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How Starseeds Can Ask For Help From Angelic Realms

By on October 17, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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How Starseeds Can Ask For Help From Angelic Realms

by Olga Star,
Contributing writer,

More and more Starseeds are becoming aware of the fact they come from another planet or another planetary (not solar) system. Which makes many of them re-ask questions that they thought they had found answers to before.

When it comes to Angels and Archangels, many Starseeds don’t realise that many other planets or alien races have their own angelic realms. Yes, many other extra-terrestrials are not only aware of their angelic realms but use their help and guidance quite regularly. So, should you ask for Angels of your own realms for their help? You can, but it is really not necessary, as you are now here, on our beautiful planet earth and you are also under the protection and guidance of our angelic realm. That is should you choose to accept, or put simply, ask, for their help.

There are more and more, sadly to say quite famous people and reputable sources, state that you can no longer ask for help from such well known Archangels as Michael, Metatron and others, as according to these people words ‘As more and more learn about angelic realms, less and less they will help you. Unless your case is really important.’ I took the liberty of paraphrasing it slightly so that the google search won’t lead you directly to the person I quoted here. As it is that person’s belief – so they shall receive.

The truth is, the more people ask for help, the more you empower the angelic realms. Angels and Archangels work in tandem as a Collective power, and they are way ahead of us with regards to oneness and telepathic communication. Hence if a particular angelic deity feels there is a need of more angelic interference or support – leave it to them. They’ll do what is possible and relevant to you and other current circumstances.

I am not even a big fan of asking for help from angelic realms, though I somewhat got ‘used’ to the fact they are always with me given my work and amount of people I work with. Yet we all may take them for granted at times, so I simply wanted to share a story of how Angels ARE AWARE of your situation and will help you even if you only asked them once! As long as you’ve accepted and welcomed help and guidance from angelic realms;

‘It was typical Friday morning with regular busy traffic in our usually grey London. I was driving my child to our morning activities and we were signing our daily rhymes, ‘Five Little Ducks’ seemed to be the tune of the morning. A traffic light ahead turned red and I pressed the breaks. As the traffic light changed to amber, a little white feather appeared in front of my car’s window’s screen. Quite a common sight given how many pigeons and other birds inhabit Central London, yet the way that tiny feather was moving in a horizontal line rather than falling down made me give in to a tiny little nudge I felt. The moment I ‘gave in’ I was somewhat taken out of my body, my foot is still pressing the brake, and for a split second that surely felt like a good ten minutes, I was floating together with that white feather. Then just as suddenly I was back in the car, still singing rhymes with my child and releasing the brake. … And there, at that very moment, I’ve realised a car, I have not seen coming was overtaking us, and had I not paused, that car would have run right into my car’s side, right where my child was sitting.’

I was quite shaken by witnessing such a surreal situation, and yet it reminded me how angels will always look after you should you simply let them into your life.

And how to ask for help exactly?

No matter your beliefs, your background, your previous reincarnations, remember one thing: Angels are here to help and guide you, so ask away.

Pick any Angel or Archangel you feel closest to vibrationally.

Where vibrationally means – you feel most related to or you feel you can connect with their energy. Remember, it doesn’t matter that the very Angel you are asking for help will be there for you, so it really is easier to address them as Angelic realms if you are not sure who is your favourite angel. If still unsure, pick ten names of better known or recognized Angels or Archangels and the one that feels somewhat ‘talking to you’ start dialogue with that one.


Be very clear about what it is you need. Guidance? Ask for Guidance in such and such matter. Job interview? Ask Angels to communicate with the Angels closest to the people interviewing you for your job. Relationship issues? Ask them to help you to solve your issues with the best possible outcome for both parties involved. You can also ask for general protection. A few years ago, I’d been asking Archangel Michael to watch over my car and my driving (I was a new driver), then I completely forgot about it and look how it paid off!

Let go.

And trust that Angels are watching your back and working hard on your behalf to make sure that not only your wish will be realised but also it will be realised in the best possible way for your life journey.

This is the most difficult part. Watch out for signs.

Separate what are signs and what is a distraction. Keep a diary to observe the pattern or similarities between for example a specifically coloured feather appearing in front of you and the situation turning out to be beneficial to you in some ways. For some, depending on your senses, it would be a word from a TV presenter that struck a chord with you. It also helps to pay attention of signs that are somewhat slightly unusual, as in my case the feather was floating horizontally.

Act accordingly.

The most neglected step. Angels are capable of many things, but at the end, it is your responsibility to grasp an opportunity and act.

And if you get any angelic help let me know!

Lots of love and light,

Olga Star
Spiritual teacher

Olga Star is a founder of Starseeds School & Sanctuary in England and is a practicing Spiritual Teacher for the last ten years.

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