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MUST READ! The Spiritual Significance of Solar Flares and Geomagnetic Storms

By on January 20, 2023 in Enlightening Articles, Science with 0 Comments

The Spiritual Significance of Solar Flares and Geomagnetic Storms

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Solar flares, geomagnetic storms and DNA upgrades, the ultimate trifecta of spiritual evolution. Can you imagine it? The universe sending a surge of cosmic energy to give your DNA a little upgrade, like a free upgrade to first class on a flight. Next thing you know, you’ll be able to see in the dark, communicate telepathically and photosynthesize like a plant. And all thanks to a solar flare or geomagnetic storm!

Space weather events, such as solar flares and electromagnetic storms, can have a significant impact on humans on various levels, including mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.


What are Solar Flares?

According to wiki, A solar flare is a sudden flash of brightness observed near the Sun’s surface. It involves a very broad spectrum of emissions, requiring an energy release of up to 6 × 1025 joules of energy (roughly the equivalent of 160,000,000,000 megatons of TNT…

Flares are often, but not always, accompanied by a coronal mass ejection. The flare ejects clouds of electrons, ions, and atoms through the corona of the sun into space. These clouds typically reach Earth a day or two after the event.

Solar flares are like the sun’s way of letting off steam, it’s like it’s having a really bad day and just needs to release all that pent up energy. But don’t worry, it’s not a sign that the sun is mad at us or anything like that, it’s just it’s way of keeping things in balance. But let’s be real, it’s not just the sun, we all have bad days and need to release some energy. The next time you see a solar flare, just think of it as the sun’s way of doing a little cosmic yoga, just stretching and releasing all that tension.

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The Solar Flare Impact: How it Affects Our Health and Wellbeing

Solar flares are a space weather event that can have a significant impact on our bodies, minds and ability to cope. They can affect our brain function, sense of balance, central nervous system, emotional and psychological well-being, and behavior. On a deeper level, they can also serve to transform us at the cellular level, breaking down old patterns and encouraging changes in our lives, often on a subconscious level. This internal shifting may bring up fears and emotions to the surface.

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18 Signs Your Body is Being Impacted by Geomagnetic Storms

1. Headaches or migraines, including feelings of pressure in the head.  Also see Ascension Symptoms: Aches, Pains And Headaches

2. Feeling disoriented, agitated, or unwell.

3. Fatigue or exhaustion.  Also see In5D Presents Metaphysical Explanations Of Why You’re Feeling Unusually Tired Lately

4. Nausea or discomfort in the stomach.

5. Rapid or irregular heartbeats, palpitations. Also see Metaphysical Explanations Of Specific Physical Aches, Pains And Sicknesses

6. Hypertension (high blood pressure).

7. Hot flashes.

8. Tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Also see Do You Hear Perpetual High Pitched Frequencies?

9. Dizziness, jitteriness, or vertigo. Also see Ascension Symptoms, Vertigo, The Event – In5D FB Live w/ Gregg Prescott Ep. #10

10. Visual disturbances.

11. Confusion, disorientation, forgetfulness, or shortterm memory loss 

12. Sleep disturbances, such as insomnia, waking up early or late, or feeling unrefreshed

13. Vivid or stressful dreams. Also see Are Your Dreams Becoming More Intense And Vivid?

14. Feeling stressed or anxious. Also see Are You Feeling Empathic Stress?

15. Irritable mood or depression, sadness, grief, despair. Also see 21 Tips for Light Workers To Better Understand, Minimize, or Avoid Depression

16. Increased sensitivity or feeling overwhelmed. Also see Empaths: Coping With Sensitivity And Empathic Gifts

17. Feeling like you’ve lost track of time, or that the day has flown by. Also see: Schumann Resonance And The Time Speeding Up Phenomenon

18. Technical and telecommunication disturbances, such as computers malfunctioning.

What are the effects of geomagnetic storms on humans?

