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Supernatural Event Coming Soon!

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Supernatural Event Coming Soon

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.,
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor,

As a visionary, I receive messages through my dreams, 3rd eye, and often times, directly from Source. In the past, I’ve spoken about a dream where I saw 3 massive tidal waves that will arrive which are basically waves of transformational energy, not water.  It’s not a catastrophic event but one of transformation.



In a 3rd eye vision, I saw (what looked like) myself standing in front of me while a huge wave of white light floods the planet.  When that happens, the only thing you’ll feel is unconditional love magnified more than anything you’ve ever felt before.  ALL 3rd dimensional worries, such as money, politics, relationship issues, etc… will be completely gone.


My guides have been telling me to pass on the information that we all should be focusing on keeping our vibration high while emphasizing the importance of grounding yourself as often as possible.  As we’ve been noticing, those who are not grounded are literally “losing it”.

My guides have also expressed the importance of LOVE, GRATITUDE, and FORGIVENESS as being 3 of the most important things we can do right now, outside of maintaining a high vibration and grounding ourselves.

In a psychic session with Rachel Kirkland, my guides told her in unison, “JOB WELL DONE” as if they were implying that if I had my life review today, there was nothing more I needed to do. Her message was confirmation of what I was receiving from my guides as well.

Even recently, a video by David Wilcock and Corey Goode mentioned the “solar flash” that will transform the planet as we currently know it.

It’s not a coincidence that I was given this video by someone who has witnessed many of my visions and messages first hand and can corroborate just about everything I’ve already mentioned.


In this video, hypnosis practitioner Alison Coe, recently received similar messages from her clients about a supernatural event that everybody will witness:

“Within the year, there’s going to be a supernatural event… a burst of energy coming from the sky and it’s going to create a split.  Basically, some people were going to stay and some people were going to go into a new dimension… a new Earth. They’re not actually leaving their location.  They’re going deeper.

People here on Earth right now, their purpose is to come into this Earth and act as lightning rods for this new energy  to come.  They’re all over the globe. They’re acting as a magnet for this energy to come in. Their job is done.  The energy is coming.  There’s nothing they need to continue to do except stay connected (grounded), keep their vibration high, (and) don’t go into fear. Fear is of a low vibration and joy, love, abundance, etc… is of a high vibration, so you want to keep your vibration high.”

In a different session with a client in May of 2017, Alison was told that the energy would be coming in 8-10 months, which basically gives a time frame between January and March of 2018. While I’ve been given glimpses of the future, I’ve never been given specific dates.

“Everything is going to change.  People need to stay out of fear.  Some people are going to the new Earth (and) some people are staying (here) based on their personal choice, their soul choice.  Some people (will) want to stay to help people who are remaining here and some people are going to populate this new area.”

Many people who have been doing their work, maintaining a high vibration, grounding themselves, living in the vibration of love while living in the heart can sense and feel that something HUGE and IMPENDING is on the horizon.  Many of us have received messages through various ways about what to expect and this video by Alison is basically confirmation about what we have seen, felt, and experienced in regard to the new Earth.

Sending you all infinite Love & Light,


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