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Shifting With The Shift

By on April 4, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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by Suzanne Forcese,
Contributing Writer,

As we move with the Great Shift we are of necessity required to uplevel in consciousness to alignment and balance.  Our upshift can be eased by clearing those mis-understandings, mis-conceptions and mis-directions held within our core beliefs.

All forms of mis-creative energies that have accumulated, expanded and intertwined throughout the repetitive genetic codes of our DNA are now being activated by the higher frequencies reaching us at this time in our evolution. For all of us this is manifesting in varied forms of dis-comfort and dis-ease. The higher frequencies are not a match for those lower emotional frequencies that we hold within the sub-conscious.  Therefore during the activations we are feeling a shake-up, as it were, compelling us to pay attention to all our dis-cordant thoughts, feelings and experiences.  Knowing as we do that like attracts like we are aware that these lower vibrational frequencies trapped within our subconscious and therefore also in our genetic coding are calling forth more of the same.

This is the duality of lower vibrational frequencies clashing with the higher frequencies. For the two to overlap and mesh space must be created by releasing all those emotions that no longer serve our highest good.

As those higher frequencies continue to pierce with laser precision through the crust of layers and layers of outdated and useless information stored in our belief systems we are being afforded the opportunity to release.  It does however mandate a voluntary shift.

It is at its basis a shift in perception that will unlock the possibilities.  Much like the man trapped in a darkened cave who is paralyzed  in terror by the shadows he casts we too have become cemented in many of our beliefs. That trapped man only has to turn his gaze ever so slightly to see the mouth of the cave through which brilliant sunlight is flooding a possibility of escape.

Blind acceptance of generational dictates of a patriarchal command are no longer congruent with the birthing of the New Earth.  The new emergence is to be ushered in by the Sacred Feminine Energy as she redefines and reshapes the cradle of the Sacred Masculine Energy holding space for the Balance of At-one-ment.

The greatest gift is in knowing we are the co-creators of our New Earth. Simply by shifting our gaze and being buoyed with infinite possibility we are the One.

About the Author: Suzanne Forcese, Healing Facilitator, Coach, Teacher and Author of Prime Time: Structured Energies For Peak Life Experiences, Friesen Press, lives in Victoria Beach, Canada.  Her new endeavor ( together with her partner Dr.Kathleen Tallent) TOTAL ENCHANTMENT – JOURNEYS IN ASCENSION,  an interactive/ transformational Masterclass Series will be making its debut in the crystal vortex of Hot Springs, Arkansas in November 2018.

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