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The 11th Hour Of Great Change

By on June 30, 2022 in Awareness with 0 Comments

The 11th Hour Of Great Change

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11th Hour

by Teri Wade,
Contributing Writer,

Many of you that have awakened to the evil and incredible atrocities that has been happening on this planet pretty much our entire existence are the ones that are going to transform this planet. It’s called the Golden Age! The ignorant, inexperienced and those who want to remain stagnant will have no effect on this transformation whatsoever. It is no coincidence those of you who have awakened to this information through DNA upgrades and activation are here to navigate others through these end times transitioning to this Golden Age.


Many of these way showers have incarnated on this planet for this specific reason at this particular time in our history. Meaning, you came out of your long spiritual, mental hibernation. You have come to realize you are here to help the massive process that’s currently happening on our planet. Meaning, your cellular memory has been timed, programmed and triggered to go off at certain times in this critical time in our history. I believe this is what happened to me. (The grocery store incident.)

We are breaking through those restraints that have halted our progress for thousands of years. A soul awakening requires the expansion of our existing beliefs beyond our programmed belief system. I know I sound like a broken record but you have to unlearn everything that you have been taught to be true.

Soooo think about this…

We have two biological strands which are the two strands on the outside spiraling up, the inter-dimensional strands are the ones bridging those two biological strands and as you can see in the photo they’ve been cut. So that means those inter-dimensional strands couldn’t talk to our biological strands this is what has been done to us. We have been cut off from all of our inter-dimensional abilities through DNA manipulation, splicing and dicing as I call it.

So basically, there are two biological strands with 10 inter-dimensional aspects within them. That’s how we arrive at the 12 strands.

We always hear about the return of the “Christ” what it really means is those that will embody this new genetic code. Which means you will move beyond the limitations of human form. In moving beyond limitation you also move beyond fear. This means eventually our civilization will move into unconditional love and what a complete different existence that will be.

We are also in the process of uniting the left and right hemispheres of the brain which was the way we were designed to be at the time of our creation! We will gain access to the creativity and abilities of those higher dimensions. Meaning, all the wisdom and cosmic information which is stored within us. Basically, we are reconnecting with the information that has laid dormant in us for thousands of years.


That reality is where all of our psychic abilities are, telepathy, healing abilities, time travel, that’s where your entire Akashic records are held and much, much more! This dark enemy is trying to erase the original blueprint of the human DNA that we are clawing our way back to. These higher frequencies are bringing us back to our original blueprint as at the time of our creation. These dark rulers are trying to suppress the Ascension process of the human being.

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We are reaching the 11th hour of great change. We are here to wake the sleeping slumber of the half lives in hopes of saving this planet. But remember, the ones who remain in denial, stagnant want to remain there. Again, they will have no influence on this transformation at all.

The time for hesitation is over. We are the ones that came here to save this planet. We are witnessing and participating in the greatest mission of all. The Universe’s eyes are on us. We are being watched very closely to see if we succeed or fail. There is no doubt in my mind that we will definitely succeed. There is no other option. Meaning, this higher vibrational bombardment is incredibly powerful and there is no stopping it. But, we as individuals have a choice you adapt to this change in frequency or you remain stagnant. Hence, the splitting of two worlds.

Teri Wade

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