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The Experience Living In A Human Body On Earth

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by Angel V. Ornedo Jr.,
Contributing Writer,

We are living on a mobile shell at the core of the spinal colon, a human body on the planet we named Earth where we volunteers came from a very advanced society of light bodies, the sixth-seventh frequency vibration, a higher paradise civilization. It is gratifying to understand at 3D plane of vibrational frequency these beautiful concepts of the higher plane. We are unified by a grid of crystalline golden pillars of light for our transfer to 5th dimension.


We take a suicide mission on a third dimension planet Earth, live veiled, separated from Source with sacrificial duality living conditions everywhere on this plane. You did decide to live at Gaia and we chose our parents, the father and the mother who will bring us as seed of greatness where failure as a human breed is very unlikely as we have chosen the best of “Seeds” planned before we take the plunge and be born here, Now. We are one of the best trained beings from “ultra-light civilizations”. We can never fail as we decided before we came that we have chosen experienced breed of human beings on Gaia as our ancestry, our reason for existence, that is perfect timing and opportunity.

Earth has entered the first steps of the fifth dimension-5d and thru our collective consciousness, the volunteers at Gaia’s ascension to original Earth commenced.

Why would you agree to live on Earth and not somewhere else! Earth is an exceptional experience at our galaxy and as we raise Her consciousness, other planets, stars and universes goes up in the process including our own origin, the beauty of this experience. Look at the tremendous number of multidimensional beings observing our ascension. You came from one of those Observers.


You are a member of the galactic family and being a multidimensional entity you know deep within your light being, the light body within, that you can survive the hardship, pain and suffering of this 3D world and you have the knowledge this is first happening at our galaxy where Here and Now mix together to make things reality to higher plane. We erase and eliminate illusion and holographic effects done on the planet by dark forces with the assistance of the Central Sun-Infinite Creator. There are others, third dimension planets evolving like us.

We realized we signed up together from the higher realm to raise the consciousness of Earth to a higher plane. At 3D, we feel, sense and see the original paradise earth where everybody, things, nature, humanity and elementals live together in unconditional love, peace and abundance. We realized that everything has consciousness in various stages of evolution.

We know that more than one of us, together, we can start the transfer to a higher vibrational frequency of a planet we want to raise in any part of the Milky Way Galaxy where we are destined to go. Gaia, a place that is originally a paradise created by Supreme Creator Beings as a 5D planet but was pulled down by forces of the Draconian and reptilian kind. The Supreme Creator has ejected them thru photonic, quantum electromagnetic light and the light of the green orb, immunity grid and returned them to their own places of darkness, at their own post at the galaxy to start their evolution to look at light.

We are all in luck to be in the same boat on a journey home to 5D thence to our place of origin, the sixth, seventh dimension and higher plane of existence. “Unified grid of crystalline pillars of light complete the ascension process of earth providing us the portal of light in selected portals of the planet”, Elohim/Thompson. This is the ultimate process of our carbon bodies converted to crystalline light form and preparing us for the eventual transfer to higher vibrational frequency.

Welcome home my brothers and sisters, together in this journey, we approach the door and portal of unconditional love and light of 5Dimensional Earth. The choice is ours.

Angel V. Ornedo Jr.

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