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Spiritual Warriors – Forerunners – Empaths – First Wavers

By on September 16, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Spiritual Warriors - Forerunners - Empaths - First Wavers

by Anastacia,
Australian Correspondent,

We are the forerunners that have been working so diligently and hard behind the scenes of humanity…the layer below.


Transmuting through our human emotions and bodies through experience and some for a while now.

Blue Rays, Indigos, Starseeds and more

We are the quiet ones (internally) that felt so much and deeply from a young age yet we were not heard and many of us went within into our own silent worlds or a world of escapism, what ever that was for each of us….to cope.

We endured so much as we were transmuting for not only ourselves but our families and humanity.


We learnt different methods that were unique for each of us to cope and many of us wore masks to ‘fit in’ and function, while deep inside we knew we were ‘different’.

Many of us needed to resort to operating from our ‘heads/ego’ to cope as that was the only way of coping and surviving…until NOW.

As we are so powerful and didn’t know it and didn’t know how to handle it and others saw it and took advantage of this.


We are not ‘out there’ or on the ‘world stage’ as others….as humanity was not ready for us (and no we don’t need to be on the ‘world stage’ necessarily…that is just a comment as to being visible in the world).

We have been at the ‘coal face’ – the ‘underground movement’ – ‘the front line’ of transmuting the energies through our personal experiences…and many of us have faced some of the deepest and hardest trials.

Which all have been necessary for our souls growth and humanities collective growth.

Yet we are not as ‘seen’ as others who are sharing and writing and channelling messages.


Those energies have their place and purpose in humanities Ascension, yet we are needing to link the ‘layer above’ to the ‘layer below’…the spirit to the human being, to be whole and balanced and through our EMOTIONS….and this is where many of us come into play.

As now our time is very much HERE…as many of us have waited a very long time for this…and there is much unconditional love for all those who have shared and channeled all they have…but there is more…and we are the ‘more’.


There are so many of us forerunners and first wavers that have being doing it ‘solo’ for a long time and now there is no need to.

It is time for us to come out and shine out lights and be our TRUE selves…and to re-connect.

Yet this can take a little time as we have been inside ourselves for a long time and it can take a little for one to grow into their power and ‘come out’ so-to-speak.

‘Ascension cannot be Rushed Fooled or Cheated’…no matter who a soul is or what their souls purpose is here….we ultimately chose to come and have a human experience through our emotions to grow and learn on our souls ascension journey.

As our emotions is where our POWER lays….our so called ‘weaknesses’ from others or vulnerability is our actual Strength!


The top layer of information can only go so far…as the rest is the ‘internal’ the ‘layer below’.

As that is what has been missing in all the posts I read and the seminars and talks and so on.

And so it is time to fill that ‘gap’ to give the rest of the picture of all that is being shared.

I am here as an Ascended Master experiencing and growing with you…at the ‘coal face’….in being very real through experiencing through myself…and sharing an ongoing update of the energies coming to our planet that is not written anywhere else…a guide to humanities ascension, through the core of my soul from personal experience.

I am here for those souls that resonate to this post and are ready to let you know you are not alone and there is support in unconditional love, truth and honesty.


We need to be the light in all we do and are.

And not allow ourselves to get dragged back into others’ energy…as this is challenging for those that are in contact with/working with other souls.


As we are in an integration process into the 5D and this takes time and is facet by facet.

As souls are saying that we can now feel instantly this energy and yes it is here and it can be felt at our souls core most definitely and I have written past posts on this…yet the Integration takes time!

And is it so wonderful that we are so lovingly supported by above now more than ever, the relief is here!

Many souls are just realizing this bit by bit as it takes time to integrate….as ‘knowing and experiencing are worlds apart’…so as souls are experiencing they are finding they are clearer and in new spaces and while we still need to do what our souls need to, IT IS EASIER NOW.


As this is where we are learning our lessons through interaction with other souls.

As we are unable to do this alone…we are needing our spiritual soul group and families.

And we are needing to talk and table how we are FEELING for our CONSCIOUSNESS to release and grow….this part is vital to our souls Ascension!.


So remember to put yourself in your own bubble and then put a distance between you and others to give you and your energy some space.

We need to do the cut cord and protection methods (prev BB) regularly as we are of light….and this attracts the darker energies/those energies that are needing to be in the light….as they are needing to transmute and are drawn to the light (separate post coming on this as there is much ‘illusion’ going on in the upper realms).


But we are no longer here to take others energies on or transmute for others directly as we actually are not able to anymore.

Instead we do this indirectly by focusing on ourselves firstly…by FEELING within…then all else flows out to the outer/others.

And in this way we empower ourselves and this allows others the opportunity to empower themselves.


As this is survival time – literally now…as can be seen around the world near you or on the media.

Souls are going, moving on, checking out…and that is because it is their time to go from the human…as the soul continues learning and growing when it leaves our physical body…it doesn’t end here.

Yet we are still here…as we have more to do within ourselves for the greater good and the collective…and on ALL levels, not just ours.


We are the Spiritual Warriors and it is our time to be heard and seen.

This is slowly happening now as more and more souls are coming out to me now and relating and resonating and finding that they are not alone.

We need to unite in unconditional love…that we all have something to share and bring to humanity…through ourselves.

And it can take a while to ‘work’ out or grow into what that is…and thats okay as that is part of the learning and growing…you know, the journey ;-).

But you being who you are right now is just beautiful and ‘perfect’ as we are ‘perfect in our imperfections’….as all is as it is meant to be.


So thank you for all your soul has endured this lifetime and it has not been for ‘nothing’…as it has not been unseen or not noticed by above.

As humanity would not be where they are without all those souls that have been transmuting for how ever long…as really it does not matter for how long as it is not a competition as we are all in this together and all have different roles to ‘play’.

As we walk by ourselves on our own personal journeys while holding hands.

It is very much time for the ‘unseen to be seen’….the layer below, to rise up and shine and come forth.

As we are what we have been missing and waiting for.

And it is our time to receive the ‘abundance’ which comes in many forms…as we have so very much earned it.

As always I am right here with you.

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty

Anastacia Kompos

6D Ascension Pioneer
Ascended Earth Master
Australian Correspondent in5d

About the author: Anastacia is in Service to humanity and Gaia, as an Ascended Earth Master in 6D human embodiment, in linking our Soul to our Spirit, through our emotions. Bringing through unique ‘genuine’ energy updates as gift as a Template for humanity, as these energies come directly in and through her human vessel from Spirit. A direct link of Pure Divine Light with Spirit/Source.

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