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The Healing Powers Of Obsidian

By on May 7, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening

The Healing Powers Of Obsidian

by Norman Bird,
Contributing Writer,

I rarely have “bad dreams” or nightmares or anything like that. But when I sleep with my Obsidian ball, I learned quickly that this brings about these dramatic dreams that expose the shadow aspects of my being. I was reminded of this a few days ago when I must have fell asleep with my black with a tinge of gold Obsidian ball that I have. It was in my hand when woke in the morning. I was sort of aware that Obsidian brings on these dreams so I would not have consciously slept with it again, so it may have been my guides or higher self that made me do it on this occasion. 🙂

But this time I was curious and I wanted to be more certain about the connection between my dreams and Obsidian. I had questions. Was there in fact a connection? And what exactly is it? Is it just about avoiding Obsidian when sleeping or is there a motive and or a message in the dreams?

Well when we ask the Universe a question, the answer is always given in the place where it is asked. So this time when I asked myself about Obsidian, I waited for the answer to arrive via inspiration, since all inspiration comes from our higher selves. And the inspiration/answer I received was “Ask Adrienne Goff“.

Adrienne Goff is an amazing being I met years ago at an Earth-Keeper event. In my words, she is a very advanced & certified Crystal Healing Master who is a spokeswoman for the healing crystalline kingdom. I am fortunate to also be friends with her on Facebook where I often see her sharing information on stones and crystals. I reached out to her and posed the above questions asking what can she share with me about Obsidian and why the shadowy dreams? Is it like when you go to bed after eating a big meal and have nightmares, and its our spirit guides telling us not to do this? Are the nightmares a warning?

Adrienne replied:

“I could see how that might happen. Obsidian has a way of bluntly bringing up our shadow aspects and all of the things we need to face and clear. Some types of Obsidian are stronger in this respect than others, for instance, Black Obsidian is best known for this powerful clearing effect. And Rainbow Obsidian does it in a softer way. But ultimately it is a gift, since it helps you to process and move through things. Obsidian also has a natural protective quality, so you can invoke that as it helps to surface things. It is definitely an intense stone.”

She continued:

“Dream time is naturally a time when our subconscious mind is active and communicating with us. So sleeping with the Obsidian might just be amplifying your subconscious processing of events or energies that we get exposed to on our Earth walk. Or it could be what you are saying, some kind of a warning. If it gets too intense, you might just want to work with the Obsidian sphere sparingly, like in short meditation periods. And just be very clear in directing how you want to work with it. For example, set an intention that you are protected and that you want to clear things in a manner and rate that you can easily handle.”

Wow! As soon as I read her words they vibrated with me as the truth. I had received the answers to my questions from the Universe through inspiration and via Adrienne Goff. It is also a reminder to me that all ideas, all inspiration comes from our higher selves. And the actions we take on those inspirations will provide the answers we seek, through synchronicity.

This knowing brought about an understanding which changed my belief. Before I was “afraid” of Obsidian and the shadowy aspects it brought to the surface in my dream space. But now I look at my black Obsidian ball as the tool for positive self growth that it is. I also now know I can also meditate with it and set intentions as Adrienne described. That had never occurred to me prior. Learning!

So I decided to review my dream journal of the night I slept with my Obsidian in order to ascertain the message embedded in the dream. I went to my journal at and searched for the word Obsidian. After locating the dream I had with the Obsidian that night, this is in general what my journal said:

“Last night I dreamed of a lot of past life relationship issues I had with an ex-girlfriend in this life time. The relationship in this life time was indeed tumultuous, but spawned great growth and understanding within me. I am now at peace and everything with her, but in the few past lives I saw, I allowed her to create much pain for me by being blind to her cheating and lying. I saw much of this in the dream. For instance there was a scene where I was on a cruise ship and returning to our cabin and I was able to see through the window that she was with another man on the bed. I went inside and caught them and instead of being angry I told her I loved her and forgave her and that I was happy for her. I then left them and I woke up overflowing with all that emotions as if I had just experienced it in real life.”

Yep, that was my journal entry for the dream that my Obsidian brought about. And the other thing is, the day of the dream she did cross my mind for a few moments. She just ran across my mind. That may have been enough to trigger the dreams, showing me that there is likely much still to clear there between her and I from our past life interactions. I saw several lifetimes and the theme was similar in all of them.

So it looks like Crystal Master Adrienne Goff IS correct. Obsidian does has the ability to “bluntly” bring things to the surface that may be hereto outside of our awareness.

The Obsidian is saying to me:

“Hey, you may not remember this in this lifetime because of the filters in place that veil our past memories, but these experience in the past with your Ex really scarred you. You are still holding on to the pain. Luck for you I have the ability to look pass the filters and make this information available to you in your dream space. I am revealing that this experience is in your energy field. Please consider looking at it and how it may still be affecting you and consider clearing it out of your field. It is time to let this go.”

This also reminded me of the wise saying: “what we resist persists, but what we look at goes away.”

And the idea that fear is truly our friend. When fear arises in us we can look at it. Invite it in. Know that it has a story to tell us. It is there for a reason so don’t just look away. Own it! By owning the fear, we now interact with it on our own terms! We are now in control of it and not the other way around. Study it. See the message that it is bringing. Then thank it for its gift to us.

So my shiny, gold streaked Obsidian ball had done its job. It revealed some unfinished energetics between me and my ex-girlfriend. The rest is now up to me to remove that stuff from my field. I took the time to look at the dream and as I did I saw things from all my relationships that now make sense. I had habits and made choices that only someone who was scarred the way I was in that past life would choose. I will meditate on it more…maybe with my Obsidian. I will also do a cord disconnect with the energies of that past life and ask the Angels to help remove any left over energetic that do not serve me. I will also use the 4th 5th and 6th ray to clear out any residue energy, something I learned from my Alchemy training. We all have and know various clearing tools so we can all utilize the ones we are individually comfortable with; or simply ask the Universe for inspiration. You will receive an answer.

It is always a good idea for us all to look into our shadowy aspects every now and then. These are the things we do not want to look at, but if something is there it is wise to do so. Get rid of it and clear it out. Ask yourself  “do I want to  see if there are any shadows I need to look at?” And if the answer is yes, and it should be, then grab yourself some Obsidian today and take it to bed with you. I would say happy dreams but … 🙂

So thank you my shiny Obsidian Ball friend from the elemental Kingdom for your kind gift towards my self exploration and growth. My thoughts now dwell on that sunny day in the Caribbean when the Universe brought me and my Obsidian ball together. I remember like it was yesterday. I was on a family cruise that went to Nicaragua. We stopped in this Aztec village site and in the souvenir shop for tourists they had all kinds of stuff. But the only thing that called to me was this gorgeous,  shiny, black with a tinge of gold ball about 2 inches in diameter. I didn’t know then what your name was or that you had magical powers that could look into the very essence of my soul and later provide needed healing. All I knew was that you were calling out to me and I had to take you home.

Yes as I wrote that last paragraph tears were rolling down my face. 🙂

Please check out the website of Adrienne Goff here if you want to see a true Crystal Master in action. She has authored books, often speaks at event and there is also an amazing video of one of her presentations available on her site for only $18. An opportunity for anyone to learn a lot about the wonderful Elemental Kingdom for which she is a spoke person. 

About the author: Norman Bird is a student/teacher, author, speaker and life coach on all things Nature of Reality and being happy. And has studied Alchemy with the Lords of Light and Ascended Masters. His website is and

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