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Solar Flare Brings In New Light Codes

By on March 21, 2019 in Energy Updates, Spiritual Awakening
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Solar Flare Brings In New Light Codes

by Celia Fenn,

We can expect an energetic wave that will lift us across the coming days into a strange and magical new world.


Everything is changing so fast, we are vibrating at ever higher frequencies and receiving Light Codes at an ever accelerating pace.

First wave ascenders are preparing to bridge into New Earth, second and third waves are working on their light bodies and grounding the soul in the body. It is an ongoing process, with each new wave lifting us higher and taking us further.

EARTH-DIRECTED SOLAR FLARE (UPDATED): Northern spring began with a bang. On March 20th at 1118 UT, new sunspot AR2736 exploded, producing a C4-class solar flare that lasted more than an hour. (

Just as I predicted, the Equinox has been marked by the return of a Solar Flare, as opposed to magnetic solar winds and storms.

Solar Flares are electrical in nature and express the masculine energy. So, as we are receiving and grounding new light codes for the new masculine, so we can expect Solar Flares to begin to increase in 2019.

The predominant colors I am seeing in the Light Code transmissions from the Sun are still Aqua and Indigo, representing the new masculine energy (Aqua) and the cleansing energy of the Indigo/Violet light frequencies.

So, ride the waves, surrender to the process, and see you on the other side!

Celia Fenn

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