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The Friendship Case – Evidence of Extraterrestrial Contact?

By on August 24, 2016 in Extraterrestrials, Spiritual Awakening

The Friendship Case - Evidence of Extraterrestrial Contact?

by Wes Annac,
Editor, Culture of Awareness

As I have before, I’d like to share an interesting and perplexing story of extraterrestrial contact.

While society ignores this phenomenon and labels anyone who’s interested in it a nutcase, credible reports are surfacing every day and making it clear we can no longer have our heads in the sand.

We’ve been conditioned to reject anything outside the intellectual confines established by elitist institutions for the purpose of dumbing down the masses and assuring we never question the social order.

Because of this, anyone who tries to seriously address this subject is met with criticism and ridicule.

People around the world have reported various types of extraterrestrial contact, and the day we seriously consider what these contactees are saying will be the day we realize they’re not all making it up.

Something is happening, even if it isn’t contact, and the seemingly genuine reports available make you wonder if we’re truly alone or if contact has been a regular part of our history.

Enlightened Cosmic Humans

Similar to stories I’ve shared before, the one below details contact from enlightened human extraterrestrials who share wisdom and request help from the contactees in exchange for communication and sightings.

The story comes from David Wilcock, who summarized it from the groundbreaking documentary The Friendship Case.

All of the information in this report comes from David’s summary (1), and if you enjoy what you read here, check out the story in detail in the report he posted to his website Divine Cosmos.

David advocates the existence of enlightened humans from other worlds who want to help humanity usher in a ‘Golden Age’ – the next stage in our individual and collective evolution.

According to his writings, these positive ET groups have contacted people around the world (though not as much in the past 40 years) in an effort to make the masses aware of their presence in a way that doesn’t violate our freewill.

Too Much Pressure

In the Law of One, a series of channeled books from an entity known as ‘Ra’ who reportedly spoke through channel Carla Rueckert, we learn that contactees throughout history were unable to handle the pressure that came with such an unfathomable responsibility (1).

Well-intentioned plans went awry when distortions in the contactees’ ability to handle the contact became evident (1). Can you imagine how easy it’d be to think yourself a god if you were contacted by actual humans from other worlds?

Due to this, these intensely real sightings and contacts slowed to a near halt by 1981(1). Sightings are still frequent today and contact could still be taking place, but these instances generally happen in smaller numbers.

According to David, the amount of data left behind from these contacts – including the one we’ll learn about below – is ‘astonishing’ (1).

Photographs have been recovered, as well as videos of UFOs mid-flight, recordings of human ETs speaking, written documents, and scientific breakthroughs that include functioning technological devices (1).

A great deal of this data was initially lost but has since been recovered and made public (1). Some of the data is made public for the first time in David’s report, and he believes the widespread 1950s-80s contact was a precursor to the Ra material (1).

Bruno Samaciccia: 1950s Italian Contactee

The Friendship Case details extensive extraterrestrial contact that started in 1956.

Knowledge of this contact resurfaced when engineer Stefano Breccia published a book, Mass Contacts, which reveals personal accounts and evidence of repeated encounters with human ETs who had secret underground bases on our planet (1).

The contacts took place in Pescara, and writer Bruno Samaciccia was considered the main contactee (1).

Two other people involved, Gaspare De Lama and his wife Mirella, are alive today (1). Breccia’s respected status in academia and science inspired Gaspare to come forward with his story (1).

Bruno referred to the off-world humans with whom he made contact as the W56 (1). The ‘W’ stood for ‘double victory’ and was also a reference to George Washington (1).

The W56 were a group of humans who came from various parts of the cosmos (1). Beyond being scientifically and spiritually advanced and taller than people on our planet (they ranged from one to six meters in height), they were a lot like us (1).

The First Encounter

April 1956 was the date of Bruno’s first encounter with the W56 (1). He was investigating Rocca Pia castle with two friends after finding a ‘mysterious’ map that led there and wondering if the site contained any secrets (1).

While they were there, two men appeared and began speaking to them (1). One of the men was three feet tall, but the other was taller than Bruno and his friends (1). The tall one, who they learned was the group’s captain, was given the name Dimpietro (1).

