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Starseeds: Collective And Angels

By on November 24, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening

Starseeds: Collective And Angels

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by Olga Star,
Contributing writer,

As a Starseed perhaps you are familiar with Angels and yet somewhat less familiar with the word Collective. And yet you feel there is more to you, there is a bigger ‘I’ for you. If you strongly believe such is the case, there is big likelihood that it is your Collective. Where Collective usually stands for the collective energy, that you as a Starseed are a part of. Often it is your very soul group family but not always. For many of you Starseeds, prior to this reincarnation on Earth, you have formed bonds with your previous family members or beings across your other journeys and reincarnations. And it is very possible that with some of them, you became ONE, for a permanent or a temporary existence. You formed common goals and perhaps a purpose of sorts.


And as always there are exceptions to the rules and if you are a very rare case, your collective energy is your true and only ‘I’ and this reincarnation is in fact your first separation ever. It really is very rare and for those who happened to go through their first separation as ‘I’ makes it particularly challenging to exist and fulfil their purpose in our Earthly environment.

And this knowing or recognition of oneness with your fuller ‘I’ or your collective energy is where it gets interesting. You see, Starseeds are peculiar beings, in addition to you very likely feeling being grander and superior to humans, you may get occasionally completely taken over by a belief that your collective or your channelled beings are enough.

As a Starseed you may find it challenging to be as flexible here as in your spiritual form. Sometimes it may not even be about flexibility but your determination to achieve your purpose at all costs. Your pure love for humans you came here with, may take a reverse path and make you feel rejected, devalued, frustrated and unappreciated. Love and hate relationships with humanity starts to creep in and before you know it, all you care about is your collective, the beings you are part of or the beings you communicate telepathically with. The angels are also pushed aside, as they are too gentle for your liking and not as obviously supporting to your cause.

At times when Angelic realms are what you need the most, you push them away as everything human you came to love, prior to this reincarnation.

You see, your collective has your ‘collective’ interest at heart, there is even a small chance that humanity is not the priority in your journey ahead, yet there is something you are learning to support your next journeys. And that’s where Angels are true marvels of the universe. Many planets have their Angelic realms: beings that have decided to stay as guides and guards to the population of the planet and the planet itself. The planet they are Angelic realms for.

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Here on Earth, we have an Angelic realm. Angelic beings, or beings we refer to as Angels have humanity and Earths’ interest at heart. Yet they understand the importance of our ascension and awakening processes. It is very likely that you have had a form of contract or agreement with our Angelic realms prior to reincarnation. They facilitated for you the process of reincarnation and they are here to help you to fulfil your purpose in the best interests for humanity and the Earth.


At times when you feel most isolated, you turn back to what you know, your family, your existence, your collective energy and push away the humanity and everything that is associated with it- Angelic realms included. When what you actually want to do is to let the Angels back into your life. They see you and your heartache better then you know, and they can help you restore that precious love for humanity you came with. You can ask them for help, guidance and the right people to come into your life.

In simple terms, your collective may not even care about the Earth or humanity, but our Angels do. And who else if not them can understand how you, a Starseed, who is now part human and part the real self that you are, feel here on Earth.

Angels are not superior to you, nor do they work for you. Yet they have no judgement and they will help you, as long as you let them to. Simply ask them at times when you feel less human to bring you back your true feelings towards humanity. Ask them to help you connect with your fellow humans better. Ask Angels to help you and your collective energy to facilitate your purpose. In the best interests for you, your collective and humanity.

Your collective energy is not superior or lesser then Angelic realms. It’s not about the ranking but about facilitation of your energy and your purposes within our Earthly community and your now fellow humans.

Let the Angels guide you on your spiritual journey. You are not alone or just with your collective energy when pursuing your purpose here.

Love and Light,

Olga Star x
Spiritual teacher

Olga Star is a founder of Starseeds School & Sanctuary in England and is a practicing Spiritual Teacher for the last ten years.

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