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by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder & Webmaster, In5D.com

On April 18th, 2009, I received what I can only call a “galactic download” of information from Source.  Basically, it was like a huge, interactive hologram that contained everything I needed to know about what I was supposed to do with my life.

At the time, I was a Child & Family therapist for at-risk youth.  I wrote a book called, “100+ Common Parenting Mistakes” and had a patent pending program designed to help families who were at-risk of dissolution, children who were going through the reunification process, and for parents in need of court ordered parenting classes.  My program was approved by the area’s largest human services facility and I was working it in a 3-county area, but yet I still knew there was MORE I needed to do on a higher level.


After watching “The Secret” I surrendered myself to Source/Creator and asked, “What am I supposed to do next?”  That’s when I received my galactic download, specifically told me that I needed to build this website in order to raise the critical mass while bringing soul groups and star families together.  I was told that I needed to do interviews, radio shows, conferences, etc… and I told them, “You’ve got the wrong guy.  I’m an introvert” to which they said, “No, you’re the one for this job.”

I was even given the name, “In5D” for my website.

“The Secret” has led me to so many profound events in my life but nothing bigger than when I surrendered.

At the point of surrendering, you place complete TRUST that Creator/Source will lead you to wherever your life path is bringing you. This involves letting go of ANY control issues you may have and placing complete trust that Creator/Source will lead you in the right direction.

Most people cannot do this with complete faith that Creator/Source is there looking out for you.  It’s kind of like falling backwards and trusting that Creator/Source will catch you.

In the end, it’s your higher self catching you as you realize there is no separation between you, your higher self, and Creator/Source.

See the signs

Be sure to pay attention to the signs along the way as you’re receiving guidance EVERY DAY of your life in regards to what your life path should be.

In retrospect, I received the galactic download on April 18th, 2009.  In numerology, this breaks down to: 4 + 18 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 9 = 33, a master number.

As we are all trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together, the particular date you use to surrender may have a significant numerological meaning to it.

For example, my daughter was conceived on my 33rd birthday.  This was part of her soul contract with me.  She told me that if I wasn’t on my path by the time I’m 33, she’s coming in to help me. Amongst the MANY things I’ve learned from her was to accept the Divine Feminine that’s in all of us. She showed me a side that I haven’t seen in myself since I was a child and I’ll never let that go!

To the heterosexual men out there reading this, embracing the Divine Feminine in you doesn’t make you any less of a man.  You can still do all the guy things but now, you’re more balanced when you stop suppressing something you were given as a gift. Plus, your lady will love you even more!

As we know, 33 is a powerful master number. If you decide you want to surrender to Creator/Source, you may decide to do it on a date that has a numerological meaning for YOU!

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Sending you all infinite LOVE and Light!


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