Other names given to W56 members they met later were: Sigir, Sigis, Itaho; Kenio; Sinas; Saj; Meredir; and Romulus (1). The W56 didn’t use these names; they were given by Bruno’s group to make identification easier (1).

Underground Bases

The W56 had bases deep underground, which they made by opening a hole underground and compressing the material of the earth into ‘hard walls’ (1).

Each base required a force field to remain in use, and the earth would reassume its original shape when the force field was turned off (1).

David Wilcock writes that the W56 could’ve been ‘displacing’ the underground material into a parallel reality:

“It appears the ETs are displacing the atoms of the earth into a parallel reality known as ‘time-space,’ liquefying them, and then pushing them into walls while they are in that configuration.

“The science of how all this is possible is revealed in my … book The Source Field Investigations. Apparently, once the ETs turned the field off, the walls just sprang back to their original form.” (1)

Because of the way these bases were constructed and operated, there was no need for a traditional entrance (1).

Their most important European base was in Italy, and Rocca Pia castle stood on one of its entry points (1). Their main base was deep in the Adriatic Sea and stretched from Ortona to Rimini (1).

Help Acquiring Fruit and Metals

According to Gaspare, Bruno (the main contactee) developed a telepathic connection with the W56 and visited their bases (1).

They asked Bruno for help acquiring ‘industrial size’ amounts of fruit, as well as metals that include strontium and barium nitrate (1). Bruno and his friends didn’t know what the metals were for, but as David writes, they’re common in most electronics today (1).

The W56 didn’t eat the fruit. Instead, they extracted its nutrition and made a green pill out of it, one of which could feed the body for up to two days (1).

Once the trucks were brought to a specific spot, the fruit would be teleported off of the truck rather than unloaded (1).

No ‘outsider’ was allowed to witness this, and as you can probably imagine, acquiring all this fruit was expensive (1). Sometimes the W56 would pick up the tab by materializing money in a box ‘right in front’ of one of the team members (1).

However, they usually didn’t pay at all (1).

This caused financial problems for Bruno and others who contributed their own money, but their unified contributions kept a good sense of group cohesion (1).

“Help Us to Help You”

The W56 told Bruno’s group that in order for humanity to witness their presence in an undeniable way, we’d have to express a solid sense of goodwill (1). They said to his group: “help us to help you” (1).

This is just what his group did by delivering fruit and helping the visitors in any other way they requested.

As a result, the visitors agreed to schedule sightings by appointment (1). Yes, you read that right: appointments were being made to witness the starships of humans from other planets.

An individual would be given a place, date and time for contact, which provided the opportunity to take pictures and films (1).

Gaspare took a series of UFO photos that were reportedly planned by the W56, a couple of which I’ll share here (you can check out the rest in David’s report). His photos ended up in the second issue of Domenica Del Corriere in April 1962 (1).

Gaspare, Bruno and journalist Bruno Ghibaudi witnessed this planned sighting, and David credits Bruno Ghibaudi as one of the first journalists to take the extraterrestrial issue seriously (1).

Hundreds of Photos, Videos, Recordings

According to David, an ‘enormous’ amount of photo and video evidence was produced to prove the legitimacy of the contacts (1).

Much of it has been distributed, but most of it has been lost, stolen or kept locked away by contactees of the time who don’t want to be involved with the case any further (1).

There were ‘literally hundreds’ of photos, videos and recordings (1). Apparently, a lot of people were given the chance to meet the W56 in exchange for the help given by Bruno and his group (1).

Breccia reportedly has a file with the nams of ‘at least’ 120 people involved, and there could be even more he’s unaware of (1). This contact extended to Germany, France, Switzerland; Siberia; Australia; Argentina; and other countries (1).

Advanced Teleportation and Communication

The W56 used ‘advanced teleportation methods’ to materialize and de-materialize objects at will (1).

Gaspare called their technology ‘infinite’ and recalls the teleportation of various objects: film reels, slips of paper with answers to questions asked by contactees to the W56, and others (1).

