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Simon Parkes – Changing The Future

By on January 13, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening

Simon Parkes - Changing The Future

Kerry Cassidy interviews Simon Parkes in person in the UK during the holidays. We go in depth on numerous topics.

We talk about pedophilia, ascension, Reptilians, Nordics, Anunnaki, Project Avalon Forum, Trump, Putin, Mantis beings, and the future.

Orion Empire and Sirian Confederation (more reptilian).

Reptilians masquerade as Nordics.

Anunnaki were genetically manipulated and are awaiting the return of THEIR overlords.  The Vatican’s LUCIFER telescope is used for that purpose.

There are two spherical objects in space (assumed to be heading our way).  One has nothing on it, the other is inhabited.

Like souls will attract like souls, e.g. Pleiadian, Reptilians, etc… but you may be attracted to other souls of different origins because in the past, you may have worked with (or been part of) that origin.  This helps to explain soul connections regardless of race or ethnicity.

Parkes finds the Buddhist religion “the most close” (to spiritual reality) in reference to “soul”.

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