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By on October 14, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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by Susan Vivyan,
Guest writer,

Letters rearranged can change your perception, range of view(point). Work with words as some of you do (writers, crossword puzzle aficionados). Our language is oftentimes in whispers, in feelings, intuitive thoughts and via your own internal guidance. We communicate telepathically, leading always with our heart. We communicate to you through your senses, feelings and intuitive “gut” hunches. We also use letters, words, and numbers to communicate our heartfelt messages to you for guidance, reassurance, and hope.

Although YOUR language in based in the intellect primarily OUR communication of heart “song” communication resonates across time & space affecting past, present and future timelines; generational bonds as well as ancestral bondage.

Our recommendation: Listen to and follow YOUR own heart. Discover our messages via our various methods; sometimes symbols, at other times your internal guidance system.

Freedom is in sight as we communicate more freely, readily as you are open and aware of our presence.

Open your eyes (I) and move beyond the little I. See we/us and then you will discover a grander, more vibrant, expanded version of YOU.

Know that in the NOW the NWO (New World Order) disappears/disintegrates/dissolves. Focus on the moment for a minute allowing the past to disappear, the future not yet emerging (in your timeline). Realize that in the NOW moments clarity, resolution, evolvement emerges.

Also realize that in the vastness of EVERYONE/EVERYTHING your being encompasses all. When we say ALL are ONE we also mean That EVERYONE is a part of the WHOLE yet the WHOLE is in EVERYONE.  Quite interesting concepts yet know that the parts are a part of ONE yet each & everyone is complete in & of oneself. What a marvelous creation, embrace your unique and wonderful gifts & abilities that are expanding exponentially.

Realize, embrace your uniqueness yet see the beauty in all, in everything…the good, the bad, the ugly (your perspective) as ALL play a part in either furthering growth with expansion &/or serve as a reflection of self (furthering self-reflection & growth). [Many cycles, circles, labyrinths, interconnections].

Be the observer in gratitude. A smile, listening ears, kind gestures are expressions of expansion & self-love.

LOVE…you, see it in others, EVERYTHING. Observe, be the higher self…embracing it all yet detached from drama, outcome, every synopsis/scenario you imagine (worry, doubt, fear). LET IT GO… NOW.

Susan Vivyan; M.A.T. (Art Therapy), B.S. (Art Education); Art Transformative Facilitator/Educator, Writer, Artist. You can find her Soul Essence paintings on Facebook @EssenceArtBySusanVivyan  

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