He describes the objects as appearing out of thin air (1).They’d materialize near the ceiling and float down, or sometimes they’d appear on the floor and tap the bottom of Gaspare’s chair (1).

Communication with the W56 would happen in many different ways, one of which was through two regular radios (1).

Two identical radios would be set side by side; one would broadcast a normal frequency while the other the frequency of the W56 (1).

A loud crack would be heard in the radio used for communication, followed by the sight of a greenish flame and the cosmic visitors’ words (1). In one instance, Sigir was the one who spoke (1).

If you were to change the station on the radio broadcasting the W56, it’d continue to broadcast them unaffected (1).

A Beautiful Message

Audio recordings were made of some of the radio messages, one of which you can read the transcript of in David’s report (1).

The W56 uses that particular message to discourage us from distrusting our galactic family and encourage staying together and ‘tolerating [our] weaknesses’ instead of fighting over them (1).

They also encourage us to improve our sense of humanity and our friendship toward them (1).

It’s a beautiful message in my opinion, and it teaches that by embracing trust and affection (among other qualities), we can grow closer with each other and maybe even these enlightened visitors.

So direct was the contact between the W56 and Bruno’s group that Gaspare recalls them inserting themselves into TV shows and movies (1).

He remembers watching a movie one day which was interrupted by scenes of their flying saucers (1). The voices of the W56 could be heard in the background (1).

Paolo di Girolamo’s Experience with the W56

A fourth witness to the visitations and sightings, Professor of Design Paolo di Girolamo, accepted the invitation from Breccia to appear on the documentary (1).

Paolo didn’t have much experience with Bruno’s group or the W56 (1). He only met the group a couple of times (1), but one of his encounters with the W56 would prove worthwhile.

Paolo was friends with Alberto Perego and Bruno G., the journalist who I mentioned before was among the first to take a serious look at the ET subject (1).

Bruno G. put him in touch with the main contactee, Bruno Samaciccia, and they arranged for Paolo to meet with the group (1).

He brought with him a letter he’d written for the W56 (1).

He was welcomed into a living room and put his envelope on a table before Bruno S. turned on the radio and claimed they ‘should be getting some news at some point’ (1). Soon after, a ‘piercing whistle’ was heard followed by a loud hissing sound (1).

“Paolo – Be Honest with Us All”

This is the message they received:

“Sigir here. Paolo – be honest with us all. Be honest with us all. Be honest with us all.” [Then another voice said], “Let’s get the goods.” (1)

It was estimated that the ‘goods’ were the contents of a parcel for Bruno S., which was lined in black and placed on the television (1).

When the message was finished, a loud crackle was heard followed by a ‘blinding purple flash’ (1). Nothing was heard afterward, and Paolo was speechless (1).

The group then decided to go out in the street (maybe to get some fresh air), and when they returned they found that the letter Paolo had left on the table was gone (1). Nobody knew who took it and everyone denied touching it (1).

Bruno S. took this as a sign that the group should go into the street again, which they promptly did, and once in the street Paolo felt something light land on his head (1). It was a scorched, folded up envelope that contained his letter (1).

How Did They Do It?

How were these cosmic humans able to pull off these impossible feats?

According to The Friendship Case, their technology gave them abilities you or I couldn’t fathom (1). Technological devices they referred to as nuclei gave them the abilities, such as telepathy, that amazed Bruno’s group (1).

They could place nuclei in rooms, objects and even living creatures (1).

It’d be hard not to be a little freaked out by that, but The Friendship Case (as well as David’s report) describes the W56 as benevolent and invested in helping rather than hurting humanity.

The nuclei technology was for the W56 what cell phones are for us: essential for day-to-day life (1).

Since they seem to have been enlightened, I’d imagine they had a deep spiritual bond with the nuclei which made this tech essential for the otherwise impossible tasks they carried out.

Conflict with the CTR

A common theme in contact cases is the concept of positive and negative extraterrestrial groups being involved in the earth’s affairs.

The same is true in this case: the W56 described to Bruno’s group a negative extraterrestrial race they referred to as the Juiros (1). Bruno renamed the Juiros the CTR, which is a contraction of the word contraries (1).

