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The “Are We There Yet?” Loop

By on October 1, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening

The "Are We There Yet?" Loop

by Anastacia,
Australian Correspondent, In5D.com

‘Are we there yet’ – ‘I just want the thrill of a shift’ – ‘I am waiting for the/a ‘event’ – ‘I’m over this’ – and so on, that many write or say as in the words we say or are thinking along these lines, will continue to keep themselves in this energy of waiting, and ‘wanting’ things to shift, and impatience – in a loop.

A loop of not relaxing and going with this, what ever that is for oneself.

This is a constant state of waiting and wanting = anxiety/stress that one needs not to place on oneself.

Energies will continue to come in for us to grow and shift, they will not ‘go away’, it is us learning to navigate ourselves within these energies that is the ‘key’.

Ascension is just that ascending, constantly shifting changing and growing it does ‘not stop’.

So when we say or think these things, instead of saying something positive and calming to ourselves, within ourselves in allowing the flow of energies, these words cause like a ‘disruption’ to the flow of living in the flow. In and with these constant energies.

Do you see what I mean here?

It is getting out of an old loop of an old way of being, of what we do/have said to ourselves and maybe for so long.

It is making a CONSCIOUS CHOICE to notice when we do this, and to then change, shift, alter these words or thoughts.

Another common one is ‘How long will this take’ – again, it’s the ‘are we there yet’ cycle of like when a child is excited/impatient on a long trip and keeps asking the parents ‘are we there yet, are we there yet’ – the impatience of excitement as a child. Yet many do this as an adult with the energies and what they are going through.

Wanting the ‘final event’ answer of what they are going through…wanting to know ‘how long will this take’ again like a child asking when the trip will be over.

It is LETTING GO of any outcome, sitting back and breathing and enjoying the ACTUAL JOURNEY. In teaching oneself (or learning) to have patience.

We do not know ‘how long’ anything will take, as really ‘how long is a piece of string?’

It is taking a breath and letting go of any outcome and not pushing for ‘this to be over’. That is our impatience that can take over. And we need to be aware of when we do this, and then we can let this go, in the recognition of this.

Other comments shared not long ago were they were ‘trying to hold on’…I understand the feeling of this, yet when we say the word ‘trying’ it means along the lines of ‘failure with success’…and when ever one uses the word ‘trying’ to take note of this, recognise what it means and shift or change using that word.

Also it was written ‘I am wondering whats around this bend’, this too is the impatience and ‘are we there yet’ energy which causes us to be in a state of ‘alert’, especially in our physical bodies.

It can ‘keep’ our physical bodies in this ‘waiting’ energy and is not relaxing or breathing or going with the flow. And this can then lead us to ‘pull on our adrenals’, and can cause more fatigue.

I say this and am laughing gently and kindly as I write this as I did this for 18 very long years!! I had Chronic Fatigue AND Fibromyalgia (I know I am not the only one 😉 AND I HAVE HEALED THIS.

I will not go into this more here, as there is much to this as it goes waaay back to the original trauma/cause as there is no quick fix with this as I have read this before and its not true, as I know from personal experience what it takes to heal this.

Anyway, I was resting as I was so tired, Beyond tired, yet what was really occurring was deep inside I was not actually resting!! I was saying along the lines of what is now being written in comments until one day it really ‘hit me’ that while I was resting, I was resisting resting as I wanted to do so many things that slowly over the years I could no longer do…so much was my resistance and ‘are we there yet’, ‘how long will this take’ and my impatience to ‘want’ to not be where I was, to ‘get a move on’ with things/life, that I was actually in a loop (and a very long loop at that lol) of re-creating unrest and dis-ease of not ALLOWING myself to TRULY REST in LETTING GO and GOING WITH THE FLOW of the process of what I needed to do as in resting and not WANTING TO PUSH AHEAD.

To honor the healing process

One can be going through some health ‘issue’ in one of two ways, and I have done both and the different is just amazing.

One can go through a healing, purge, release or pain in a way of ‘is this over yet’, ‘I am sick of this stuff’ and so on and be ‘fighting’ what ever it is one is experiencing. I only too well understand ‘pain and suffering’ in the physical and this is no disrespect to anyone in pain, at all okay?

Yet when one shifts this ‘attitude’ and ACCEPTS what they have and GOES WITH THIS, this can actually REDUCE the anxiety and stress that comes with being in physical pain. And in turn can reduce the extremity of pain.

I know, tell that to someone in extreme pain etc, which I have been in, a lot over the years but I do know that now when I do have something to deal with in the physical I seek assistance to help me be in control of what is happening as I ride through the healing process. And how we handle or cope with this ‘mentally’ can make ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

I do not want to go into this here anymore with pain as one comment once was ‘when am I going to be out of pain’, again, I (or anyone) cannot or am unable to answer that. Each souls journey is what it is for us to experience and it is our ATTITUDE when we are going through what we are, at that time.

I did not share that recently how full on it was for me when I had Influenza A for two weeks (well I did briefly) and then a few days break and the full blown Bronchial Asthma for another week, where I had extreme coughing fits for 3hours. Now, in those moments, it was tough re-feeling this as this was my 3rd flare up of this over the years, YET I knew I was releasing out of my core of my cells and I rode it out, knowing that ‘this too shall pass’.

It is our attitude and honouring the healing release of dis-ease that ‘helps us to cope’.

To let go of ‘are we there yet’ or ‘I am waiting for what is around the corner’, it is surrendering to the healing release…to the right here and now moment and to honour where we are at RIGHT NOW and not allow ourselves to want to ‘jump ahead’.

Please, I say this to you to take this pressure off oneself, please LET GO to MOVE FORWARD.

This pushing and asking all those things mentioned, only causes more stress and anxiety on our physical bodies, our mental and emotional bodies as well!

Please LET GO and SURRENDER to the amazing healing process you are in right now.

Please have FAITH and TRUST that we are in the ‘most amazing times’ right now and this will continue. As we are making GIANT LEAPS FORWARD in our ascension, compared to years ago -energetically.

That what you say to yourself and think within yourself is VITAL to coping with energies as these will not ‘stop’.

It is us creating moments within the constant flow of energies, to embrace and really really go with the flow.

As really, we end up only ‘fighting’ or are ‘resisting’ ourselves.

As the secret is, or was for myself with shifting and healing the CFS/Fibro was that I was not lazy, it was the opposite, it was that I really wanted to do so much that I was ‘fighting’ myself in the end. I was resisting or fighting my healing process and putting ‘pressure’ on myself of ‘are we there yet’.

18 years is a very long time to be in this loop I can tell you ;-).

And when I had that epiphany, all started to ease and then the real healing was ‘allowed’ to commence.

To where I can now share this all with you as I am becoming healthier the older I am in human years. The reverse of what many others are going through, as we ‘age’ or get older.

My love to you in all you are experiencing and may this sharing bring a blessing and a light for you, to bring more light into yourself for, of and with yourself – of the Divine within YOU.

‘Shine on you Crazy Diamonds’.

As always I am right here with you.

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty

Anastacia Kompos

6D Ascension Pioneer/Trailblazer/WaySeer
Australian Correspondent in5d
Personal 1:1 Divine Guidance/Healings of self are available.

About the author: Anastacia is in Service to humanity and Gaia, as an Ascended Earth Master in 6D human embodiment, in linking our Soul to our Spirit, through our emotions. Bringing through unique ‘genuine’ energy updates as gift as a Template for humanity, as these energies come directly in and through her human vessel from Spirit. A direct link of Pure Divine Light with Spirit/Source.

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