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The Space Time Illusion

By on August 27, 2018 in Science
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by Rich Fiori,
Contributing Writer,In5D,.com

As mentioned in a previous discussion, time is an illusion. It follows that space is also an illusion. Measured using light seconds, years, and centuries, the universe is a time machine. It’s important to think of these concepts this way because it drives us to the conclusion that there is no such thing as within and without or inside and outside. As a means of explaining this, think of a photon packet. From our perspective of the photon, time does not exist since it travels, from our perspective, at the speed of light. That sets up a quandary. We know the photon has to exist for several second to several billion years. And yet it does not exist in time. And since we determine almost everything from this, we can only come to a conclusion that time and space are an illusion.

We perceive space time; however, for significant reasons. This perception provides us a means to think in a certain way, that is to think serially about entities and events. It provides what we call memory of entities and events, which are fabricated thought illusion. It helps us discover that everything is an illusion by showing us that our thoughts drive our perceptions and our perceptions drive the environment we create through our thoughts and actions. We create the entities and events in our mind and create space time through them.


An indication of this illusion is the conjecture/theory that time is another dimension. This means we understand that we see three dimensions and the fourth we experience serially until we understand that we can see it as a dimension too. At that realization point we can navigate time in any direction and the Theory of relativity, the part about the speed of light, is defunct. All thoughts are realized as just another dimension in space. This in part is called the Multi Worlds theory where every thought produces another world view, another timeline.

In order to contextualize the method for realizing the illusion, I’d like to introduce the idea of a thought form that is defined as a template of thought in multidimensional space time. From a thought form comes thoughts. Think of thought forms as building blocks comprised of quantum particle waves. Waiting to be composed into thoughts and behaving more or less as quantum mechanics predicts, these thought forms exist in all parts of our being and all parts of our universe. They’re what makes this universe unique.

Thoughts then build from the thought forms in our multidimensional environment as quantum energy packets in their basic form. From there, using thought forms, we individually and collectively introduce emotional meaning that we attach to these thoughts. Within the time dimension, these thoughts form emotional thought streams.

These emotional thought streams emanate electromagnetic vibrational signatures that attract us at the quantum level of interaction through a group of processes that are similar to chemical reactions and particle wave entanglement. Based on the vibrational signature, we decide if the thought stream is for us or not. If not, we basically ignore it. If we accept the thought stream, we may attach additional emotional packets to it and/or we may strip away some emotional attachments as a sort of personal normalization. At the same time, we create additional emotion attached thoughts that we recognize as having an affinity to these newly introduced thought streams. We accepted this as our personal and collective knowledge.

Once accepted and normalized, the thought stream intermingles with other thoughts contained in our memory, some of which undergo this same process continuously. They also intermingle with thought streams we create about future events and entities. This is the process of assimilation and accommodation. This is also the idea of the past and future create the present since thoughts drive physical reality (the illusions of the mind impose the maya). This is the cycle of cause and effect that is called karma. It exists in space time at the individual as well as collective level. It exists across lifetimes. It is subject to change. It gets ingrained.

Scientific studies have concluded that we only remember thoughts that contain emotional attachments. Emotions and emotional attachments are essential in understanding why we’re here in this self created illusion of space time. Emotions are the valence waves that we control allow to govern our journey through space time (aka: karma).

The individual, in order to reach a level of enlightened awareness, needs to reach a meta level as a detached observer to her or himself (this is also known as the higher self/selves) and observe and interact with the thought streams objectively to re-normalize emotional attachments. At the same time, the higher self analyzes the thoughts’ affinity to one another to detach/attach them on a more objective basis. This yields a more accurate perception and changes the individual’s perspective (leading to enlightened awareness), which then changes the physical reality. Other versions of this phenomenon call it wholeness or holy or finding the original person. It all means the same thing. It is accomplished several different ways and is the meaning of life. It is done by each individual and it resides completely within each person until s/he realizes there is no inside nor outside. The process of enlightenment is the dissolving of the space time illusion. It is the dissolution of duality, especially life death, accomplished by removing desire. Desire is the ego driving energy that attaches emotions to thoughts.

All is quantum energy. An emotional attachment is discrete. Composed directly from quantum particle waves, born out of perceived consequences and driven by collective subconscious meaning. The emotion has no chance of becoming and attachment if it does not reach the specific energy level needed to create a corresponding vibrational signature to the though or thoughts. This is why we have thoughts and emotions that we discard, they did not meet the quantum criteria. All of us manipulate quantum energy. It is really an easy thing for us to do once we realize that a certain emotion has nothing to do with a certain thought and once we realize an emotion has something to do with a certain thought.

The process of becoming the detached observer may happen either as an inspiration and/or it may take several to many trials; as in years, lifetimes, to accomplish. Meditation, which is at the heart of this process, drives it. It is the process of creating multidimensional self contained systems that yield a comprehensive reality thought stream and physical reality. It is the release from suffering (the individual removes unnecessary emotional attachments from all thoughts then creates the correct thought affinity model). In turn, this changes the physical reality of all sentient beings past, present, and future (space time doesn’t exist). The individual begins to easily control the quantum level particle waves S/he combines them into specific vibrational signatures (vortexes) that create physical reality in the right context. This is release from the collective conscious reality model. It is the creation of peace.

Meditation has many forms. The most basic form is breath control/awareness; however, any form works. Additionally, meditation heart based and is outside the realm of desire. It is more a surrender to our higher selves. In space time it means going inward. Because we are a collection of our self created specific vibrational signatures, we attract thought streams of the same signature and hold them. Meditation helps clear the unnecessary thought streams. Since every cell in our body has a vibrational signature, through meditation, we bring each of them to a peaceful vibrational signature. This process is a feedback loop.

Stay in a peaceful loving state and meditation occurs spontaneously. This is the feedback loop enhancing our enlightened state and vice versa. The vibrational signature is evident as a tingling sensation.

Recent experiments with lasers demonstrate the deliberate intelligent interaction of particle waves with the observer (easily found on the internet, see the double slit experiment). In this context, observer is any entity, a being or thing (photographic plate), that cooperates at the quantum level with the laser shot particle waves of the experiment. This indicates the entity may be a co-creator rather than an observer and that somehow all probabilities (as in quantum mechanical probability waves) of outcome are reduced to one before the actual outcome is “observed”. It indicates that there is a point in space time the outcome is “described/decided” before the actual outcome occurs. All of this happens and is measurable in this experiment.

Soon after we realize that we are co-creators, we realize we are everything we perceive. We realize we are much more than the collective consciousness model. We are masters of ourselves and our environment, there is no distinction. We realize the past and future do not exist, there is only the present. We transcend the life/death cycle. We realize that space time is an illusion.

To illustrate the nature of emotion attached thought streams, think about the thought stream that the Earth is flat and what that means. By the way, it was proven to be a sphere about 2,000 years ago by a Greek mathematician but emotional attachments kept the collective from accepting it. Perception is reality. We are still collectively emotionally attached to the idea that the earth is the center of the solar system, even though we call it a solar system. Some of us keep regression and position charts of the planets and extract meaning from these emotion attached thoughts. It’s programmable. It’s AI. It’s reality or is it?

What thoughts are you attached to emotionally? What is the effect of the attachment? What caused the attachment? Will you enhance the attachment or break the attachment? Who are you? What is the meaning of your life? For you, is space time an illusion or a reality or somewhere in between?

About the author: Rich has a masters degree in mathematics and maintains hobbies in particle physics and music. He has dedicated his life to finding the truth.

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