The CTR were described as unethical, materialistic and opposed to the W56 in every way (1). The W56 never spoke of a war with the CTR because they were enlightened and didn’t make war; instead they called it a conflict (1).

One of the reasons they were here was to ‘keep the CTR in check’, and they referred to the CTR as ‘science worshipers’ with no sense of wrongdoing (1).

They were concerned humanity would follow the CTR’s path and destroy our world or become a destructive force in the cosmos (1).

Where Did They Come From?

According to a table in Breccia’s book that notes where the respective ET groups came from, some of the W56 came from the Pleiades constellation and some of the CTR from Orion (1). None of the W56 came from Orion (1).

According to David, this agrees with what we learn from Ra in the Law of One that many advanced yet inherently negative ET groups come from Orion (1).

Uredda: The Living Energy of Love

The W56 understood and utilized the power of love on a level unfathomable to most people on our planet. Feelings of love, harmony, affection and friendship were crucial to them (1).

Breccia describes how, for them, these were much more than simple emotions:

“For them, cohesion, friendship, loyalty and things like that are not abstract concepts, but rather a living entity that they call Uredda. This living entity is fostered precisely by the sense of loyalty – and was contrasted by an alter ego that was called Bredda, which was essentially the opposite.” (1)

According to Gaspare, this ‘living entity’ of positive energy was used as fuel (1). It helped the Friends power their technology and defend themselves against the CTR, and because of this it was highly valued (1).

A Spiritual Battle

If the W56 were to disband or fail to keep harmony intact, they’d fall victim to the CTR’s low vibration and their bases could be destroyed (1). This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘spiritual battle’.

I wonder how one can be enlightened yet vulnerable to emotional or spiritual attacks from entities that’ve only evolved on the intellectual level.

I don’t know a thing about enlightenment or higher states of consciousness, but you’d think it’d include invincibility to attacks from beings that are, for lack of a better word, spiritually inferior.

However, since individual and group harmony were tied together, it makes sense that the individual would be susceptible to attack if the group fell apart.

Love Is the Key

The idea that negative ETs can intercept the group consciousness of positive ones is confirmed in the Law of One by Ra.

During one of the sessions, Ra stated that their communication with Carla Rueckert’s group could be intercepted by negative entities looking to deliver disinformation if the group failed to maintain ‘exceptional harmony’ (1).

For the W56, every thought and action had to be guided by love, respect and altruism (1). They taught that love is the key to a safe evolution – a crucial lesson for us to learn if we want to avoid destroying our planet (1).

They couldn’t fathom hurting anyone, because they had evolved past the point of any kind of confrontation (1).

I’d imagine their defensive tactics against the CTR (or any other negative group) were designed to keep them safe and repel the enemy rather than destroy it.

Their every move was made out of a profound sense of love, ethics and morality, and as I mentioned before, their technology was ‘consciously impregnated’ with this vibrant love energy (1).

This quote from Breccia sheds light on just how peaceful and ‘incapable of harm’ the W56 were:

“They said they were incapable of causing harm to anyone. They said that even their very devices would refuse to harm anyone.

“Ethics permeated everything about them to the point that they would refuse – indeed, they said that if they weren’t able to avoid harming someone, in that case they would self-destruct.” (1)

We learn from this quote that due to their enlightened, peaceful state of consciousness, the W56 couldn’t hurt a fly and wouldn’t even want to.

This stands in stark contrast to the CTR and other negative groups you can read about in other contact cases; they’re capable of harm and willing to inflict it.

Disabling Nuclear Weapons

Bruno G. emphasized that the W56’s main reason for being here, besides defending against the CTR, was to control the nuclear armaments of world superpowers due to the fear man might unleash total nuclear destruction (1).

David points out that concern over nuclear weapons is a common theme in contact cases: Adamski, Menger, Siragusa and other contactees have reported being told of similar concerns (1).

The W56 even intervened directly using their UFOs and other technology in 1967 so they could, as David writes, “stop a situation that seemed it might lead to something irreparable” (1).

They launched an operation to ‘disable all nuclear warheads’ in the U.S. and Soviet Union, and more than one retired US Air Force officer wrote a book about it detailing what they witnessed (1).

