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Starseeds And Starbeings

By on August 8, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Starseeds And Starbeings

by Olga Star,
Contributing writer,

Perhaps you yourself did not feel you fit well on earth or perhaps you have met people who you believe are not humans at all, or perhaps you’ve heard time and time again the word Starseed.


In very simple terms, Starseeds are not of Human descendance. Though there is a debate going on with regards whether humans are Starseeds, based on my knowledge, humans originated from Starseeds, but humanity evolved of its own accord and therefore we do have pure humans, or Earthseeds if you like. And while many find it offensive to be called a human when there are so many Starbeings reincarnating to earth, I’d hasten to add that ‘pure’ humans are true marbles of the universe. And they have an important role to play.

So who are Starseeds and why are they here?

You may have heard such big words as awakening, lightworkers (as many of us here are!) and divine beings. All these terms came to life to facilitate the process of humanity’s ascension to the next spiritual level. In order to facilitate such a process, as it is a joint venture and every planet and being of our universe will be involved one way or another (willingly or unwillingly… yes, we have some who are rebels against humanity’s ascension), many beings of our planets, from our universe, and even a few from other universes have volunteered reincarnate. That is not just because humanity needs help here and now, but because the Starseeds and Starbeings need to learn and grasp the knowledge and wisdom of humanity, in particular to engage with the energy we commonly refer to as heart chakra. As well as to facilitate human ‘relocation’ to other planets during and after the ascension process.

Here are the most common Starseeds and Starbeings that you may recognize in yourself or your friends that are currently reincarnated and reincarnating into a human form so to speak:


A common misunderstanding about angels is they are superior beings. The reality is Angels are team-members, guards, lightworkers and helpers. The reason we use the expression ‘you are such an angel’ is the best way to describe what they actually are. They do not live our life for us, but they help when we ask, even if we don’t verbalize it.


Somewhat similar to angels on a vibrational level but I feel they are more in-line with the work of elementals. As Dolphins are really highly evolved beings and we have many many of them of the 5th dimension swimming in our waters, they do work on several levels simultaneously. Speaking plainly, they are somewhat ominous even on our plane. Most of them do stay in a dolphin form however and do not reincarnate as humans, but! You may be able to channel some of them or communicate with them. They are healers first of all.


This is a true ‘race’, and I use the word ‘race’ very loosely here of the most magnificent light workers. They are pure light and they were the key beings in acknowledging that reptilian races are not evil. Saying all that, Pleiadeans suffered a lot in the hands of reptilian beings and when they reincarnate on earth, the 3D density of the earth takes over and awakes that old fear or ‘rejection’ of reptilians. It is sad to watch, but it’s challenging to control your state in 3D no matter how evolved you are, so reptilians – give them some slack!

The key aspect of Pleiadeans is their magnificent crystal city, which was created to facilitate the process of transformation, healing (for ALL beings of this universe) and joint meetings with the Galactic council. There is a lot to this ‘race’ but perhaps we will keep this subject for some other time. In simple terms, if you are all about love and light… and crystals 😉 … the chances are you are Pleiadean at your origin.


A lot can be said about the reptilian ‘races’, some have completed the transformation and some still not. However, they do feel somewhat neglected next to the human race. While there is an inner knowledge in me why they feel they are superior to the human race, they fail to see that ‘ego’ needs to be put to rest for the joint ascension of our whole universe… However, who am I to say that, when in my human form I’ll fight for my ego. So don’t be horrified by reptilians, there are some seriously good beings out there. They are truly magnificent warriors of the universe, once they reach their own awakening.


This is a large group of beings that encompasses elves, pixies and others, others we don’t even have the names for. However, fairies are part of elementals. And it’s easier to speak of them as a whole group: Elementals. This group includes unicorns so loved by many. Elementals have a very high frequency of vibrations and though they will be also playing a key role in human ascension. Elementals are all about fun and happiness, so you might find them somewhat withdrawn or struggling with dense human obligations. Let’s not even talk about money or chores. They simply can’t bear the weight of those energies.

Obviously there are more and more, but I think that should awaken some of your knowledge to continue on your own spiritual journey and of course let me know if you want more detailed info on any other type or other beings I did not mention here.

Lots of love and light,

Olga Star
Spiritual teacher

Olga Star is a founder of Starseeds School & Sanctuary in England and is a practicing Spiritual Teacher for the last ten years.

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