we feel an emotion now, notice where in the body this is coming from for this is where it is housed. This is allowing us to see our “triggers” very clearly and say to it “Oh, there you are, I see you, I feel you!”. This is an AHA moment. It is at this very moment of awareness that it is released. It really does become that simple. We, as humans, tend to make it more difficult than it needs to be. Humans tend to like to wallow in their pain for years, not wanting to let go, holding on so very tightly. We complicate the simplest of tasks, this is the ego that holds on thinking it is protecting us when in reality it is prolonging pain and suffering.

Ask the right questions and listen for the answer.

  • Why am I feeling anger, frustration, fear etc.?
  • Where is this coming from?
  • What old story/program/loop cycle is showing up for release?

Then we “FEEL” where this is coming from. We may feel it in our heart, in our solar plexus, in our back or head. When we pay attention this becomes easier and easier as we learn to navigate our emotions.

Now we get to “SEE” our triggers very clearly as never before and say “Oh, there you are. I thought you were gone but here you are again, coming up for review.”. We will begin to notice that the emotion associated with a certain trigger lessens with each review. It is at this very moment as we recognize it for what it is, an old story, a stored emotion that we can immediately release it right there, right then, allowing us to flow through the rest of our day in bliss. It may resurface again but you will notice that it gets fainter each time until it eventually does not exist.


We are now WILLING to see our “stuff”!! YAY!!! As we are no longer continue to push/stuff our emotions back down, numb them with drugs/alcohol/food we are OPENING ourselves UP to a BEAUTIFUL NEW SPACE!

This is a space where emotional pain no longer resides as we release this baggage that we have held onto for much too long. It is a process for sure, but as we consciously navigate it we begin to notice that our physical body pain will subside as well. This is because our emotional pain is stored in the cells of our body so as these emotions are released it also releases physical pain and illness too. It really is that simple.

When we continue to blame our physical issues on family genes (this is victim energy) we miss the point, continue to get more of the same, but when we OPEN our MINDS and OPEN our HEARTS to acknowledge that we are ascending/evolving from carbon based to light bodies, DNA restructuring, this is when family patterns and illnesses get thrown out the window. We are FREE, no longer needing to suffer as our ancestors did before. That was the way of the old.


If we are someone that denies our old stories, emotions and numbs the pain in any way then we will continue down the same road. WHY would we want to do that???

The energies now no longer support repression as it once did before the 2012 gateway. This is a time of rebirth, renewal and WAKING UP. Christed consciousness is here for all and here to stay. There is no turning back and why would we want to? This is an AMAZING TIME TO BE HERE! We are assisting in the GREAT SHIFT and we will all have to do our part no matter how large or how small. Each part we all play is HUGE to the COLLECTIVE SHIFT.

Unconsciousness is moving out as it becomes crystal clear that this is no longer working. We are seeing things much more clearly now in ourselves and others when we choose to no longer be asleep. We dissolve old chains and prisons that we have put ourselves in, seeing now that it was only an illusion. We begin to see that we are all part of a whole. We are all unified on a quantum level and at our very core PURE LOVE UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS!!

7-13-18 Partial Solar Eclipse

7-27 & 7-28-18 Total Lunar Eclipse

8-8-18 Lions Gateway Portal

8-11-18 Partial Solar Eclipse

We will be experiencing HUGE ACTIVATIONS/UPGRADES during this pivotal time and along with this physical issues may be experienced for the next month may include but are not limited to are:

  • Emotional Release
  • Periods of much rest/sleep to integrate the energies
  • Days of not getting much sleep at all even if we are extremely tired
  • Times of being so in tune to the universe that we receive so much information that our human mind cannot keep up (This is QUANTUM)
  • Nausea as we are navigating new dimensions very quickly
  • Headaches- Pineal Gland Activations and rewiring/restructuring new neural pathways in our entire physical structure
  • Body spasms
  • Body pain

As we navigate all new territory as never before it is important to listen to your body and rest when needed, even when it doesn’t make sense and drink more clean water and eat more live foods to support the lightbody. We are enjoying freshly juiced organic watermelon as we write this light encoded article! NUMMY!

As always, I am right here with you and for you in service,

Kim Semetis ~ Divine Warrior Goddess
New Earth Emissary

About the author: Kim is a WayShower, GridKeeper, Gatekeeper of the NEW EARTH. She has dedicated her life to service of all of humanity. She offers private sessions by phone or in person. Dubbed as the Divine Warrior Goddess by her guides in 2016 because she intuitively gets to the heart of the matter not only in herself but with her clients to get in there and identify the root cause of their pain and suffering so that it can be faced, healed and then finally released once and for all. This will also in turn, heal issues from past-lives as well and will affect all timelines of the individual in a very positive and profound way! She takes much joy and delight to see her clients learn, grow and heal! Kim also holds workshops to assist souls to move forward on their souls journey in this human incarnation as she guides and assists them in too many ways to list here. If you would like to book a session or be notified of upcoming classes and or online courses please go to her website: Quantum Transformational Sessions. | Website home page | Watch our facebook page for discounted sessions to assist all on this journey | For latest videos and activations, go to my YouTube Channel: Divine Warrior Goddess

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