One of them described their ‘battery of minuteman missiles’ being ‘rendered ineffective’ by flying saucers (1).

Alberto Perego Published Four UFO Books

Consul Alberto Perego, one of many involved with Bruno’s group, wrote four books on UFOs and how they relate to government decision making (1).

The books contain clear UFO photos, some of which are said to have been taken from inside the W56’s flying saucers (1).

Perego never mentioned who took the photos in the books, but he did give their locations and the dates they were taken (1). According to David, Perego’s locations were ‘almost always classic zones’ in which the W56 and Bruno’s group would operate (1).

These locations include Pescara, Monte Salbano, Frankevilla and Milan (1).

Gaspare valued Perego’s role in the contact with the Friends; one reason being that Perego helped him become aware of the ‘vast implications’ of what they were doing (1). Perego apparently wanted to write a tell-all book about the encounters but never did (1).

Four Main Goals

From what we’ve learned so far, the W56 had four main goals:

  1. Defend our planet against the CTR
  2. Teach us love, compassion and selfless service to ensure we evolve spiritually rather than follow in the CTR’s footsteps
  3. Disarm our nuclear weapons in the event we’re foolish enough to use them
  4. Utilize abundant natural resources for self-sustainability and the engineering of ‘new’ technologies while visiting

Breccia perfectly describes in The Friendship Case what the W56 intended to do for us:

“Another purpose of the presence of the W56 was to help our evolutionary process – to push us to a higher level of understanding.

“That’s why they had been on our planet for a very long time, and even shared with us some of our suffering in the matter.” (1)

Uredda and Service to Others

Since they were enlightened and they utilized the living Uredda (love) energy, perhaps their intention was to help Bruno’s group manifest this energy for themselves.

Maybe this was the reason the W56 requested various services from the group; selfless service like the kind the group performed could be a key factor in the manifestation of the life-giving energy they called Uredda.

If Bruno’s group wanted to communicate or receive a sighting, they usually had to do something helpful for the W56.

It might seem like they were taking advantage of the group, but maybe they were teaching service to others as a means to expand the field of Uredda energy.

Selfless Service Misinterpreted

If you’re willing to entertain ideas about ancient aliens, maybe the visitations reported throughout history included lessons about service to others that came in the form of helping the visitors.

They may have taught that helping others is inherent to the soul’s evolution by offering wisdom in exchange for various services as they did with Bruno’s group.

We can take it a step further and say that some ancient civilizations grew to misinterpret these ‘offerings’ to the ‘gods’ and the intention behind them.

This could explain why some degenerated into human sacrifice in an attempt to appease these gods who, when becoming aware of such awful things, would have to leave immediately because their vibration wouldn’t be able to handle it (provided they were the W56 or another enlightened group).

We learned before that the W56 could fall prey to the CTR if their group harmony didn’t stay intact. I couldn’t imagine the devastation their group harmony would suffer if they stuck around to witness human sacrifice.

Perhaps in ancient cultures these ‘offerings’ that were intended to be done selflessly for the soul’s evolution – for Bruno’s group it was the delivery of fruit and certain kinds of metals – were misinterpreted as offerings to these ‘gods’ that would grant more sightings and communication.

If visitation from the ‘gods’ became sparse due to a depletion of Uredda (love energy) in the cultures they visited, these cultures would’ve become desperate in their attempts to appease them.

Thus, they would resort to sacrifice and other ritualistic activities never intended by the cosmic visitors.

This is just a theory, and I’m throwing it out there because it seems to fit. Feel free to share your thoughts or debate it in the comments below.

The W56’s Real Name: The Akrij

The story gets even more interesting when the W56 reveal their real names. Again, they didn’t use names because they no longer found it necessary. However, they offered a ‘true’ name to Bruno’s group that can be recognized in more than one ancient culture.

The name they revealed to the group was Akrij (1).

When researching the name, Breccia discovered it has various meanings in different cultures.

It translates to the sages in Sanskrit; there are two Egyptian words closely related to it, one of which is Akriju (the wise people); it translates to people in high places in classical Greek; and it translates to group of friends in classical Arabic (1).