Geomagnetic storms are a powerful reminder of the interconnectedness of all things in the universe. They may have an impact on our lives, even if we are not aware of it. Some believe that these storms, much like solar flares, can be a conduit for us to receive “downloads” of energy and help us move towards a higher spiritual and energetic state, known as the “lightbody.” These storms can also assist in the transformation and alteration of our DNA, but it is a gradual process. It is important to remember that these storms are not something to be feared, but rather an opportunity for growth and spiritual evolution. They remind us that we are not separate from the universe, but rather a part of it and that we have the potential to transcend our physical limitations and reach a higher state of consciousness.

12 Signs You’re Being Affected by Geomagnetic Storms

1. Headaches or migraines.

2. Respiratory difficulties.

3. Sleep disturbances (such as insomnia, interrupted sleep, or difficulty getting a full night’s rest).

4. Tingling sensations in the head (associated with crown chakra activation).

5. Irritable mood.

6. Losing or misplacing items, or having them unexpectedly return.

7. Experiencing time distortions or glitches, such as feeling that time has passed more quickly or slowly than it actually has.  Also see How To Slow Down Time When It Feels Like It’s Speeding Up

8. Increased awareness of other dimensions. Also see 30 Signs That You Are Wired Differently Than “Normal” People

9. Heightened paranormal activity, including seeing or sensing spirits. Also see In5D Radio – Paranormal Extravaganza – Episode 24

10. Sudden, unexpected insights or revelations.

11. Experiencing the “Mandela Effect”. Also see The Bifurcation Of Time and the Mandela Effect

12. Technology or telecommunication devices malfunctioning or behaving erratically.

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Preparing for Space Weather: 13 Tips for Mental and Physical Well-being

​Don’t let a little space weather get you down! Here’s a list of ways to weather the storm (literally) during periods of intense solar activity. And hey, they’re also great for when you’re feeling a little too cosmic (Cue the eye roll) 🙄 🤣.

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1. Soak in a salt bath for stress relief.

2. Practice stress-busting activities like meditation, yoga, or aromatherapy.

3. Supplement with magnesium.

4. Hydrate with plenty of pure water.

5. Fuel your body with healthy foods.

6. Cut back on caffeine and alcohol.

7. Indulge in relaxing scents and aromatherapy.

8. Practice stillness, relaxation and breathing exercises.

9. Get moving with gentle exercise, but don’t overdo it.

10. Spend time in nature for a mood boost.

11. Give yourself a break and avoid being too hard on yourself.

12. Think positive and use affirmations.

13. Avoid negative people and drama-filled situations.

So, next time you’re feeling a little extra emotional or experiencing some strange physical symptoms, don’t blame yourself. It’s probably just a little space weather event giving you a cosmic tune-up. Think of it as the universe’s way of giving you a free therapy session or spa day. And who knows, you might even come out of it with some new spiritual abilities. Maybe you’ll finally be able to levitate or see into the future. The possibilities are endless. Just remember, space weather isn’t just for planet Earth, it’s for the evolution of your soul too. Namaste, space weather.

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In5D Addendum

Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor,

Have you noticed that you sometimes get tired for no apparent reason?  Ask yourself, “Was there recent solar activity?”  If so, then this may be the reason!

This article gives you some of the tell-tale signs of the physical symptoms we receive from geomagnetic storms. During space weather, it appears our bodies expend a lot of energy assimilating these new photonic energies but at the same time, it’s absorbing a lot of new energies. You can view this as a system upgrade. Out with the old, in with the new!

Additionally, the pineal gland plays a major role during solar storms and geomagnetic activity. Whenever I really need to get some rest but I’m having a hard time falling asleep, I’ll take 5mg of melatonin. During these geomagnetic storms, the pineal gland produces excess melatonin, which helps to explain why we feel tired during these storms. So, if you are feeling tired during solar activity, now you know why.

This also is a great way to see if your pineal gland is calcified or not.  If you’ve felt unusually tired during any significant space weather, then your pineal gland is working perfectly! So, the decalcification of the pineal gland is one of the fantastic benefits of geomagnetic storms.

So with everything that’s going on around us right now, it’s easy to get distracted and to lose focus of the energies that are coming in and where we’re placing our own thoughts and energies.

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Stay grounded as much as possible 🌳 🌊🌲☀️🌴and enjoy the ride 🙏🏻💗

Sending you all infinite LOVE and Light!


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