It seems that the W56, or Akrij, made their imprint on history long before visiting Bruno and his group.

“Your Wonderful Flying Machines…”

I’m not sure if the Akrij are related to this, but David writes about a letter written by Voltaire on June 6, 1761 addressed to the Count of Saint Germain, which passed through the hands of Count Richard and Eugenio Siragusa (1).

The letter, which David shares in his report and I’ll share below, makes an interesting reference to ‘flying machines’:

“Your long road through time will be illuminated by my friendship for you – even at the time of your revelations about the middle of the 20th century.

“Because of time, the talking pictures will not be able to be stored in memory. May your wonderful flying machines bring you back to me.” (1)

Multiple things about this letter can make you wonder what type of cryptic message was being sent.

The ‘long road through time’; the mention of ‘revelations about the middle of the 20th century’; the ‘talking pictures’; and of course the ‘wonderful flying machines’ make it seem as if esoteric knowledge is being communicated.

We can’t rule out that Voltaire was just being poetic or writing something cryptic that had nothing to do with literal flying machines, but this type of reference at this point in our history is fascinating to say the least.

The Akrij Leaves Bruno’s Group

By the late 70s, the cohesion of Bruno’s group and their subsequent contact with the W56 (recognized by this point as the Akrij) began to fall apart (1).

The group could no longer live up to the Akrij’s expectations, and the Uredda that surrounded the group and the Akrij began to dissipate (1).

This meant the Akrij would have to leave Bruno’s group so they could reestablish their Uredda and the sense of harmony that forms its foundation.

Their departure coincided with a phenomenon in the Adriatic Sea of a ‘great wave’ of UFO sightings that occurred between October 1978 and January 1979 (1).

David writes that the CTR seemed to get the better of the Akrij, as the latter became ‘fed up’ with Bruno’s group and gave one last round of incredible sightings before disappearing (1).

‘Dramatic disturbances’ over the Adriatic accompanied the sightings, and short-lived contacts continued in Italy for a few years after (1).

Common Themes

I never write these ET contact reports to prove anything, but to share the information and anecdotal evidence available on a subject that fascinates me. Every report I write on it satiates my curiosity, as each story I read is more interesting than the last.

Most of them carry common themes: the visitors are human; they have advanced technology; they want to help us evolve; they’re here to help defend against negative ETs; they request services from contactees; they raise awareness of the dangers of nuclear weapons, etc.

They’re all interesting, and researchers like David Wilcock have used evidence to make an impressive case that various extraterrestrial races both good and bad, human and non-human have been involved in our planet’s history and the positive ones continue to help us evolve.

Society’s Still Skeptical

Evidence aside, in my opinion many of the contact cases are so far ‘out there’ that our society, which is skeptical by nature, won’t open to them any time soon.

Unless some kind of massive disclosure happens tomorrow and people are forced to see the truth, whatever that is, the ET contact phenomenon will be relegated to the realm of science fiction for years to come.

Writers, researchers and filmmakers dedicated to sharing the truth can make a difference, but my concern is that there aren’t enough out there to persuade the masses to be open to the topic.

One of the reasons being open to it is difficult is that the reports are always wild, but since this concept brings us out of our comfort zone by nature, we should expect nothing less than dazzling reports of enlightened humans, flying ships and telepathic abilities.

In my eyes it’s better than scare stories of monstrous aliens obsessed with destroying our cities.


Anyone who’s had a genuine UFO sighting will tell you something is out there, and the contact reports available, while anecdotal, can help us determine what it might be.

A fascination with the unexplained and a healthy sense of discernment go a long way when combined with research, so by all means be open to what you learn about the subject but remember to question the information too.

You might find in the midst of your research that something unexplained is indeed happening.

Despite the small likelihood that the public will take the issue seriously any time soon, you could end up discovering and dispersing information that not only gets people talking, but pressures the global ‘elite’ to finally come clean.


  1.  David Wilcock, “1950s Human ETs Prepare Us for Golden Age — Videos, Documents!” Divine Cosmos, July 22, 2011 –

(Other sources embedded in article)

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